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Veerle's blog 3.0 - Webdesign - XHTML CSS

Veerle's blog 3.0 - Webdesign - XHTML CSS

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Maui Collection - Anton Repponen - Museum of Design Artifacts Maui Collection Maui Collection is a concept of taking unique places of Maui Island, Hawaii and transforming them into a set of abstract and graphical patterns that can be applied on clothing and textiles. Colors, shapes and brush strokes represent four different stages of this collection and the island: rock, water, flora and land. Disclaimer This is a non-commercial concept work. All product images and product photography is a courtesy of Nike Inc.

Poster Frame Mockups (Psd / Vector) A great mockup collection of psd poster frames illustrated and designed with photoshop, illustrator and 3d studio max. Our free psd file for today are picture frames in different styles, shapes, border patterns and textures perfect for showcasing your poster or photo in a stylish and nice way. This package is probably the biggest free package arround the web, it contains more than 10 poster psd frame mockups and templates. The first psd frame is very basic simple and modern frame with a folded paper effect inside. Another psd poster frame hangs on the wall with four sticky tapes on the corners.

The Design Community Offers Its Favorite Bits of Advice Design Informer A Craft Of Consequences: Reader, Writer And Emotional Design Before the very first page of a book has been read, you've already analyzed it in countless ways without even noticing. The paper stock, the thickness of the binding, the aroma, the color of the type and even the texture of the cover; the very character of the book is being dissected by the hand and eye at every moment. In this brief second there is a dialogue between the reader and the object. This conversation is subtle and complex, but for most people it is entirely subconscious.

Breaking the Perfectionism–Procrastination Infinite Loop Putting it off doesn’t make it go away. Getting it done does.— Ned Hallowell, Driven to Distraction You get out of the meeting with your client, full of ideas and energy about what you’re going to do next. Image masking with HTML5 Canvas Saturday, June 15th, 2013 at 10:24 am I just added a small demo to my GitHub showing how you can do image masking by using the canvas element. All you need to do is add the canvasmask.js script and add a class of mask to each image you want to mask. You also need to provide a PNG file as the mask using the data-mask attribute. For example: This will take the centerblur.png file and apply it as a mask to red-panda.jpg – in effect taking the alpha of each pixel and change the alpha of the original pixel to that.

30 Minimal Logo Designs that Say More with Less A logo is the visual cornerstone of one’s branding. While some logos are complex, often the most memorable ones are those that are simplistic. Instead of relying on detailed graphics and icons, these minimal logos rely on creative typography, simple shapes, and clever negative space to tell the story. Here is a showcase of 30 minimal logo designs that say more with less. Art The Wallery The Wallery is a place where international and emerging artists think outside the frame. → Continue reading The Wallery From the reader #14 Skull Art: When Death Covered the Newsstand Zombie Haiku is the touching (albeit cold and clammy) story of a zombie’s gradual decay—and here’s the unique twist—it’s told through the intimate poetry of haiku. Get yours here. Forget The Walking Dead; they’re so… buried.

25 Simple Yet Creative Designs of Snowflake Logo A logo is an integral branding element of any business. It is the logo that represents what your company is to your consumers and aids in establishing the first impression of your business. A logo must deal with many distinct features to be able to be viewed as an ideal logo for your business. For those who are struggling to find a good design that will look great in a logo for a business then this post is for you. We are showcasing right now a compilation of logo designs inspired by an image popular during the winter season – the snowflake logo.