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Christophe Bruno

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Graham Budgett ©Graham Budgett 1994 - 2014 Albertine - Albertine Meunier =+ou- Catherine Ramus LES LOIS DE NON-CONSERVATION Fascinum is an Internet installation that shows the news pictures that are the most viewed (ranked from 1 to 10) on different national Yahoo portals, in real time. A panoptic vision of the topics of fascination of mankind: the viewer surfs on the infotainment wave and experiences the paradoxes of global thinking in a blink. I did this Yahoo Hack called Fascinum in 2001, just after the 9-11 events. At the beginning, I thought it would be an ephemeral artpiece. Indeed the piece «lives» on Yahoo news portals, as a vampiric parasite. Since then, much progress has been made and its lifetime expectancy is now higher than the lifespan of any oil painting.

Fulgurator-tech : Julius von Bismarck Technically, the Image Fulgurator works like a classical camera, though in reverse. In a normal camera, the light reflected from an object is projected via the lens onto the film. In the Image Fulgurator, this process is exactly the opposite: instead of an unexposed film, an exposed and developed roll of slide film is loaded into the camera and behind it, a flash. Due to the similarity of the two processes, the Fulgurator looks like a conventional reflex camera. The Image Fulgurator is patented. This is a test shot with my cellphone. olia lialina cv On the 22nd of April 2013 Olia Lialinabacked her first ever cake, for somebody very special. Still fun to be a GIF But when retired I want to be a JPEG Tiled In the background of your profile Olia Lialina is a frequent Internet Cafe visitor bio: Born in Moscow.

Le Human Browser - Le Navigateur Humain Human Browser is a series of wireless Internet performances based on a Wi-Fi Google hack Thanks to its headset, the actor hears a text-to-speech audio that comes directly from the Internet in real-time. The actor repeats the text as he hears it. The textual flow is actually fetched by a program (set up on a Wi-Fi laptop) that hijacks Google, diverting it from its utilitarian functions. Depending on the context in which the actor is, keywords are sent to the program and used as search strings in Google (thanks to a Wi-Fi PDA) so that the content of the textual flow is always related to the context. Internet, with the advent of global symbolic networked structures of the web 2.0 like Google, has thus become an unrivalled tool for surveillance and control. Human Browser, the perpetual dandy, embodies this "Irational Behaviour". It is based on my former piece Epiphanies (2001), one of the first Google Hacks, inspired by J.

Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ USA le complot et La peur du vide sont deux longues créations radiophoniques d'Un Drame Musical Instantané réalisées pour France Musique en juin 1983. Portrait musical à charge des États Unis et polar musical fortement conseillés ! Écarlate est une création radiophonique d'après un ballet de Jean Gaudin dont Un Drame Musical Instantané avait composé la partition sonore. Curriculum Vitae - Heath Bunting. irational Curriculum Vitae. (Go To: Top: Biography: References: Projects: Presentations and Exhibitions: Teaching: Media Reports: Sponsorship) Member Details. Biography. Heath Bunting is a co-founder of both and sport-art movements. References. Bronac Ferran <>, London, United Kingdom. Projects. Total projects: 157 Presentations and Exhibitions. Total presentations and exhibitions: 195 Teaching. Total teaching: 50

net art: passe adwords Christophe Bruno, April 2002 Honorary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2003 >>> press-book >>> Google.Art How to lose money with your art ? At the beginning of April, a debate took place on mailing list, about how to earn money with net art. It suggested to me an answer to an easier problem : how to spend money with my art (if you understand everything on how to spend money, you should in principle understand also how to earn money, because of conservation laws...) I decided to launch a happening on the web, consisting in a poetry advertisement campaign on Google AdWords . I began with the keyword "symptom". As soon as the campaign was launched, I was able to see the results. My first satisfaction occured when somebody who had typed "hemorroid symptom" on Google arrived on my website, after having clicked on my ad. I decided to explore this new world and to launch several campaigns. Then I got a last email : Google's laws Prices of some words

Keywords | Dispotheque | Samuel Bianchini Création pour clé USB, 2011 Samuel Bianchini Réalisation informatique : Oussama Mubarak Avec les conseils de Bertrand Couasnon, Équipe Imadoc de l'Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires, Rennes Une commande du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Centre national des arts plastiques Remerciements à Rafael W. pour la librairie "Extended Levenshtein algorithm" et à Ronald B. Cemer pour la librairie "Java OCR" Pour télécharger l'image ci-dessus en haute définition (Tiff), cliquer ici Pour télécharger l'image ci-dessus en haute définition (Tiff), cliquer ici Keywords est une création pour clé USB. Keywords propose de mettre en œuvre ce principe, mais en le limitant aux seules capacités de la machine sur laquelle la clé USB est insérée. Keywords, Samuel Bianchini, 2011 Vidéo - 15mn40s - Haut débit recommandé ​Images et montage : © Samuel Bianchini - ADAGP Pour télécharger l'image ci-dessus en haute définition (Tiff), cliquer ici