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Le tour du jour en 80 mondes : créations à partir de Street View

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Jon Rafman. C i n e m a s c a p e s. C i n e m a s c a p e s. A NEW AMERICAN PICTURE. A New American Picture depicts American street scenes, located using the internet platform Google Street View.


Over a four-year period, Rickard took advantage of Google’s massive image archive to virtually explore the roads of America looking for forgotten, economically devastated, and largely abandoned places. After locating and composing scenes of urban and rural decay, Rickard re-photographed the images on his computer screen with a tripod- mounted camera, freeing the image from its technological origins and re-presenting them on a new documentary plane.

The low-resolution images that Rickard favors have a dissolved, painterly effect, and are occasionally populated with figures who acknowledge the camera, but whose faces are blurred, masking their identity. The photographs are thus imbued with an added surrealism and anonymity, which reinforces the isolation of the subjects and emphasizes the effects of an increasingly stratified American social structure. MICHAEL WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY. All images copyright michael wolf.


MICHAEL WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY. All images copyright michael wolf.


No Man's Land - Mishka Henner. Dreamlands. Eclats d’Amérique (chronique d’un voyage virtuel) 1000 CHIFFRES / 1000 NUMBERS. MANCHESTER BY BED. Viktoria binschtok. ‘In her series ‘World of Details’ VB connects both analogue and digital image sources.

viktoria binschtok

Basis to her work here are selected images from the gigantic GoogleStreetView archive in order to assemble her images. She then establishes a second image level through the analogue detail shots she has taken at the respective site. Binschtok’s first step is strictly analytical when she filters street views that show by-passers who look into the camera and who are actually aware of being photographed. But in contrast to traditional “picture-taking” there is no person taking the picture.

Those depicted look into a lense of an apparatus set on a car roof and that takes full-automatic panorama shots of its surroundings. Selection from the series of 28 pairs: LIMINAIRE. « Les choses de l’art commencent souvent au rebours des choses de la vie ».


Georges Didi-Huberman, Génie du non lieu. Art, poussière, empreinte, hantise, 2001 De nombreux artistes travaillent sur la toponymie. Street Ghosts project - Google Street View made Street Art and Public Concern. Delieutraz - Deux visions - ongoing. Matmos press : Eric Tabuchi ~ A French American Trip. RANDOM STREET VIEW  - Stéphane Degoutin, Gwenola Wagon. Las Meninas. Las Meninas (2013) 24 in. x 28 in. archival pigment prints, edition of 332-page newsprint publication, edition of 50 [Purchase] Google now includes indoor scenes within its street view photography.

Las Meninas

Most of the images are created by independent photographers who are hired by local businesses. The business licenses the images to Google, where they are stitched together for the street view database. Las Meninas is a series of 17 photographs depicting the photographer and/or camera’s reflection visible in mirror or glass. All of the photographs are taken using Google Street View (interior views). The relationship between image-maker, viewer, frame and apparatus is ambiguous, and played out differently from scene to scene. In Las Meninas the re-framed mirror presents a utopian ideal (the perfect view(er) of commerce) as well as heterotopian uncanniness (the displaced, disembodied, powerless view(er)), recalling Velázquez’s Las Meninas (1656).

New Artwork: Pixelhead « Martin Backes – Official Website. Worried about your picture showing up on Google Streetview?

New Artwork: Pixelhead « Martin Backes – Official Website

Sick of photos of yourself appearing on sites like Facebook? Here`s the solution! Pixelhead limited multiple (coming soon) 2010 Dimensions: 60 x 30 cm Material: satin stretch, fabric printing color, photo The full face mask Pixelhead acts as media camouflage, completely shielding the head to ensure that your face is not recognizable on photographs taken in public places without securing permission. A simple piece of fabric creates a little piece of anonymity for the Internet age. Face à Face - Julien Levesque - 2009. Anonymous Gods : Marion Balac ! Captures d'écran du site Google Street View. 2014 Dans le Las Vegas de Google Street View, le Sphinx a troqué son flamboyant masque de Touthankhamon contre le visage érodé de son modèle égyptien.

Anonymous Gods : Marion Balac !

Si l'une de nos images contient un visage identifiable […], notre technologie floute automatiquement ces éléments pour empêcher toute identification de la personne. Floutés par Google, tous les visages se valent. Report a Problem - THE GOOGLE TRILOGY. REPORT A PROBLEM. THE GOOGLE TRILOGY | Report a Problem • Michele’s Story • The Driver and the Cameras THE GOOGLE TRILOGY – 1.Report a Problem, 2012. 100 digital photographs.


One channel video projection; Duration: 05m 00s; Colors. No audio. The series of 100 digital photos called Report a Problem is the first part of the project, THE GOOGLE TRILOGY, about the relationship between humans, power, and technological errors. “Report a Problem” is the message that appears at the bottom of the Google Street View screen, which allows viewers to report a problem during the viewing of the place they are virtually visiting: missing censorship, wrong colors, random appearances. THE DRIVER AND THE CAMERAS. THE GOOGLE TRILOGY | Report a Problem • Michele’s Story • The Driver and the Cameras THE GOOGLE TRILOGY – 3.The Driver and the Cameras, 2012.


Lambda print on aluminum. 11 elements. X: 420cm; Y:20cm overall Each Google Street View car is equipped with a Dodeca 2360 camera with eleven lenses, capable of photographing 360 degrees. Afterwards the photos are assembled, creating a stereoscopic view, and an algorithm developed by Google automatically blurs the faces of people to protect the privacy of those accidentally portrayed. MICHELE’S STORY. THE GOOGLE TRILOGY | Report a Problem • Michele’s Story • The Driver and the Cameras THE GOOGLE TRILOGY – 2.Michele’s Story, 2012. Digital prints on photographic paper. 4 elements. X:620cm; Y:136cm overall Google Street View offers an immense public archive of panoptic images, the result of a systematic work which mechanically records aspects of life while avoiding human contact with the subjects photographed. I started working with some of these photos with Michele, a man who in 2007, as a result of an accident, became almost completely paralyzed and had memory damage.

LIMINAIRE. Ce que j’aime avec cette image c’est qu’elle pose la question de l’auteur de la photographie. Ce que j’aime avec cette image c’est qu’elle pose la question de l’auteur de la photographie. Jon Rafman l’a inventé il me semble, premier je crois bien à l’avoir capturée, en hommage à la célèbre photographie de Doisneau, du baiser de l’Hôtel de ville. La différence entre les différentes captures d’écran : l’angle de prise de vue ? Le cadrage ? LIMINAIRE. Le Passage du désir. LIMINAIRE. Laisse venir est un livre numérique, un trajet Paris-Marseille intemporel, d’abord virtuel, puis réel, une approche de la ville tout en détours et cheminements, écrit par Anne Savelli et moi, publié aux éditions La Marelle / Le Bec en l’air, dans la collection « Résidences », dans une version numérique développée par Chapal & Panoz (Roxane Lecomte et Jiminy Panoz).

Il est disponible au prix de 4,99 € dans les principales librairies numériques : iTunes/iBooks, Feedbooks, ePagine, à la Librairie Le Divan ainsi que dans de nombreuses autres librairies ou diffuseurs, il est optimisé pour une lecture sur l’application Apple iBooks (iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X et sur n’importe quel ordinateur avec iTunes) mais également disponible au format Kindle sur Amazon. Laisse venir, un livre numérique d'Anne Savelli et Pierre Ménard.