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Poster Cabaret

Poster Cabaret

E.W. Thomason is an illustrator and a designer. Polish Poster Art It is no surprise that the socialist authorities used posters as a means of propaganda, commissioning artists to celebrate such occasions as Labour Day, party congresses, anniversaries and ceremonies. Many leading Polish poster designers resisted temptation, but others succumbed and from time to time produced very memorable pieces of art (such as Starowieyski's famous poster representing Lenin). The success of Polish poster art had strong artistic foundations and was not only due to the advantageous social conditions. There was much to divide these artists as every one of them had arrived at his own idiom, immediately recognisable, even from a distance. In the 1970s a new generation of young artists entered the area of poster art.

Sarariarennerrose's Blog Sue’s Mission: “To put a smile on my customers faces by making incredibly delicious homemade pastries. “ My mom is very busy during the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday season. Every year she has a holiday Open House at our home in Pataskala, Ohio. This year I helped my Mom create a cute Christmas Label. Please look her up and see what she is up to in Central Ohio: Above are some beautiful pictures by my amazing sister Caitlin.  Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments » My story of ALICE OF WONDERLAND A piece donated to FOG, silent auction is currently still open until DEC. 10th 2010 Go Check it out @ La Barra Cevicheria 250 Broome St New York, 10002 - (212) 260-1607 Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a Comment » When we look in the mirror, what we see is not always what others see… Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a Comment »

09.02.2011 / MICHAEL WEINSTOCK : MAS CAAD ETHZ 2010-2011 · ITA(Institute of Technology in Architecture), Faculty of Architecture ETH Zurich Posted by mascaad2010 on Sunday, February 6, 2011 · Leave a Comment 09.02.2011, 14:00, Michael Weinstock @ HCI J 4 Metabolism of the City Geometry has always been the principal mathematical means of describing the form of a city, persisting from the plans of ancient cities through to many contemporary studies. In recent decades there has been an increasing interest in the application to urban analysis of mathematical techniques that are more commonly used in biological studies of the metabolism of individual animals and insects, in their social groupings and collective constructions, and in the relations of energy, information and material flows through ecological systems. Michael Weinstock’s lecture: Weinstock’s strategy to generate an urban form through series of genetic evolutions is based on climatologist mathematics and physics.

Vahalla Studios Leire Salaberria Affiches Mourlot, lithographiées à l'imprimerie, de Agam à Vlaminck Agam An American Portrait Jean Arp Collages 1912 - 1955 Berggruen & Cie, Paris décembre 1955 67 x 48 cm Eduardo Arroyo Galerie Flinker, Paris juin 1974 Hans Bellmer Galerie François Petit, Paris novembre - décembre 1966 77 x 40 cm Christian Bérard Musée d'art moderne, Paris 22 février - 23 avril 1950 Bram Van Velde / Geer Van Velde (Lithographie originale) Galerie Maeght (1948) 500 épreuves (Catalogue n°4) Bram Van Velde XXeme Salon de Mai Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris 16 mai - 7 juin 1964 Brianchon Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris 15 mars - 22 avri 1951 Galerie Alfred Daber, Paris 10 juin - 5 juillet (1954) Salon des Tuileries Musée Galliéra, Paris Du 5 décembre 1958 au 5 janvier 1959 Camille Bryen Galerie Raymonde Cazenave, Pars 4 mai - 4 juin 1960 64 x 44 cm Jorge Camacho Galerie de Seine, Paris du 14 février au 10 mars 1973 Bernard Cathelin Galerie Yoshii, Tokyo Novembre 1967 Charchoune Harmonies Blanches 1924 - 1974 Du 6 février au 2 mars 1974 Pierre-Eugène Clairin Lithographies Galerie Sagot - Le Garrec, Paris Mayo

Mira y Calla TEXTILE FUTURES | Central Saint Martins College MA Textile Futures OMG Posters!

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