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Alsacréations. Agence web, création de site et formations web

Alsacréations. Agence web, création de site et formations web
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Top Web Design Trends For 2015 | Verda Design Web design is an ever changing art form. User behaviour has continued to evolve. They have become more comfortable with scrolling down web pages and making purchases on mobile to just name a few. The following are some web design trends that are going to become more and more popular throughout 2015. Using Video To Tell Your Story Companies and organisations are always looking for easy ways to convey their message and tell their stories. Scrolling on Websites The rule used to be that all your content had to appear above the fold on awebsite for fear users wouldn’t scroll any lower. Responsive Web Design Although responsive web design has been around for several years now and is still increasing in popularity, some website owners have not yet adapted to the new technology. Bold Colours & Custom Graphics When scrolling through a website the use of custom graphics associated with your services helps users recognize what they are looking at much quicker than reading.

Openweb How to Create HTML5 Banner Animation in Adobe Edge Many people are having high expectations of the new HTML5 and its significant changes from the previous versions. Moreover, someeven say that the new trend in HTML can compete with the great rich media tools, such as Flash. While Flash capabilities are more powerful and more extendable than the current version of HTML5, I do not see how it could compete with Flash. I believe both will have their own niche in the market, which I will try to cover in a further article in the following posts. Edge is one of the new promising Adobe tools that make it possibleto create HTML5 animation through a timeline and an interface similar to other Adobe applications, such as After Effect. In this tutorial, I will try to show you how to create aHTML5 banner animation in Adobe Edge using the timeline animation. You can check the final preview of the HTML5 animated banner by clicking the link below: Preview HTML5 banner animation Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5 Step6 Step7 Step8

All HTML Responsive Banner Ads with HTML5 and CSS3 by Matthew James Taylor on 27 April 2012 Responsive web design is a major leap forward for the internet. No longer are we chained to the age-old 'printed page' metaphor where content is static and paginated into regular-sized chunks. But there is a slight problem. A new format for banner ads The only way to make banner ads as responsive as our HTML5 layouts is to make them with HTML5 too. So how do we make one? Firstly, an ad is created as a responsive HTML5 page. Time for a quick demo Here is an example HTML5 ad shown at the popular 125x125 pixel size: And here is the same ad with a flexible width: Notice how the second ad responds when you change the size of your browser window... A new convention for banner sizes Responsive layouts require page elements to have variable widths so banners must follow this convention now too. To maintain backwards compatibility, responsive ads should use the same pixel heights as traditional banner sizes. 31px "micro" micro bar (88 x 31) 60px "button"

Zone CSS Add an HTML5 Exit - DoubleClick Rich Media Help A DoubleClick exit is a click-through area in an ad. With Rich Media, you can create multiple exits, so your ad can direct a user to various web pages. Multiple exits can serve as a custom tracking element in Rich Media creatives. Every Rich Media creative requires at least one exit, and for DoubleClick Studio to recognize these exits, you must code them using the DoubleClick API. How do I add an HTML5 exit? Adding a DoubleClick exit is a two-step process. To add an HTML5 exit: Studio reminder DoubleClick's QA team tests all exits that you add to a creative.

HTML5 + CSS3 Trouver son code couleur HTML ! Les couleurs avec du CSS sont les mêmes que celles avec un code HTML. Pour faire référence à d'autres couleurs, vous devrez utiliser le code hexadécimal. C'est bien sûr un peu moins parlant mais universel. Vous pouvez choisir votre couleur en cliquant ici : <-- Cliquer ici Il existe des couleurs nommées normalisées : Les 16 couleurs de fondamentales ont un nom parlant (en anglais) normalisé : elles sont reconnus par tous les navigateurs : Il est possible d'avoir l'ensemble des couleurs de l'arc en ciel :) avec une sa valeur hexadecimal : Couleur HTML et CSS En CSS, est bien pratique de mettre en forme un contenu et le définir une seule fois dans sa feuille de style. color: Gestion de la couleur du texte letter-spacing: Espace entre les lettres text-align: Alignement d'un texte text-decoration: Habiblement d'un texte A savoir : Dans ce chapitre, la notion d'héritage est appliquée. Couleur d'un texte ou une phrase en CSS Espace entre les lettres