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Images Site Web pour cette image Richard Filomeno is a freelance motion graphics artist who's work is ...

PAPERMAU: How To Make A Folding Dolls’ House Papercraft - Tutorial With Templates - by Open House Miniatures. Visit Elizabeth`s Open House Miniatures website to download the templates and learn how to make this cute little Folding Dolls’ House Papercraft.

PAPERMAU: How To Make A Folding Dolls’ House Papercraft - Tutorial With Templates - by Open House Miniatures

This is perfect to decorate doll houses in 1/12 scale. Visite o site Open House Miniatures de Elizabeth para baixar os templates e aprender como fazer esta delicada Casinha de Bonecas Dobrável. É um modelo perfeito como decoração para casa de bonecas na escala 1/12. Paper dolls.


Marci + Ben invitations. Cart Before The Horse: Little Houses for You and Me. I've been having too much fun making this colorful little neighborhood the past couple of days.

Cart Before The Horse: Little Houses for You and Me

So much fun in fact, that I put together a little How-To so that we could all play. They're really easy. Papertrey April Blog Hop! Welcome Papertrey Blog Hoppers!

Papertrey April Blog Hop!

This month’s challenge was to create something using one of Lauren Meader‘s “My Timeless Templates“. I made 2 things using the “Filed with Flair” template. Kiss Flip Book. When my father was battling cancer, Emily wanted to make something extra special for him.

Kiss Flip Book

Something that would fit in his wallet, so it would be easy for him to take it to chemo and radiation treatments. Isn’t she so thoughtful?? When I came across this post at Color Me Katie (I adore her!!) , I knew it was just the right project! I took a series of photos using heart-shaped sticky notes on the wall as shown. She looks so young in these photos — amazing how much she has grown in two years!! I printed them at wallet-size, maybe even a bit smaller. From paper toy to art toy. While Christina was shopping for her tattooing professional library at Half Price Books a few days ago, I ventured to the DIY section and found a copy of James Lo’s Construct your own paper robots.

From paper toy to art toy

The first half of the book introduces the lives of Robot City residents and explains how to put together the pre-cut models in the second part of the book. The models range from very easy to medium difficulty, and all you need for tools is glue and a ruler. Un carnet brodé - My Rainy Days. Lego Gift Boxes (With Free Templates) 53K+ These lego gift boxes are really simple to make.

Lego Gift Boxes (With Free Templates)

I actually measured the exact dimensions of legos to get the template exactly right. You can print off a free template for either the large gift box, or the small one. Large Lego Gift Box (8 Dots) Small Lego Gift Box (4 Dots) Paper Ice Creams. Never listen to anyone who says it’s not the right weather for ice cream.

Paper Ice Creams

And never say no to ice creams, even if they are made of paper. Hope you enjoy these paper ice cream templates and keep your spirit forever summer with us! They are also free ice creams and lollies that never melt. So why do you need paper ice creams? There are many cool reasons! There are too many yummy looking ones to choose from, which is just the dilemma when in an ice cream shop. Ice cream scoops come in many fabulous flavors and choosing which to have is one of life’s challenges. Rainbow frame. Halloween Notepad. EASY, no need to be super crafty, just follow the steps!

Halloween Notepad

Need a cutter, scissors, place to sit comfortably. This can be made for all styles, just check the method and put whatever you want to decorate it. 1. Gather papers, including cardboards and little images 2. Print some images on special papers (here an old French Book) 3. Make a special cute bag and tag so it makes a nice present. ~Leuk Idee! The Rainy Day Brown Paper Bag. I really love raindrops and clouds.

The Rainy Day Brown Paper Bag

(Remember this roundup called I ♥ Raindrops?) It's not just the shapes that I love, but I love gorgeous clouds in the sky as much as I enjoy watching the rain. Maybe it's because I live in Florida, where we get some crazy and beautiful rain. What you need: 1. Brown paper lunch bags 2. What you do: 1. 2. 3. 4. This brown paper sac project takes about 5 minutes to make. Amanda + Tim's wedding, Pretty Paper. 2 Aug Bachelorette party. Check. Now back to wedding preparations! A few weeks ago my friends, my fiancé, and I went to town assembling our wedding invitations. While the actual invites themselves turned out better than I had imagined, I had an inkling that the envelope backs needed some love. First up, gather your materials.. 1. gold spray paint. Couture4. Couture japonaise. Coudre des feuilles 7 3. Book print. Here's a quick and super easy tutorial for you: Printing your own design or image onto an old book page.

I really enjoyed making this vintage looking artwork, and it is so fast to make. I used the design that I made for my leather printing tutorial and I think it really gives it that cute vintage feel. I can't wait to try out more designs on old paper and frame them! Design your own image, or simply take an old picture and make it print ready. 1. 2. Card Tutorial 002. Printable Freebie: Woodland Gift Tags. DIY une maison de poupée - meubles miniatures à imprimer - la cuisine. DIY : une maison de poupée en papier – la cuisine à imprimer Aujourd’hui, j’ai le plaisir de te présenter mon tout dernier projet : une maison de poupée avec des meubles miniatures entièrement réalisés en papier découpés.

Te souviens-tu de la maison de poupée en bois réalisée par mes grands-parents ? N’ayant pas les talents de menuisier de mon grand-père, j’ai choisi à mon tour d’en réaliser une … en papier. Et comme j’aime partager mes créations avec toi, je te propose une série d’imprimables pour la reproduire chez toi ! Pour commencer, cet article mettra à l’honneur la cuisine. Lightbox Tutorial by GarnetKate on deviantART. DIY – le marque-page du petit chaperon rouge (imprimable) DIY – le marque-page du petit chaperon rouge (imprimable) La rentrée des classes ! Par Annie Récemment, je suis tombée sur une réalisation vraiment mignonne! J’ai donc eu l’idée d’en chercher le tutoriel pour le faire à mon tour. Par contre, tout ce que j’ai trouvé était en anglais. Dinosaur Music Video Paper City.

I thought it would be fun to make a Paper City Dinosaur set using the designs from the music video I just made for my sister Lori. You can print all of the templates out below. And feel free to encourage your kids to draw their own favorite dinosaurs to add to the set! If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it below. It basically shows me drawing all of the images that came to my mind while listening to Lori’s wonderfully descriptive lyrics. DIY tuto pour la Saint Valentin : la boîte cadeau. Paper Liquorice Allsorts. By Kate on February 4, 2014 I♥ Liquorice Allsorts!! So much so that I have made these super-size paper templates. You could make a really cool kids mobile with them…or you could use them for gifts. If you make anything with them do let me know!

I have been really rubbish on email lately – Sorry if you are still awaiting a reply from me. Here are the links: For best results set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ or ‘best photo’.