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Needle felted animals

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Playing and Teaching with Needle Felted Masks. Let's play You know, I like my pieces of art to be useful; save for the specific holiday pieces that will be stored away till next year.

Playing and Teaching with Needle Felted Masks

I made these animal masks for Halloween, but they’ll be very useful all year round for imaginative play. I’m going to hang them in the playroom and let the girls and their friends play dress up with them and at the same time I think they’ll make interesting decorations. The masks are very strong and they’ll hold up well in the hands of a bunch of kids. Needle felted pig mask I’ve recently started to teach English to a little four and a half year old French girl and my toys and masks have become very useful in teaching her new words. Needle felted sheep mask We made a game out of the masks. Inspiration Sunday - Felted Animals. I am so in love with felted animals.

Inspiration Sunday - Felted Animals

I imagine there is quite an intense process to create each masterpiece. But the results are so worth it. Here are a few of my favorites. So, so sweet! ♥ The 3" Love Penguin - Handmade Needle Felted by Wooly Wonders Needle Felted Squirrel with Acorn by PHDstressrelief Cute Little Owl Felted Brooch by .ShishLOOK design. Raccoon Soft Sculpture by ThePineappleCatz Mr. Needle Felted Animal - Ferret or Weasel by Berrie Good Stuff Triceratops Dinosaur by Felted Friends Paul the Octopus by Mostly Mammals. Yet another adorable needle felted animals book. I finally got to this book, which has some really cute animals made by needle felting. i think the most special part of this book, is that it includes all the wee pastries and fruits that go along with the whimsical animal characters, many who have little shops!

yet another adorable needle felted animals book

And, it shows how to make all the little accessories... and of course the animals themselves! The instructions are very clear, and this book would be good for a beginner to intermediate felter, and an advanced needle felter could also get inspired by the cute characters. there's a full set of photos on flickr , and the book is in my etsy shop.

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Yeti Needle Felt. So its been a while since I have done any needle felting or any crafts lately.

Yeti Needle Felt

I have been doing a 30 days project, working on something everyday on my art blog and decided to do needle felting on Saturday. I finished this on Saturday night, but wasn't able to post the pictures or anything until today. He is made of 99% wool roving, with a pipe cleaner frame to make him poseable. Pipe cleaner may actually be more than 1% of total mass.

Needle Felting Hooty Owl Tutorial. Needle Felted Hooty Owls There are many different kinds of owls, each cuter than the next.

Needle Felting Hooty Owl Tutorial

(Barn Owl, Screech Owl, Great Horned Owl, Snowy Owl…) 216 species in all! As a needle felting project, these cute birds are easy to make, as a Waldorf style toy, they are fun to play with, find out for yourself! Emili holds the Hooty Owls in nests Materials: Wool-I use coarse wool (like Shetland, New Zealand or Corringdale) whenever possible. beige wool-body, head (base shape), wings grey wool-fluffy body covering, wings, lines around eyes black wool-eyes yellow ochre wool-beak white wool-face, dots in eyes acrilon or core wool-nest mold Tools: Felting needles-medium and heavy gauge Needle felting handles sponge-felting surface Note: I have photographed my hand in most of the steps so that you can more easily estimate the sizes of the shapes and quantities of wool. nest mold 1.

Making the nest 2. Nest on the mold 3. Pull nest off the mold. ANATHEMUM. Ultimate Sampler Gift Set Philosopher's Stone- yerba mate, cinnamon, cardamom, hibiscus, rose petal, anise Nightwatch- ceylon black tea, peppermint, spearmint Third Eye- Lavender, Chamomile, Skullcap, Lemon Balm, Holy Basil Dirge- black tea, rose petal, jasmine flower Chimera Chai- Nepalese black tea, cinnamom, cardamom, clove, coriander, anise, chicory, carob, black pepper.


Monday Inspiration: 425sqftart Needle Felt Plushies.