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Sausage, Bacon, Potato, and Kale Soup (Zuppa Toscana Copycat) Sausage, Potato and Kale Soup Recipe. Slow Cooker Ham Soup with Potatoes and Kale. Slow Cooker Ham Soup with Potatoes and Kale is both easy to prepare and flavorful, thanks to the use of a slow cooker and the rich flavor that a leftover ham bone imparts.

Slow Cooker Ham Soup with Potatoes and Kale

When I talk to Kevin about my passion of food and cooking, feeding families, or even food blogging and aspects of the culture of that industry that I have ALL THE FEELINGS about, Kevin says “so why don’t you write about that?” I say “I don’t know how!” And then he usually says something along the lines of “But you just did. Sweet Potato Beef Stew - Back to Her Roots. Growing up, on the rare occasion that my parents went out for the evening, my brother and I would always eat canned beef stew for dinner.

Sweet Potato Beef Stew - Back to Her Roots

We never had those kinds of processed foods growing up (I was very fortunate to grow up in a household that put a lot of value in high-quality, homecooked food), so opening up a can of beef stew for dinner felt very novel. I remember thinking it was pretty much the tastiest thing on the planet. It’s weird how grass is always greener on the other side.

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Potato Soup. Potato Soup Man, it’s amazing what a 5-day weekend will do for the world, isn’t it?

Good recipe. Similar to mom's. I used potato flakes to thicken it. Maybe add garlic or garlic salt. – mrshoek

Yesterday afternoon as I was enjoying the last few hours of Thanksgiving break at my neighborhood coffee shop, I looked around and couldn’t help but notice how visibly relaxed everyone was.

Potato Soup

Even amidst the hustle and bustle of the crowd and even with holiday music cranked to the nines, there seemed to be such an ease and joy filling the room, as if people just wanted to look around and say, “this — we need more of this in our lives”. No Beans About It - Chili Recipe. Broccoli-Cheese Soup. One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese. Two favorite comfort foods come together in this super easy, 30 min one-pot meal that the whole family will go crazy for!

One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese

So after 2 long months of waiting and waiting, Jason and I finally brought our new puppy home today. Here is the newest member of the Damn Delicious family – Butters, our 10-week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It’s been a very long day as I sit by hyperventilating each time he whines, but apparently that’s quite normal in the puppy world. Classic Butternut Squash Soup Recipe.

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup recipe from Betty Crocker. Hamburger Soup. I made this glorious hamburger soup yesterday for three very important reasons: One, it was so ding dang cold outside, all I could think about was soup.

Hamburger Soup

Two, church was canceled (church? Canceled? I don’t understand!) And I didn’t have anything else to do. Three, I was hungry, man. I love hamburger soup so much, because you can add whatever veggies you want: zucchini, green beans, corn, even mushrooms. My kids loved every single bite of this. (And so did their mom, by the way.) Here’s what you need, other than the seasonings, which I left out of this photo because I’m an airhead. But you’re probably used to that.

Peel the carrots. Corn & Cheese Chowder. Last week, I whipped up three yummy soups, all perfect for Halloween night and all guaranteed to: 1.

Corn & Cheese Chowder

Give your trick-or-treaters a nice warm head start before they take off on their quest to fill their bags to the brim with candy 2. Possibly cut down on the number of pieces of candy your child will consume while he is trick-or-treating 3. I can’t think of a third thing. Today’s recipe is a scrumptious, thick, delicious corn chowder made extra luscious with cheese. (In a moment of soupy serendipity, at the exact time I was cooking my Halloween soups last week [Broccoli Cheese among the three varieties] A Cozy Kitchen posted this beautiful broccoli-cheese bread bowl on the Tasty Kitchen Blog. Roasted Vegetable Soup. Copyright 2002, Barefoot Contessa Family Style by Ina Garten, Clarkson Potter/Publishers, All Rights Reserved Photo: Maura McEvoy For the soup: 6 to 8 cups chicken stock, preferably homemade 1 recipe Roasted Winter Vegetables (see below) Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper For serving: Brioche Croutons Good olive oil In a large saucepan, heat 6 cups of chicken stock.

Roasted Vegetable Soup

In two batches, coarsely puree the roasted vegetables and the chicken stock in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the steel blade. Serve with brioche croutons and a drizzle of good olive oil. For the Roasted Winter Vegetables: 1 pound carrots, peeled 1 pound parsnips, peeled 1 large sweet potato, peeled 1 small butternut squash (about 2 pounds), peeled and seeded 3 tablespoons good olive oil 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Place all the cut vegetables in a single layer on two sheet pans. Creamy Parmesan Tomato and Spinach Tortellini Soup on Closet Cooking. With the cooling fall weather I have been thinking about soups a lot more and I started this years soup season off with this comforting creamy parmesan tomato and spinach cheese tortellini soup.

Creamy Parmesan Tomato and Spinach Tortellini Soup on Closet Cooking

This tasty soup is super easy to make and it only takes about 30 minutes so it is perfect for busy weeknight meals! You basically just need to cook the onions and garlic, add the broth, tomatoes and tortellini and simmer until the tortellini is cooked before adding the spinach and parmesan cheese. (I like to add some fresh basil at the end but this is completely optional.) With the cheese tortellini this soup is hearty enough to eat as a meal and it is perfect for those chilly nights when you just want something quick, easy, tasty and comforting!

A tasty bowl of pure comfort food! A nice alternative to the fresh chopped basil is basil pesto, whether homemade or store bought and store bought is a nice pantry friendly way to go when fresh basil is not available. Tortilla Soup Recipe. Lasagna Soup featuring KRAFT Parmesan Cheese and HUNT'S Tomatoes. Have guys you tried lasagna soup yet?

Lasagna Soup featuring KRAFT Parmesan Cheese and HUNT'S Tomatoes