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Shagged by a rare parrot - Last Chance To See - BBC Two

Shagged by a rare parrot - Last Chance To See - BBC Two

Tout savoir sur la fellation : conseils pratiques, sans tabou ! La fellation est une pratique sexuelle qui consiste à faire jouir un homme avec sa bouche. C’est une caresse très prisée dont on entend beaucoup parler. Avec la démocratisation du porno où elle est omniprésente, les garçons demandent de plus en plus tôt cette caresse buccale. Mais si elle est de plus en plus pratiquée, elle n'en est pas mieux faite. Du côté des femmes, cette pratique ne remporte pas un vif succès. Alors qu’en est-il véritablement : peut-on faire l’impasse sur la fellation ? Quand une femme se sent prête à prodiguer une fellation à un homme, se dresse un nouveau problème devant elle : comment s’y prendre ? Dans un premier temps il faut donc découvrir le sexe de l'homme, son fonctionnement, ses zones érogènes, ce que nous vous aiderons à faire. Mais savoir ce que les hommes apprécient tout particulièrement dans la fellation est la clé de la réussite.

The Daily What Maybe Not ALL Cats Are Jerks, But These 37 Sure Are. Hilarious… To cat lovers, cats obviously have a lot of endearing qualities. But kindness isn’t usually among them… No kissing Ugh. Whatever… Helping a friend down the stairs Trading Beds Looks like a good spot to sit down 50 Superb Examples of Animal Photography - Noupe Design Blog Inspiration Taking a picture of an animal can be very challenging and it requires lots of tolerance, good understanding of animal’s behavior and willpower. Understanding of animal behavior really counts as it can help you in preparing for the good shot as you can predict well how likely an animal is going to react. In this post, we have gathered some amazing animal photographs that demonstrated the best use of color, exposure; blur settings along with proper use of shutter speed and focusing technique to take perfect photographs. After seeing these photographs, you will definitely say that only an experienced and skillful photographer can take such shots! Beautiful Animal Photography Preening White Tiger Seal Pup laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Please “Don’t wake the wolves” Stallions Fighting, South Dakota Baby Torako Britny ………..what a face!!!!!!!!!!!! Lion, South Africa Two Blue Herons Red Foxes, Delaware Lion Red Panda Golden monkey New Wave Punk Surprise! Brytne The American Alligator’s Bite Force Tiger Peacock

Cat Uses Human Toilet While Standing On Hind Legs Who's bombing who? "Ignore me!" "What are you reading?" Watch out, baby! At least someone is trying to stop these from happening. You’ve Never Seen Buildings Quite as Crazy as These When you think of most buildings, you think of four walls in a box-like configuration. Well, these buildings turn that theory right on its head — literally, in some cases. Dancing Houses (Prague, Czech Republic) Via: Wikipedia Longaberger Headquarters (Newark, Ohio) Via: Quora Krzywy Domek (Sopot, Poland) Via: Flickr The Piano House (Anhui, China)

Police Sgt. Dave Kempas's Kleptokitty steals everything from marijuana to dishrags Tigger the cat has been nicknamed Kleptokitty because of his affinity for pilfering toys and other loot and bringing them to his ownerPolice Sgt. Dave Kempas said of his cat's criminal behavior: 'He even brought me a little bag of weed one time'Tigger has an affinity for children's toys, especially My Little Pony stuffed animals and miniature horses Kempas has now installed a surveillance camera to catch his cat in the act By Alexandra Klausner For Published: 21:48 GMT, 12 September 2015 | Updated: 05:07 GMT, 13 September 2015 Somebody call the paw-lice. Tigger, a mischievous cat from Oregon, has been stealing children’s toys, trash, and even marijuana and bringing the loot to his owner - who is a cop. West Linn Police Sgt. His criminal behavior has been going on for four years. Scroll down for video Cat burglar: Tigger is caught in the act of bringing his police officer owner a stolen gift Wanted: Portland police officer's cat AKA 'Kleptokitty' Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Police Sgt.

The Dodo - 13 Smooshy Cats On Glass 1. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Cat! (Reddit: woutomatic) 2. (tumblr: how-many-ways) 3. (Reddit: Somnioblivio) 4. (Reddit: Lobo2ffs) 5. (Reddit: Lobo2ffs) 6. (Reddit: Lobo2ffs) 7. (Reddit: royal-baby) 8. (Reddit: Lobo2ffs) 9. (Reddit) 10. (Reddit: Lobo2ffs) 11. (Reddit) 12. (Reddit: Lobo2ffs) 13. (Reddit: Chispy) 20 Animals That Are Confused About Which Species They Are Some days you wake up on the wrong side of bed, and then the rest of your day is all turned around. Misplacing keys, forgetting your wallet, and leaving your brown-bag lunch in the fridge are all common side effects. Nothing seems to make sense on these days. But don't feel bad, because these 20 animals can't even remember which species they are. It's been a ruff day... 1. 2. 3. 4. "...Could come in handy when she's bigger." 5. 6. 7. 8. But panting like this is kind of a dog thing. 9. ...But is a dog. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Oops, just kidding, he's playing fetch. 15. "Be cool, bro." 16. 17. 18. Plus, you won't even take a bath. 19. ...Close enough? Hopefully tomorrow you can get a start on the right side of the bed, little ones.