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Œuvres et Créations Numériques

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Standard Time. Performance – DUZHENJUN. Alors là DUZHENJUNPerformance.

Performance – DUZHENJUN

The Normill. UBERMORGEN - cool-heart-raskraski-126. The Yes Men. The Tissue Culture and Art Project - Home. TeZ. Stelarc // projects. Home Page. Marie Sester: Tell Me the Truth, 2009-2010. Tell Me the Truth is an interactive artwork that consists of a rectangular mirror on the wall, about 20 inches high.

Marie Sester: Tell Me the Truth, 2009-2010

When approached, the mirror transforms the viewer’s face into the iconic artist, Andy Warhol. This transformed image reflects and mimics the viewer’s movements. MICHAEL SELLAM. » artworks Antoine Schmitt. Daniel Sauter. - S S S - S.S.S Sensors_Sonics_Sights Cecile Babiole, Laurent Dailleau, and Atau Tanaka create together a dynamic sound/image environment.

- S S S -

S.S.S is a trio performing visual music with sensors and gestures. They create a work of sound and sight, a laptop performance that goes beyond with the intensity of bodies in movement. Going beyond media: music that is more than a soundtrack, images going further than video wallpaper. A three-way conversation modulating sonic and luminous pulse and flow. Sensors capture gesture and corporeal movement, translating them into digital data: S.S.S’s singular approach brings them to present their work in a wide range of contexts in music and the digital arts. RYBN. David Rokeby : In the Offing. Rokeby : Home / Works / Current Shows / Texts / softVNS / Links / e-mail me Works : In the Offing (2013)commissioned by Oakville Galleries for their permanent collection In the Offing draws from a database of about 1,000,000 images of the horizon seen from the Oakville Galleries building in Gairloch Gardens, gathered over the past 3 years.

David Rokeby : In the Offing

(The word 'offing' originally referred to the part of the sea near the horizon, where sailors searched for land, other ships, etc and where those at home sought the return of their loved ones.) The work presents a endless and never repeating voyage through this archive, viewed as though through a moving window into the larger image. the work zooms into the 'offing', pans along the horizon in closeup then zooms out to gives us the full context again in am endless loop. Robotlab. New Media Artist. DanielPalacios. Synopsis The digital space has irreversibly collided with the real space.


The contemporary landscape is composed not only of concrete, but it has an added layer of information; today we perceive our environment in the same measure through our senses and via our smartphones. Strata focuses on basic aspects of our perception of space, such as ambient light and temperature, to reconcile digital perception and actual experience. Both, variations of light and temperature are linked to the wind, which is one of the main erosive agents that shape our landscape; but these factors also control our mood, and hence, ultimately, our perception of space. Using a couple dozen capture devices, specific values ​​of temperature and light are collected, synchronously around the perimeter of the exhibit hall for several days.

Marnix de Nijs - media artist. NECHVATAL 2 home base. © Joseph Nechvatal 93 Blvd Raspail F - 75006 Paris e-mail: Disclaimer We cannot assume any liability for the content of external pages.

NECHVATAL 2 home base

Solely the operators of those linked pages are responsible for their content. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that the content of this Web site is kept up to date, and that it is accurate and complete. Nevertheless, the possibility of errors cannot be entirely ruled out. Works Returned nOise anusmOs. PrOtOcOls nOn (nO rules) May 30 – June 24, 2014 74, rue de Turenne, Paris.

Works Returned nOise anusmOs

JANE MULFINGER. See. Home Page Christa Sommerer&Laurent Mignonneau. . : Yann Marussich - performances : . Robin Mandel. Erie Motion Studies – Cleveland Hold #1 Video Spin Tests.

Robin Mandel

Julien maire. Works « Undefine. Christophe Luxereau : Arts / Madones. Flong - Interactive Art by Golan Levin and Collaborators. Algorithmic] Visualization Research. Martin Le Chevallier / réalisations. Ryoji ikeda   TOUR. TOUR places the question of vocal work and breath center stage.


A small platform is the setting for a solo, completely based on the sound and gestures made by the dancer. Wheezing, laughter and other organic sounds are exuded at the heart of an open stage. David Wampach is choreographer to his own voice, handling his breath with care and allowing his body to play with the sounds induced by his imagination. An uneasy sound portrait unfolds in TOUR. One of a primal being, overtaken by the incessant and uncontrollable rhythm of the respiratory flow. Kurt Hentschlager. Edwin van der Heide und Jan-Peter E.R. SonntagRund-Funk-Empfangs-Saal. For large dipole antennas and loop antennas in combination with a custom ELF-Wave-Space-Mixer, custom ELF frequency shifting receivers and other long wave receivers. sound reproduction: quadraphonic full range sound system When Heinrich Hertz saw sparks firing between the ends of a looped wire during an experiment in his darkened laboratory, and thereby realizing Maxwell's theorized electromagnetic wave, he had no idea yet for a purpose of this discovery.

Edwin van der Heide und Jan-Peter E.R. SonntagRund-Funk-Empfangs-Saal

It was however only nine years later that morse code was 'sparked' around and just some more years that music was transmitted by means of transmitters. Radio was primarily developing as a live medium. Catastrophes domestiques Nº2: Planete Laboratoire. HeHe. GRANULAR~SYNTHESIS. John Gerrard - Works. Home of Masaki FUJIHATA. Albertofrigo. SONIC_MAPPINGS_by_Bill_Fontana. (please listen on headphones for the optimum experience) SONIC MAPPINGS is an immersive sound sculpture that is born from the relationship between MAXXI, Zaha Hadid’s architecture, and the city of Rome. Ubikam. Ch - architecture, interaction & recherche - - suisse. Electronic Shadow - Hybrid Design. Hasan Elahi. Reynald Drouhin. P O R T A B L E P A L A C E: hydrogeny. Langues de bois : MAGALI DESBAZEILLE. « Langues de bois» Performance, durée 10 minutes, 2013 Conception artistique et performance : Magali Desbazeille Dans le cadre de show-off-paris, 2013 A propos de la langue de bois des apparatchiks, de l’art contemporain et de l’art numérique.

Description La performance est une lecture de trois systèmes d’écriture, qui permettent de lire jusqu’à 40h de discours de langue de bois, tel les apparatchiks, l’art contemporain ou l’art numérique. Mode d’emploi Lisez un élément de la colonne 1, puis n’importe quel éléments de la colonne 2, puis 3 puis 4… et continuez… La langue de bois des Apparatchiks La langue de l’art contemporain La langue de l’art numérique. Marika Dermineur. Projects : Nogoland. Untamed disco Exhibition. DATENSTRUDEL. Statistiques Internet, Etienne Cliquet. Statistiques Internet, 2006-04 Taux de pénétration d'Internet dans 13 pays (téléchargement du déplié au format PDF) Les 10 langues les plus utilisées sur Internet Moteurs de recherche les plus utilisés (requête en anglais uniquement) (téléchargement du déplié au format PDF) Navigateurs Internet les plus utilisés Résolutions d'écran les plus répandues.

Nicolas clauss. Artworks - Paolo Cirio - Contemporary Artist. Accueil - The Art of Infinity - Lelia Mordoch Gallery / Miami Du 30 novembre au 31 décembre 2014. Chdh : egregore. "Egrégore" means an energy produced by the desires of many individuals in a common goal. This is the starting point of this audiovisual performance that aims to exploit the group movement phenomenas. Complex and expressive behaviors are generated and controlled by a computer and transcribed in sound and image. A crowd of particles deploys itself, reorganizes, blends into living structures more or less coherent, evolving from a chaotic movement toward a cohesive group. → Gregory Chatonsky ← Siegfried Canto. Jim Campbell: Portfolio: Low Resolution Works: Taxi Ride To Sarah's Studio. Films de Sabrina Montiel-Soto.

CyberSave © France Cadet. Graham Budgett. ©Graham Budgett 1994 - 2014. Christophe Bruno. CHAPTER X, Ubïquity. Jens brand. Marie-julie bourgeois official website » 2010. Fulgurator-tech : Julius von Bismarck. Technically, the Image Fulgurator works like a classical camera, though in reverse. In a normal camera, the light reflected from an object is projected via the lens onto the film. In the Image Fulgurator, this process is exactly the opposite: instead of an unexposed film, an exposed and developed roll of slide film is loaded into the camera and behind it, a flash.

When the flash goes off, the image is projected from the film via the lens onto the object. Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ. USA le complot et La peur du vide sont deux longues créations radiophoniques d'Un Drame Musical Instantané réalisées pour France Musique en juin 1983. Samuel Bianchini. Maurice Benayoun's new media art installations and interactive artworks.

Aram Bartholl - Jean-Baptiste Barrière. In process: Le Jardin des Songes / The Garden of Dreams interactive installation A text of Aleksi Barrière: «Multimedia Art: a Sacred Unity» written at the occasion of the Portrait Concert at Miller Theater, March 2014. Perry bard. Art Orienté Objet. Christopher Baker. Projects.