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Ch - architecture, interaction & recherche - - suisse

Ch - architecture, interaction & recherche - - suisse
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SONIC_MAPPINGS_by_Bill_Fontana (please listen on headphones for the optimum experience) SONIC MAPPINGS is an immersive sound sculpture that is born from the relationship between MAXXI, Zaha Hadid’s architecture, and the city of Rome. Starting from the Roman aqueduct of the Acqua Vergine, which enters the historic quarter of the city from the East and supplies some of its most beautiful fountains, including the Trevi Fountain, the artist has mapped the multiple sounds of the aqueduct, capturing the sounds produced by the water as it flows through the underground tunnels and fountains. SONIC MAPPINGS is a musical collection of the acoustic, harmonic and rhythmical qualities of the water in movement through different places and times. This is a site specific sound sculpture with multiple trajectories and layers of moving sound that pass through the 38 loudspeakers integrated into the surfaces of the architecture so that its flowing shapes are inscribed with flowing sounds.

Langues de bois : MAGALI DESBAZEILLE « Langues de bois» Performance, durée 10 minutes, 2013 Conception artistique et performance : Magali Desbazeille Dans le cadre de show-off-paris, 2013 A propos de la langue de bois des apparatchiks, de l’art contemporain et de l’art numérique. Description La performance est une lecture de trois systèmes d’écriture, qui permettent de lire jusqu’à 40h de discours de langue de bois, tel les apparatchiks, l’art contemporain ou l’art numérique. Mode d’emploi Lisez un élément de la colonne 1, puis n’importe quel éléments de la colonne 2, puis 3 puis 4… et continuez… La langue de bois des Apparatchiks La langue de l’art contemporain La langue de l’art numérique

Marika Dermineur Projects : Nogoland Untamed disco Exhibition. Sound installation and films. Stéphane Degoutin, Gwenola Wagon, Vincent Meyer, Clarisse Anicet, Gael Darras, Guillaume Delamarche, Olivia Earle, Jérémy Lakhlef, Matthieu Ma, 2011. Hypnorama Performance and video. Work Theme Park La Défense Urbanism project. Vincennes zoo research lab Digital prints and text. Sex Park Digital print and text. Utopia Factory Abraxas Digital print and text. Lost in Créteil Photographic series. Tiroirs Drawing series. Let Them Burn Digital prints and texts. Potential City In situ sound installation and digital print. Random Gps Interactive dispositif. Forum Sound installation. Attractions périphériques Digital prints and texts. Moillesulaz 1:1 In situ sound installation and digital print. Blackpool Immobile Digital prints and text. Voyage immobile Digital prints and texts. Postcards from the Paris Suburbs Postcards. Here is Where We Meet Installation. New York - Groix - New York Performance. Ithyphallique Exhibition.

Catastrophes domestiques Nº2: Planete Laboratoire HeHe Domestic catastrophe Nº3: La Planète Laboratoire 2012 in collaboration with Dr. Jean-Marc Chomaz, Ladhyx, École Polytechnique An aquarium containing a domestic globe, a motor to turn the globe and electronic valve or drip feed which releases a fluoresceine tracing dye onto the sphere. Commissioned by Cape Farewell & Espace Fondation EDF for the exhibition CARBON 12 Domestic Catastrophies nº3: La Planète en Laboratoire from HeHe on Vimeo.

Edwin van der Heide und Jan-Peter E.R. SonntagRund-Funk-Empfangs-Saal For large dipole antennas and loop antennas in combination with a custom ELF-Wave-Space-Mixer, custom ELF frequency shifting receivers and other long wave receivers. sound reproduction: quadraphonic full range sound system When Heinrich Hertz saw sparks firing between the ends of a looped wire during an experiment in his darkened laboratory, and thereby realizing Maxwell's theorized electromagnetic wave, he had no idea yet for a purpose of this discovery. It was however only nine years later that morse code was 'sparked' around and just some more years that music was transmitted by means of transmitters. Radio was primarily developing as a live medium. For Rund-Funk-Empfangs-Saal the idea of the radio hall is being inverted. Live microphone recording made during the premiere at the Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013. Sonic Acts Festival, Vondelkerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2013 - photo: Pieter Kers

TOUR TOUR places the question of vocal work and breath center stage. A small platform is the setting for a solo, completely based on the sound and gestures made by the dancer. Wheezing, laughter and other organic sounds are exuded at the heart of an open stage. David Wampach is choreographer to his own voice, handling his breath with care and allowing his body to play with the sounds induced by his imagination. An uneasy sound portrait unfolds in TOUR. cast choreography and performance • David Wampach sound • Mikko Hynninen assistant choreography • Christian Ubl costume and set • Rachel Garcia stage management • Gaëtan Lebret light • Benjamin Boiffier vocal work • Dalila Khatir artistic advisor • Maxime de Bruyn outside advice • Mark Tompkins, Marie Orts credits production • Association Achles

Flong - Interactive Art by Golan Levin and Collaborators