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The highway code road markings. Air pollution is significantly weakening our hearts, major new study finds. The hearts of people who live in polluted areas are weaker than those who regularly breathe cleaner air, according to a new study which adds to the growing volume of evidence that fossil fuels are killing us.

Air pollution is significantly weakening our hearts, major new study finds

The researchers said they found evidence of harmful effects even when levels of pollution associated with diesel vehicles were less than half the safety limit set by the European Union. This showed the current permissible levels of air pollution were “not safe and should be lowered”, a cardiologist involved in the study said. When walking on the pavement, people should stay as far away from the kerb as possible to reduce expose to exhaust fumes. According to a recent report by the World Health Organisation, the mortality rate attributed to air pollution in the UK is 25.7 per 100,000 people, compared to just 0.4 per 100,000 in Sweden and 14.7 per 100,000 in Spain. According to a government estimate, about 40,000 people die prematurely because of the air they breathe.

£250million regeneration of Sighthill 'biggest project of its kind in UK outside of London' - Glasgow Live. The £250million regeneration of Sighthill is the biggest such project in the UK outside of London, according to Glasgow City Council.

£250million regeneration of Sighthill 'biggest project of its kind in UK outside of London' - Glasgow Live

And the makeover of the area in the north of Glasgow is "10 to 20 years" ahead of schedule. The Laurieston project is being delivered by Glasgow City Council , Glasgow Housing Association and Scottish Government. Named: the 17 streets in Glasgow where it's dangerous to breathe. Toxic fumes from vehicle exhausts have polluted 17 of Glasgow’s busiest streets in breach of a legal safety limit that should have been met seven years ago.

Named: the 17 streets in Glasgow where it's dangerous to breathe

An investigation by The Ferret has revealed levels of poisonous gas belched out by cars, lorries, buses and taxis up to 80 per cent above the limit, putting public health at risk. The worst polluted place was Hope Street, followed by Gordon Street, the Heilanmans Umbrella and Union Street. Many of the city’s other famous thoroughfares were badly contaminated, included George Square, Sauchiehall Street, Bath Street, Buchanan Street and Broomielaw (see table below).

Air pollution kills 2,500 people a year in Scotland, according to environmentalists. It can worsen lung diseases such as asthma, and has been linked to heart attacks, strokes and dementia. A major US study last week suggested that air pollution could also heighten the risk of breast cancer amongst women. “Long term exposure is linked to increases in mortality in adults. Untitled. These are the most congested cities in the world. Traffic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Yasuyoshi Chiba/Getty Images Navigation company TomTom published a list of the most congested cities in the world on Tuesday.

These are the most congested cities in the world

The TomTom Traffic Index is based on 19 trillion data points collected over nine years from 390 cities, according to the Dutch company. Which city has the worst traffic? The destruction of Britain’s high streets is no accident. Children should not play with bombs.

The destruction of Britain’s high streets is no accident

Business rates are the cluster munitions of fiscal policy, and the chancellor, Philip Hammond, and his “communities” secretary, Sajid Javid, have been playing with them all week. They have duly exploded in high streets all over southern England. There is blood everywhere. The Glasgow Indicators Project. An urbanist's guide to the Mumbai slum of Dharavi. Dharavi in brief Everything you’ve heard about Dharavi is true … and false.

An urbanist's guide to the Mumbai slum of Dharavi

Dharavi spans more than 500 acres, is in the heart of Mumbai and has a population density more than 10 times the rest of the city. There are anywhere between 300,000 and a million people, with 750,000 being the most common estimate. Slumscapes. The 23-page draft document up for adoption at Habitat III in Quito is the result of months of closed-door negotiations, held in several nations, including Indonesia and the United States.


Some critics are disappointed the policy framework contains no tangible targets and will be non-binding on member states. "It's easy for governments to sign something that is not enforceable," said Michael Cohen, a former senior urban affairs official with the World Bank, who has advised U.N. Habitat. "It doesn't have much bite. Andrew Marr's Megacities - Living In The City - Episode 1. About 20mph for Edinburgh. Edinburgh joins the growing number of European and UK cities introducing lower speed limits.

About 20mph for Edinburgh

Slower speeds brings many benefits to places and people. They help to reduce the risk and severity of collisions, encourage people to walk and cycle and spend more time in an area. The reduced speed makes it easier to cross roads, particularly for children and older people. Councillors approved a new speed limit network for Edinburgh at the Transport and Environment Committee on 13 January 2015, after three years of research and public consultation showing a high level of public support. Edinburgh St James is a 1.7 million sq ft city centre development and one of the biggest regeneration projects currently underway in the UK. On completion, Edinburgh St James will provide the Scottish capital with up to 850,000 sq ft.

Home - New Waverley. Find your postcode and get information on your local area. A story of Glasgow's Govanhill and its 1960s-style poverty. The company looking after clothing bins in the Govanhill area said thefts had become so commonplace it was forced to change the specifications on the containers.

A story of Glasgow's Govanhill and its 1960s-style poverty

Peter Page of Nathans Waste Savers said both thefts and vandalism costs his firm £400,000 a year. He explained: "We see local people stealing for their own benefit and a criminal aspect to it too. "Someone actually dropped a child inside a clothing bin to pass stuff out. These Photos From Rio Show The Stark Contrast Of Life Outside The Olympics. Forbes Welcome. Aerial Photos Capture Just How Differently The Rich And Poor Live. The building heights of English cities – mapped. The rise and fall of great world cities: 5,700 years of urbanisation – mapped.

Urbanisation is one of the defining processes of modern times, with more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, and new mega-metropolises mushrooming in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The rise and fall of great world cities: 5,700 years of urbanisation – mapped

But a comprehensive, digitised database of city populations through world history has been lacking, with the United Nations’ dataset only extending as far back as 1950. That was until recent research, published in the journal Scientific Data, transcribed and geocoded nearly 6,000 years of data (from 3700BC to AD2000). The report produced a gargantuan resource for scholars hoping to better understand how and why cities rise and fall – and allowed blogger Max Galka to produce a striking visualisation on his site Metrocosm. The Glasgow effect: new study reveals causes of city's high mortality rates. Robert Preston takes the grainy photo – just a few square centimetres and yellowing with age – from his wallet and with a careful thumb and forefinger holds it up to the light. In the picture he is just seven and his three brothers are aged three to 11, the youngest grave-faced and chubby cheeked. His 14-year-old sister, her dark hair perfectly coiffed, peeps over the tops their heads.

Elevated Bus That Drives Above Traffic Jams. DP Geography at NIS. Landuse models are theories which attempt to explain the layout of urban areas. A model is used to simplify complex, real world situations, and make them easier to explain and understand. There is a range of landuse models that apply to urban areas in MEDCS (More Economically Developed Countries). How a giant air freshener could save our polluted cities. High in the skies over London, the UK’s first air pollution monitoring squad have been using the latest sensors to chart the levels of ozone and nitrogen dioxide in our atmosphere. The team is highly trained, each equipped with a hi-tech backpack, and proficient in social media. Which all sounds relatively standard, apart from the fact that it is entirely made up of pigeons. Using one of the UK’s best-known feathered friends as a publicity stunt for air pollution awareness was the brainchild of Plume Labs, which has created an app for monitoring pollution on the go.

It follows on the heels of similar apps released in the past two years, ranging from UCLA’s AirForU to BreezoMeter, the brainchild of Israeli engineer Ran Korber, who was looking to buy a house for his family far away from polluted environments. Air pollution is becoming big business – and not without cause. Where have all Britain’s shoppers gone? Shopping is the national pastime. High streets, malls and retail parks have long been places people went for a day out, rather than on a mission to buy a particular item, and their spending helped lift the country out of recession. Thousands In One City Block: What It Was Like To Live In The Densest City On Earth. Thousands In One City Block: What It Was Like To Live In The Densest City On Earth. What It’s Like to Live in the World’s Most Polluted City. Delhi 'odd-even' anti-pollution car rationing starts again. Image copyright AP The Indian capital, Delhi, has begun a second round of car rationing, aimed at curbing high pollution levels.

Private cars with even and odd number plates would only be allowed on alternate days from 15 to 30 April, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said. A fortnight-long trial from 1 January took more than a third of the city's three million private cars off the road, easing congestion. How population growth affects UK transport - Population Matters. Across the UK, roads are congested and trains are overcrowded.

Glasgow Then and Now Photos. February 23, 2015 Saint Enoch's Square. Fury and frustration in Brazil as fares rise and transport projects flounder. Rio de Janeiro Urban Development. El Salvador Recommends All Women Refrain From Getting Pregnant Until 2018. World's first slum museum set up in Dharavi, home of Slumdog Millionaire. Old Shrubhill tram depot from Dryden... (C) kim traynor. Explicit cookie consent. Bright lights, big cities. James Howard Kunstler: The ghastly tragedy of the suburbs.

How Tanzanians are beating the traffic in Dar es Salaam - BBC News. Sky transport of Bolivia: no congestion, quicker trips to work. Explicit cookie consent. Explicit cookie consent.