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Unequal Scenes - Mumbai. Simply put, Mumbai is...fascinating.

Unequal Scenes - Mumbai

It's built on a slender, impossibly crowded peninsula surrounded on three sides by water. 26 crazy pictures of micro-apartments around the world. Planning approval granted for 194 homes in Craigmillar - News blog. Press release issued by CCG (Scotland) Ltd on planning permission being granted to build a further 194 affordable and low cost homes at Craigmillar Town Centre, a major regeneration project in South East Edinburgh.

Planning approval granted for 194 homes in Craigmillar - News blog

BBC Documentary Film on Mumbai Suburban Railway Part 1 Full. National Geographic Megacities Mumbai. Here's how an entire Mumbai slum turned into a work of brightly painted art. Approximately 42% of Mumbai’s population lives in slums.

Here's how an entire Mumbai slum turned into a work of brightly painted art

Thousands of people dwell in these ramshackle homes made from planks of wood, rust tin roofs, and bleak walls. But now, thanks to an initiative called Chal Rang De, Mumbai slums are being given a bold, bright and colourful makeover. Chal Rang De was started by Dedeepya Reddy, co-founder of digital media agency Fruitbowl Digital, with an aim to transform the city’s slums into beacons of vibrant technicolour. Parking pollution for 24 hours. Learn... - World Economic Forum. Inside Rio’s favelas, the city's neglected neighborhoods. Rio's new favela cable car causes controversy. News BBC News Navigation Sections Previous Next Media player Media playback is unsupported on your device Jump media player Media player help.

Rio's new favela cable car causes controversy

Welcome To Rio E01 Peace by Demonpreyer. The Urban Game - Experiencing the Industrial Revolution. Uk.businessinsider. Changing face of Leith: Has ‘gentrification’ meant improvement? The most polluted air on the planet - The most polluted cities in the world, ranked - Pictures. Video Clips (Scotland) - fun geography game for kids by GridClub. Sighthill Regeneration Masterplan. Guardian Cities - The Mauá Occupation is an abandoned... How recycled roofs are transforming homes in slums. Where are the UK's most congested cities for commuters? Glasgow Airport serves over 8m passengers and 100,000 planes every year.

Where are the UK's most congested cities for commuters?

It’s the eighth busiest airport in the UK, and the second busiest in Scotland. But on one not entirely flattering measure, it ranks as number one: it’s the largest airport in the country without a fixed rail link. This is, all told, a bit rubbish: getting from the airport to the city centre, 10 miles east, either involves driving, getting a cab, or taking the Glasgow Airport Express bus, which runs back and forth to Buchannan Bus Station at all hours of the day or night. First Group, which runs the latter, has done its best to make it as un-bus-like as possible, offering free wifi, USB charging points and so forth.

But you are still, fundamentally, on a bus on the M8, which is not necessarily what you want after a long flight. And the convenience of that motorway, which lies immediately south of the airport, is “both a blessing and a curse”, says Ross Nimmo, the head of planning and development at Glasgow Airport. UK tops list of most traffic-congested EU cities. Image copyright PA British roads are the most congested in Europe, a study of traffic in more than 100 EU cities suggests.

UK tops list of most traffic-congested EU cities

Data company Inrix monitored traffic on every road in 123 cities, including London, Cardiff, Paris and Hamburg. It found more than 20,300 so-called "traffic hotspots" in UK cities - well over double the number in Germany and twice that of France. The government recently pledged to spend an extra £1.3bn on targeting congestion on roads. In Inrix's analysis, a road becomes a "traffic hotspot" once congestion forces drivers to drop their speed by 65% for at least two minutes. Inrix collected traffic information from car sat-navs, mobile phones and road sensors throughout September 2016. It covered individual cities with populations of 250,000 or more, rather than whole countries, but found pinch points in: World's Busiest Railway 2015 1of4 BBC. Edinburgh cycle hire scheme to include electric bikes. Five mind-blowing facts about what the UK looks like. For the past few decades, satellites have been taking high definition pictures of the United Kingdom from space.

Five mind-blowing facts about what the UK looks like

The images are analysed and compared to detailed maps. Every small area is then given one of dozens of different classifications - from airports to vineyards, glaciers to rubbish dumps. The work is part of an EU project keeping an eye on changing land use. Glasgow more polluted than London, WHO says. Image copyright Getty Images Glasgow is one of the most polluted parts of the UK, an air quality report has shown.

Glasgow more polluted than London, WHO says

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it had tested 51 towns and cities for fine sooty particles linked to heart disease and premature death. Glasgow had 16 micrograms of the particles per cubic metre of air, exceeding the 10 micrograms safe limit. London and Leeds both had 15 micrograms of the particles in every cubic metre of air.

Cardiff and Birmingham had 14 micrograms, and Manchester had 13. Pollution hot spots around the world. Five maps that quantify exactly how rammed London is. ENGIE innovative solution for urban traffic management in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro. The New Urban Crisis by Richard Florida review – ‘flawed and elitist ideas’ There is something quite shocking about seeing a new contemporary map of London in which the rich areas are labelled “primarily creative class” and the poorer parts “primarily service class”.

The New Urban Crisis by Richard Florida review – ‘flawed and elitist ideas’

But this is how the American writer and Toronto University professor Richard Florida portrays cities and sees people. There are those who create and those who serve them. The book opens with its author recounting what his taxi driver told him on the way in from the airport about all the empty luxury flats in London. This feeds into his theory that the “new urban crisis” is about inequality and house prices, and would apparently be solved if only they could both be reduced a little. Legal trouble on the horizon for the T-charge. News entry dated 20th Sep 2017 16:20 To try to reduce air pollution in London, the toxicity charge, or T-charge, will come into effect on the 23 October 2017.

Legal trouble on the horizon for the T-charge

It aims to discourage the use of older cars on the road, as these produce the most dangerous fumes. Now, however, FairFuelUK is seeking to raise a legal challenge against the T-charge, arguing that a full public enquiry should have preceded the decision to implement it. The challenge could have implications for every major UK town and city. No stopping here for the red-light area. The area chosen was Coburg Street, a cobbled, warehouse-lined road beside Edinburgh's river, the Water of Leith. The policy, says Margo MacDonald, a member of the Scottish Parliament who has taken a special interest in the issue, was a success. "There was virtually 100 per cent compliance by the prostitutes, and becase they were all in one place, support services could help them," she says. "According to the health authorities, Edinburgh has a lower rate of HIV infection among prostitutes than other cities.

Video Clips (Scotland) - fun geography game for kids by GridClub. The Secret History Of Our Streets S02E02 - Duke Street, Glasgow from GeographyClass on Vimeo. Sighthill Regeneration Masterplan. BBC One Commonwealth City episode 1/3. Higher Grade Geography - Glasgow - A Changing Townscape from GeographyClass on Vimeo. Scotland Revealed - Glasgow from GeographyClass on Vimeo. Regenerating a City - Glasgow from GeographyClass on Vimeo. BBC Two - World's Busiest Cities. 13 Towns with totally bizarre names - Thewonderlist. Fancy living in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, or popping into Anus for a spot of lunch? Have a little tour around these 15 towns which have unbelievable names! 1/ Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales, UK. My week in Lucky House: the horror of Hong Kong's coffin homes. The residents of Lucky House in Hong Kong are anything but fortunate. They are some of the poorest people in the most expensive city in the world.

In one of its 46 sq metre (500 sq ft) apartments, 30 residents live in purpose-built plywood bunk beds each with its own sliding door, colloquially known as coffins. Two rows of bunks, 16 bunks in each row – still space for two more people. The residents are retirees, working poor, drug addicts and people with mental illnesses, mostly those unable to keep pace with the spiralling cost of housing in Hong Kong.

In many ways their home feels like a railroad sleeper car, but even more cramped and uncomfortable, and with none of the charm or romanticism that comes with train travel. For a week I lived at Lucky House, crammed in a stuffy bunk teeming with bed bugs at night, my days spent lazing around with not much to do besides talk to the other residents, stare at my mobile phone and sleep. Bed bugs, meth and no natural light. The city that just can't stop growing. Victory for drivers after council back down on 24-hour bus lane ban. SWEEPING changes have been made to the running of Glasgow’s controversial bus lanes.

Any of the thoroughfares which were previously 24 hours have now been reduced to just 12 hours, with the lanes will only operating between 7am and 7pm. The Evening Times has been campaigning for a change in the bus lane rules for more than three years after it emerged drivers were being penalised when buses were not in operation. We revealed that more than 300 drivers were being fined for being in bus lanes on Christmas and New Years day when no buses were running. 'No cooking in the kitchen': disbelief at Amsterdam rental flat rules. Responses in Amsterdam, where property prices have been rocketing due to a crippling housing shortage, have ranged from astonished indignation to wry resignation. An estate agent has been caught offering for rent a 35 sq metre apartment, boasting its own “private kitchen”, for €1,100 (£995) a month (or €1,000 not including bills).

Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle. Beggars are damaging city centre shopping, says business leader. George Takei - I'm getting claustrophobic just watching... George Takei - This is a concrete solution. via ATTN: Life. Footsteps power lights on London's smart street. Tracey Ullman - Ten Signs of Gentrification. BBC Scotland - The River Clyde looking gorgeous, from... Multi Story - Scottish Documentary Institute. One girl's mission: can Lakshmi find clean water in Bangalore? – video. Peepoo bag offers solution to Kenyan slum's 'flying toilets' Living sculptures to tackle toxic fumes in Glasgow city centre. The highway code road markings.

Air pollution is significantly weakening our hearts, major new study finds. The hearts of people who live in polluted areas are weaker than those who regularly breathe cleaner air, according to a new study which adds to the growing volume of evidence that fossil fuels are killing us. The researchers said they found evidence of harmful effects even when levels of pollution associated with diesel vehicles were less than half the safety limit set by the European Union. £250million regeneration of Sighthill 'biggest project of its kind in UK outside of London' - Glasgow Live. Named: the 17 streets in Glasgow where it's dangerous to breathe.

Toxic fumes from vehicle exhausts have polluted 17 of Glasgow’s busiest streets in breach of a legal safety limit that should have been met seven years ago. An investigation by The Ferret has revealed levels of poisonous gas belched out by cars, lorries, buses and taxis up to 80 per cent above the limit, putting public health at risk. Untitled. These are the most congested cities in the world.

Traffic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Yasuyoshi Chiba/Getty Images. Which city has the worst traffic? The destruction of Britain’s high streets is no accident. Children should not play with bombs. The Glasgow Indicators Project. An urbanist's guide to the Mumbai slum of Dharavi. Slumscapes. Andrew Marr's Megacities - Living In The City - Episode 1. About 20mph for Edinburgh. Edinburgh St James is a 1.7 million sq ft city centre development and one of the biggest regeneration projects currently underway in the UK. On completion, Edinburgh St James will provide the Scottish capital with up to 850,000 sq ft.

Home - New Waverley. Find your postcode and get information on your local area. A story of Glasgow's Govanhill and its 1960s-style poverty. These Photos From Rio Show The Stark Contrast Of Life Outside The Olympics. Forbes Welcome. Aerial Photos Capture Just How Differently The Rich And Poor Live. The building heights of English cities – mapped. The rise and fall of great world cities: 5,700 years of urbanisation – mapped. The Glasgow effect: new study reveals causes of city's high mortality rates. Elevated Bus That Drives Above Traffic Jams. DP Geography at NIS.

How a giant air freshener could save our polluted cities. Where have all Britain’s shoppers gone? Thousands In One City Block: What It Was Like To Live In The Densest City On Earth. Thousands In One City Block: What It Was Like To Live In The Densest City On Earth. What It’s Like to Live in the World’s Most Polluted City. Delhi 'odd-even' anti-pollution car rationing starts again. How population growth affects UK transport - Population Matters. Glasgow Then and Now Photos.

Fury and frustration in Brazil as fares rise and transport projects flounder. Rio de Janeiro Urban Development. El Salvador Recommends All Women Refrain From Getting Pregnant Until 2018. World's first slum museum set up in Dharavi, home of Slumdog Millionaire. Old Shrubhill tram depot from Dryden... (C) kim traynor. Explicit cookie consent. Bright lights, big cities. James Howard Kunstler: The ghastly tragedy of the suburbs. How Tanzanians are beating the traffic in Dar es Salaam - BBC News.

Sky transport of Bolivia: no congestion, quicker trips to work. Explicit cookie consent. Explicit cookie consent.