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Oser la modernité rurale, par Philippe Madec. «L'architecture est un art borné, dit-on ; oui, dans l'esprit des architectes ; mais en lui-même, je n'en connais point de plus étendu. Qu'on fasse entrer dans son projet la considération du temps, du lieu, des peuples, de la destination, et l'on verra varier à l'infini les proportions des pleins, des vides, des formes, des ornements et de tout ce qui tient de l'art»*. Denis Diderot. La doxa contemporaine assigne à l'aménagement du territoire national un horizon urbain métropolitain. Entre les grandes agglomérations et les infrastructures qui les relient, la messe territoriale serait dite. Et cela serait bien normal puisque, dit-on, la population française serait urbaine à plus de 70% ! Voilà pourtant un mensonge statistique car, selon l'INSEE, pour qu'une commune fasse ville, il suffit que sa part agglomérée abrite 2.000 habitants.

On rêve. Résultat de cette hérésie statistique, un modèle de développement territorial inéquitable à l'excès s'impose alors. Philippe Madec. Recettes Urbaines :: Recetas Urbanas :: Santiago Cirugeda :: Architect. Ondées rocheuses - ccclxxix. Pedro Reyes - Artist. Alejandro Aravena :: Inicio. Benjamin parco | KSDG. The Foundation | How To Start Software and SaaS Companies From Nothing.

Pat Flynn best articles & podcasts. I’ve been writing articles and publishing podcasts online since 2008. I’ve also been featured on other sites a fair bit during that time. It’s been a fun ride filled with some memorable moments. I created this collection to share some of those moments. They’re fun to look back on. I hope you enjoy them. More importantly, I hope you’re able to use them to help your online projects. Pat’s Most Enjoyed Articles 1. And lastly, an option that I think is pretty risky but is what a few people I know have done successfully in the past, is charge customers before the project is finished. 2.

Podcasting is extremely fun and exciting, but there is one thing you must do before you start podcasting: Commit. 3. On August 2nd, 2010, Tyrone Shum challenged me to a Niche Site Duel. 4. You can read all you want, but nothing will happen until you execute. 5. Once a month, I write a detailed report about my online earnings. Pat’s Most Enjoyed Podcasts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Pat’s Most Intriguing Features 1. 3. 4. 5. MICKEY MUENNIG - HERB GREENE. I met Mickey Muennig when he walked in late to one of my first design classes after I returned to teach at OU in '58. It wasn't long before I realized that while short on physical height he was long on design talent. In contrast to his mild manner, he could be uncommonly forceful in thought and action, we became friendly, with Mickey indulging my enthusiasm for Alfred North Whitehead. We also had young children about the same age.

Mickey had studied architectural engineering at Georgia Tech and did much of the engineering for his early work, including the landmark Foulke house near Joplin, Missouri where Mickey had lived before college. I believe we next met in the late sixties at Big Sur, on the California coast where Mickey and his young family seemed influenced by the Hippie movement. I was under the impression that they where sharing quarters with the Gile, an older, very charming man had discovered original Mayan murals at Bonampak. BUILT WORK - HERB GREENE. People | Steve Bishop. Steve Bishop About Steve Bishop believes that sustainability is an essential aspect of any “good” design. As Global Lead of Environmental Impact at IDEO, he helps companies build brands, develop new offerings, and shape their innovation processes by repositioning environmental challenges as platforms for growth. He also works with IDEO colleagues to incorporate a green dimension into the design-thinking approach.

Steve applies his expertise across industries: he’s worked with the US General Services Administration to devise a high-performance green building strategy, helped utilities bring energy efficiency into their smart grids, and designed instrument panels for Ford’s 2010 Fusion Hybrid (for which he holds patents). His portfolio also includes award-winning office furniture and medical injection devices. After earning a graduate degree in product design from Stanford University, Steve returned as guest lecturer and adjunct professor. Speaking Highlights Speaking Topics Published Work. It is Time to be Disruptive. Credit: Stephen Voss Tedd Benson is the founder of Bensonwood Homes and Unity Homes, both based in Walpole, N.H., and the Vision 2020 co-chair for Building Design + Performance. If we fully accepted the implications of failing to stem global warming, Architecture 2030’s 2030 Challenge wouldn’t be a challenge at all.

We currently have proven antidotes to our energy-guzzling, heavy-carbon footprint ailments, and we have the knowledge and capability to apply the solutions on a broad scale. What is holding us back are belief and conviction. We have a wide gap between our capabilities and our actions, and our home building industry is strangely bipolar: We are both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. The industry doesn’t have high-performance home building as a priority because it has never had its hand forced by consumers.

Therefore, while the industry–consumer relationship should be symbiotic, here it is often mutually destructive instead. But our mistakes can also lead us forward.


Magnesium Oxide-Based Cements: Answer to Climate Change? | Underground New York. “There is a way to make our city streets as green as the Amazon forest. Almost every aspect of the built environment – from bridges to factories to tower blocks, from roads to seawalls – could be turned into structures that soak up carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas behind global warming. All we need to do is change the way we make cement.” — John Harrison of TecEco in article “Green Foundations” by Fred Pearce, New Scientist magazine (July 2002) I’ve been researching sustainable building materials for some repair-work in my family’s basement, & being a life-long asthmatic, I already knew about the toxic effects of Portland cement & sheetrock.

Happily I stumbled on a whole “underground network”, an eclectic & colorful assortment of builders, scientists, academics, inventors & designers who are doing their utmost to revolutionize some core building practices around the globe, namely to do with cement production. Portland cement manufacture Cement factory in Pakistan 1. Cement additives. Kacey Wong 黄國才. Philippe Madec | atelierphilippemadec. Né en Bretagne (France) en 1954, pionnier du développemnt durable en urbanisme et architecture, Philippe Madec vit à Paris et Bruxelles. Formé à l'architecture au Grand-Palais à Paris (atelier Ciriani/Maroti) de 1972 à 1979, il crée son atelier à Paris en 1989. Entre temps, il n'a pas de pratique professionnelle, voyage et vit à l'étranger, conduit une recherche sur la pédagogie et la théorie architecturales et écrit son premier livre sur Etienne Louis Boullée.

Depuis lors, il poursuit de concert trois activités : l'écriture, l'enseignement et la pratique professionnelle de ses métiers d'architecte et d'urbaniste. D'héritage familial, par engagement personnel et grâce à la rencontre de Kenneth Frampton en 83/84, Philippe Madec développe une approche éco-responsable du projet architectural et urbain depuis le début de sa pratique professionnelle. En tant qu'architecte, il conçoit tout type de bâtiment depuis le logement social jusqu'aux équipements culturels. Lucien Kroll. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Kroll. Lucien Kroll est un architecte belge né à Bruxelles le . Biographie[modifier | modifier le code] Ancien élève à l’ENSAV et à l’Institut supérieur international d’urbanisme appliqué. Il est l'oncle du caricaturiste Pierre Kroll.

Quelques réalisations[modifier | modifier le code] Notes et références[modifier | modifier le code] Voir aussi[modifier | modifier le code] Articles connexes[modifier | modifier le code] Liens externes[modifier | modifier le code] L'atelier Lucien Kroll Sources[modifier | modifier le code] Thierry Paquot, « L'invité Lucien Kroll », Revue Urbanisme,‎ mars-avril 2006 (ISSN 1240-0874, lire en ligne) Portail de l’architecture et de l’urbanisme. Terunobu Fujimori. Torolab - Raúl Cárdenas Osuna. A day at the Farmlab Working, digging, excavating and planting fruit trees at the Farmlab. Internet en La Granja Internet en La Granja Transfronteriza gracias a Red Siete. Un profundo agradecimiento a ellos por su valiosa contribución.

Contra la desnutrición El escritor mexicano Elmer Mendoza Valenzuela, publicó en su columna en EL PAÍS Semanal un artículo sobre Torolab. Ideas que generan cambios Una entrevista con Raúl Cárdenas de Torolab aparece hoy en la revista Astillero del Diario Noroeste de Sinaloa (Mazatlán y Culiacán). RT @MuseumModernArt A visit w/ Raul Cardenas Osuna & Torolab's new space in La Granja Camino Verde in Tijuana, Mexico.

Torolab’s FarmLab, winter is coming! And the FarmLab is getting ready for it, stay tuned! Raúl Cárdenas at Urbai 2013 Raúl Cárdenas is the keynote speaker at the Urban Applications and Infrastructures workshop. Torolab is back at MCASD! Torolab is back to one of its favorite places in the world! Design and Violence, a curatorial MoMA experiment.