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The CSS website Awards

The CSS website Awards

CSSREMIX Web Creme | Web design inspiration 16 Best Web Design Galleries for Inspiration Web design galleries offer designers and developers creative inspiration on their own designs. By aggregating the top web designs on the web, a gallery serves as a prime spot for getting those creative juices flowing. In this article you’ll find 16 of the best and most popular web design galleries ranked in order by the number of votes they garnered on a poll that was published earlier this month. 16. Nearing almost 4 years of operation, Web Creme is one of the more matured website showcases on the web. FAVEUP is a design inspiration gallery that has a CSS Websites, Flash Websites, Business Cards, and Logo section. Created and administered by New-media designer John Mills, CSSREMIX is a thumbnail-style web design gallery featuring some of the best designs on the web. 13. Design Shack currently features over 1,800 websites in their CSS Gallery. 12. features high-quality web designs that users can vote and comment on. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. A Poll

KK Partizan Najtrofejniji stručnjak u istoriji KK Partizan nakon devet godina provedeniih na klupi šampiona nastavlja svoju profesionalnu karijeru u moskovskom CSKA. Duško Vujošević je osvojio 20 trofeja sa crno-belima: Kup Radivoja Koraća 1989, četiri titule prvaka NLB lige, pet državnih Kupova i deset titula prvaka države. Od njegovog povratka u klub iz Humske 2001. godine, crno-beli su dominanti u domaćem takmičenju i osvojili su devet uzastopnih titula, četiri nacionalna Kupa, a u regionu su najbolji četiri godine za redom. Duško Vujošević za zvaničan sajt Partizana je rekao: “Ponuda je takva da nema čoveka koji ne bi razumeo moju odluku da je prihvatim, i profesionalno i u svim drugim aspektima. Ostavljam klub na dobrim i čvrstim osnovama i u dobrim rukama.

le Blog 12/05/2013 : mise à jour de l’article ici Changements d’habitudes, mon point de vue : Vous avez certainement déjà été sollicité par Microsoft qui, suite au rachat de Skype, nous impose de migrer (ou fusionner si vous possédez déjà un compte Skype) notre compte Windows Live Messenger (alias MSN). Pour ma part, je souhaite conserver Skype pour plusieurs raisons : j’aime le tout en un, donc ici un client de messagerie unique me convient parfaitement quitte à changer certaines habitudes. Mon discours pourrait faire entendre que je prône la monopolisation de ce réseau et l’obligation aux utilisateurs de migrer. Retour surprise des anciens contacts MSN bloqués La première surprise après la procédure de fusion terminée, est que vous allez retrouver TOUS les contacts de votre compte Windows Live Messenger, qu’ils soient dans votre liste de contacts actuelle, mais malheureusement ceux qui sont supprimés et bloqués également, et ce depuis la création de votre compte MSN.

Web Design Inspiration, CSS Gallery and Video Review Podcast - Create a Slick and Accessible Slideshow Using jQuery By Jacob Gube In this in-depth web development tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a usable and web accessible slideshow widget for your site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery). In the process, you’ll see the concept of Progressive Enhancement in action. Final Result Clicking on the image below will take out to a live demonstration of the slideshow widget in action. Download source files You can download the source files for this tutorial to study. (ZIP, 2.8 MB) Setting the foundations The most important part of any good web component is a solid HTML structure. Our content’s structure involves a div called #slideshow that serves as the container for our slideshow. Block 1: HTML markup In example 1 below, you’ll see how text-based browsers, and browsers incapable of rendering CSS and JavaScript, will see our slideshow. There is also no markup for the left and right arrow controls, which we will insert into the DOM later on using JavaScript. The theory

Head Up in the Clouds: Web Design that Uses Sky Elements - Web Design Blog – Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now It is always amazing to designer incorporating different element of nature in their designs. This time the inspiration is cloud, sky and blue palette colors. In this post we are featuring some really beautiful website that used sky, cloud images and illustrations in their design. Some of this website used stock images and some of them used vectors or combination of both. Yodaa Ready Made Design The Pixel Calobee Doodles Dripping in Sunshine Adobe User Group Nederland Indiqo Media Blog Maison Ecologique Web Design Beach Manufacturer of Ornamental Shrubs – Maria Papazova Nottingham Web Design Barn Festival Bob Gard Pacific Ohana Hostel Taothiep Above Freelance Logo Ashok Hotel Stereo Focus Fator Criativo So, what do you guys think ?

50 Incredible Photography Techniques and Tutorials - Smashing Ma Advertisement Over the recent months we’ve been presenting various showcases of photography – while many readers hated the showcases, most readers found them inspirational and perfect for a lousy workday’s morning. However, what we should have done in the inspirational posts is not just provide you with some inspiration for your work, but also present useful photographic techniques which can help you to achieve optimal pictures for your designs. And as requested by many of you, now it’s time to correct our mistake. In this post we present useful photographic techniques, tutorials and resources for various kinds of photography. Among other things, we cover high-speed photography, tilt-shift photography, black and white photography, motion blur, infrared, night, smoke photography, macro photography, HDR, panoramic photography, RAW processing and others. 1. Quick guide to Simple High Speed Macro PhotographyThis is a quick tutorial to get you started with high speed photography. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Webdesign - 3 Irrland Patrick Beser Design Patrick Beser und Sebastian Waters bauten für ihren einwöchigen Roadtrip nach Irland im September 2009 einen Tumblr so um, dass ... 1 snagly Design Nach zwei Jahren hat snagly an vielen interessanten Projekten mitgearbeitet und ist mit seinen teils sehr komplexen Herausforderungen und Aufgaben ... 8 Malte Müller Design Persönliche Homepage der Film- und Theaterschauspielerin Luisa Katharina Davids, die Fotogalerien und ihr Showreel fensterfüllend inszeniert. Michael Korstick Design Der deutsche Pianist Michael Korstick setzt mit seinen Beethoven- und Schubert-Interpretationen Maßstäbe. 5 Stijlroyal Design & Strategie Website Stijlroyal Design & Strategie, Wiesbaden Design Stijlroyal Design & Strategie ist ein Wiesbadener Designbüro mit Kompetenz in strategischer Kommunikation sowie Herausgeber des Stijlroyal Magazins. VIIEW SiteSeeing Interaktive Medien Modest Ape QOOP Duisberg Vernetzt. 1 michaelnagy Michael Nagy

25 jQuery Slider/Image Gallery Tutorials and Plugins This post was originally published several years ago. As technology and trends have changed over the years, the content of the post became outdated. So we’ve updated the post with all new examples that will be more relevant for modern design and development. jQuery image galleries and sliders are very common on portfolio sites and are also useful for any other type of site for displaying images and photos. jQuery Image Gallery/Slider Tutorials: Create an Image Rotator with Description (CSS/jQuery) This tutorial by Jake Rocheleau is a re-make of a popular tutorial originally written by Soh Tanaka. How to Create a Simple Multi-Item Slider This tutorial from Mary Lou teaches the process to create an awesome slider that is great for displaying products or other items. Triple Panel Image Slider In this tutorial from Mary Lou you’ll learn how to create a slider with a cool 3D effect. Building a jQuery Slideshow Plugin from Scratch Creating Touch-Enabled Slider with SwipeJS and jQuery Gamma Gallery

Corporate Website Design: Creative and Beautiful Solutions - Smashing Magazine Advertisement What do corporate websites have in common with other people’s children? Three things: they have their charm, like finger-paintings on the refrigerator; they can be useful, if infrequently; they are usually admired only by the people who created them. While designers know that a user’s experience on a website has a large impact on the way that customer will interact with them, impressing that concept on the corporate establishment has taken a very long time. Trends in design are making their way into corporate web, albeit slowly; with patience and a little luck, businesses will soon start to consider carefully coded and appropriately functional design as important as their mission statement and recent sustainability reports. Below, we present some interesting corporate websites, although the insight they offer may not be immediately apparent. Beautiful Corporate Websites Starbucks3 Gentle colors and careful hierarchy of elements aside, Starbucks’ strength is in the details. Web Design Library — One-stop Web Design Resource

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