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14 Day Tantra Yoga Retreat Holidays — Shri Kali Ashram. 14 Day Retreat Yearly Schedule Mar. 1st - 15th, 2016Oct. 1st - 14th, 2016Nov. 1st - 14th, 2016Dec. 1st - 14th, 2016Jan. 1st - 14th, 2017Jan. 31st - Feb. 13th, 2017Mar. 1st - 14th, 2017Apr. 1st - 14th, 2017May. 1st - 14th, 2017 *Please note monsoon rains start in June.

14 Day Tantra Yoga Retreat Holidays — Shri Kali Ashram

**These are rough dates. We accept students at anytime for any one of our programs. Daily Schedule Honor and Cultivate yourself 8:00a.m. 8:30a.m. 9:15a.m. 10:30a.m. 11:30a.m. Yogoda Satsanga Society of India. "You may be surprised at what seclusion with God will do for your mind, body, and soul....Through the portals of silence the healing sun of wisdom and peace will shine upon you.” — Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda YSS Retreats and How-to-Live Retreat Programmes Yogoda Satsanga Society of India’s How-to-Live Retreat programmes are open to anyone seeking spiritual renewal and who desires to leave behind the pressures of everyday life - even if only for a few days — to deepen their awareness of the Divine.

Yogoda Satsanga Society of India

The daily Retreat programmes provide, in the words of Paramahansa Yogananda, “a dynamo of silence where [you] may go for the exclusive purpose of being recharged by the Infinite.” Retreat Activities Retreat activities include daily group meditations, practice of the YSS Energization Exercises, inspirational classes and programmes, a video show on Guruji, and where available, services at nearby YSS ashrams. These retreat programmes are open to all devotees: men, women, and married couples. Eleven Directions. We will spend 8 days together, keeping a mindfulness practice, having discussions, taking walks in the Rhododendron forests, getting an exposure to Tibetan culture and society and appreciating the natural beauty of the area surrounded by the white mountains of the Himalayas.

Eleven Directions

All this while living in the guest-home run by His Holiness's brother and sister-in-law and/or the home/hotel of the local Maharaja. Dharamshala Retreat: Dharamshala* Retreat (8 days) August 27 to September 3, 2016: US$2500 Dharamshala* Retreat (8 days) October 1 to October 8, 2016: US$ 2500 The journeys begin in New Delhi, from where we will take an overnight air-conditioned sleeper train to Dharamshala. We have an opportunity to travel in the company of a Buddhist scholar and practitioner, who will accompany the group. We are sure it will be a wonderful and fulfilling immersion into the living Dharma and an opportunity to Visit a beautiful part of the Himalayas. ~ Find Best Yoga Teacher Training programs. Los 5 lugares espirituales preparados para cambiar tu vida. Fundación Vicente Ferrer. Kriya yoga en India. Programa_curso_intensivo_de_inmersion_loknath_yoga_2014.pdf. Cecilia Soriano: Por los ashram de India... - Club de la Efectividad.

Gente querida del Club de la Efectividad, sigo compartiendo con ustedes mi viaje del alma...

Cecilia Soriano: Por los ashram de India... - Club de la Efectividad

Ya una de las últimas etapas... espero la disfruten tanto como yo. Kerala, India. Sábado 6 / 12 / 2008. Como les conte antes llegue a Kerala, una region al sur de India y pare en una ciudad que se llama Allapuzha donde tome un paseo en house boat por los backwaters, que son unos canales de agua que rodean toda esa zona. La ciudad la llaman la Venecia de India. Este paseo fue muy interesante, super relajado, rodeada de palmeras, cocoteros, bananos, super tropical. Vi un atardecer hermoso y pase una noche relajada en medio de los canales, solo con el ruido de los pajaros y animales del lugar.

A la manana tempranito seguimos viaje de regreso... una paz total. Luego de ahi decidi ir al Ashram de AMMA, en Amritapuri, es una Guru de India que es famosa por sus abrazos y tiene una obra impresionante, ha hecho hospitales de Ayurveda, universidades, escuelas, comedores, horfanatos, de todo. En fin... Ceci. Ashrams in India, Yoga and Meditation Resources in India.