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Ellen Barry sur Twitter : "It is astonishngly easy to ruin a person's reputation here: On #SheenaBora, selective leaks & off-the-record culture. Truth vs Hype: The Invisible Reality of Rape in India. New Delhi: (Names have been changed to protect the survivor's identity in several cases) In Ranchi, in the office of the Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives, a group that works against sexual violence, we met Rani (name changed), 12 years old, and her mother.

Truth vs Hype: The Invisible Reality of Rape in India

Rani worked at the home of a woman police constable. One night in April 2014, when the constable was on duty, the husband, who had been drinking, allegedly raped the girl. "I called them bade papa and bade amma," Rani told us, adding that she had never been ill treated by the family before. WHO sur Twitter : "WHO congratulates #India on Maternal and Neonatal #Tetanus Elimination via @WHOSEARO.

World Health Organization, WHO congratulates India on Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination. A Dissent Note to the Expert Committee for DNA Profiling — Nandita Saikia sur Twitter : "What was once the home of India's first woman lawyer, Cornelia Sorabji, in Pune. Now a hotel, the Ritz near the GPO. Nandita Saikia sur Twitter : "Of course, nothing quite like uncovered drains and (?) manholes to cause serious injury. #IndianRoads. Nandita Saikia sur Twitter : "Near athletic feats it'd take to cross gutters aside, pavement indentations are fracture invitations. #IndianRoads.

Nandita Saikia sur Twitter : "Exactly what a pavement should be like. Start unexpectedly and be a foot high. #IndianRoads... Binalakshmi Nepram sur Twitter : "Many of us wear #Handloom weaves made by women in NE.They are"Made in #India" not #China #SaveHandloomsReservationAct. Purvi Patel Could Be Just the Beginning. SC has set a high threshold for tolerance: Lawrence Liang. Some of the troubling legal issues around the gang rape documentary India’s Daughter (by @nsaikia) Law on the Disclosure of the Identity of Rape Victims. (Note: This post comprises preliminary notes for a legal opinion drafted a while ago.

Law on the Disclosure of the Identity of Rape Victims

I haven't re-checked it before posting it.) Indian law does not prohibit just the disclosure of the names of rape victims but of information potentially leading to the identification of rape victims. The protection of identity of rape victims could be considered to be requirements both criminal law and civil law — the identity of rape victims is protected under statutory law, case law and (presumably) tort law relating to privacy (not to mention constitutional law). It’s not Leslee Udwin’s message that India is struggling to accept, it’s the messenger. Sneha Gupta on Twitter: "@KalyanVarma @nsaikia I think Udwin said that she "showed" the authorities the unedited footage. She refused to "hand" it over cause"

Nandita Saikia sur Twitter : "Why has a rapist's child been shown unblurred in #IndiasDaughter and has his wife's statement not been addressed?! Nandita Saikia sur Twitter : "Has BBC filmed a random boy to show with narrative of a child who once pickpocketed the rape victim?! #IndiasDaughter. Nandita Saikia sur Twitter : "Maria Misra speaking for the second time in #IndiasDaughter. This is the most appropriate person the BBC could find? Nandita Saikia sur Twitter : "A visual BBC chose to focus on while having the rapist talk of (?) disposal of the victim's entrails. #IndiasDaughter. Wishing away India’s culture of rape. Illustration: Satwik Gade In an interview shortly after the release of his book In Cold Blood, Truman Capote said of the motives of one of the two killers whose stories the book told: “I believe Perry did what he did for the reasons he himself states — that his life was a constant accumulation of disillusionments and reverses and he suddenly found himself (in the Clutter house that night) in a psychological cul-de-sac.

Wishing away India’s culture of rape

The Clutters were such a perfect set of symbols for every frustration in his life. As Perry himself said, ‘I didn’t have anything against them, and they never did anything wrong to me — the way other people have all my life. Maybe they’re just the ones who had to pay for it.’” No one who has read the book will come away feeling that Mr. Journalism has a long history of interviewing those convicted of heinous crimes including mass murder, rape and cannibalism.

Ban on BBC rape documentary: It's the idiocy of our MPs that 'defames India' - Firstpost. By the time you read this, Leslee Udwin's India's Daughter will have had its British premiere.

Ban on BBC rape documentary: It's the idiocy of our MPs that 'defames India' - Firstpost

This writer can't claim to have an opinion on the documentary because like all Indians, she hasn't seen it (yet). Unlike some esteemed members of the Indian polity, she doesn't have the super powers of assumption that are required to rant against India's Daughter the way journalist Arnab Goswami and politician Meenakshi Lekhi have in parliament and on news channels. However, what this writer can say with certitude is that the minister for parliamentary affairs Venkaiah Naidu was on the money when he said, "This is an international conspiracy to defame India. " Though we might be at cross-purposes, Mr. Naidu and I. Not in favour of 12-minute-an-hour cap on ads on news channels: Jaitley. Shiraz Hassan sur Twitter : "One of the most peaceful and beautiful pictures of Ind-Pak Border: Lalhon: #India (Left) - Gowindi #Pakistan (Right) ATM Machine Helps Indian Women Quietly Report Rape Without Going To The Police. By Tara Culp-Ressler Posted on "ATM Machine Helps Indian Women Quietly Report Rape Without Going To The Police"

ATM Machine Helps Indian Women Quietly Report Rape Without Going To The Police

JOB OPENING – MARKETING EXECUTIVE. Kunalmajumder : An #Indian stamp from 1981 ... Behind India's shocking gang rapes lies a deep crisis among young men. For anyone who maintains that women are raped because of the way they dress or the way they look, the image of two thin and scrawny teenagers hanging from a mango tree, gang raped and murdered by their neighbours in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, provided a powerful lesson.

Behind India's shocking gang rapes lies a deep crisis among young men

It was a poignant reminder that, according to the National Crime Records Bureau, incidents of rape in India have gone up tenfold in the last 40 years. From 1971 to 2012 recorded cases shot up from just under 2,500 to almost 25,000, and activists believe only 10% of cases are actually reported to the police. This rising trend of sexual violence needs to be better understood. And today it was reported that a judge in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, was the victim of an attempted rape in her well-protected home. Uttar Pradesh, where these latest horrific attacks took place, is one of the poorest states in India, with more than 60 million people living on less than a pound a day.

The Survivor's kit to Society. Growing up in India is a special kind of frustration because you grow up and realize that you’re one of the few who did.

The Survivor's kit to Society

You know that you have fewer people that you can relate to or choose as partners. You know that you live in hypocrisy and harassment. Growing up in India is difficult because India never grew up. Introducing ‘Know Your Candidates tool’ for Lok Sabha Elections 2014. Tool to help voters find information about Lok Sabha candidates and their constituency MP In the last five months, we have made a concerted effort to provide our users a destination for all their information needs for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Introducing ‘Know Your Candidates tool’ for Lok Sabha Elections 2014

As we get closer to the voting day in many constituencies, we are introducing a new tool as part of our elections portal offering ‘’, called ‘Know Your Candidates’. The new tool will allow you to get easy access to relevant information about political candidates contesting from your constituency and the incumbent Member of Parliament. This tool integrates publicly available information sourced from Indian organizations such as the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), PRS Legislative Research and Liberty Institute India. A Point of View: The sacred and sensuous in Indian art. 4 April 2014Last updated at 12:11 ET Paintings and carvings in ancient Indian temples challenge Western ideas of the relationship between spirituality and sexuality, says writer and historian William Dalrymple.

A Point of View: The sacred and sensuous in Indian art

Emerging from the shadows. “We are women first, and sex workers only after that.

Emerging from the shadows

We want you to recognise sex work as work. Instead of viewing us through the lens of social morality, we wish you would see us for what we are. Many of us are single women, supporting our children and old parents. We are informal, unprotected workers. They called me Gurkha, Chinese, chinki... I lived through hell: Danny Denzongpa. Behind The Ban On Times Now. Posted by Somi Das Somi has a PG diploma in Journalism from the Indian Institute of Media Studies and Information Technology at YMCA, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Political Science. She's worked for NBS and Network 1, and has interned with The Asian Age. #INeedMasculismBecause nothing is funnier than MRAs sincerely trying to explain their dumb beliefs to the world « man boobz. MRA Tweet Generating Room So: many if not most of you have probably heard about the whole #INeedMasculismBecause thing.

For those who aren’t: a bunch of Men’s Rights Redditors and other MRAs, inspired by a post on 4Chan, decided to swarm Twitter with #INeedMasculismBecause tweets in response to the #INeedFeminismBecause hashtag. Feminists responded by outswarming the MRAs, flooding their new hashtag with often quite hilarious parodies of MRAspeak, as well as some just plain ridiculousness. Reporting Sexual Assault and Responding to It. Sonamohapatra : Some call this big . I say... UGC: List of fake universities in India - Get Latest Education & College news & updates from Colleges at There are a lot of universities that appear to offer numerous benefits to students. These institutes have impressive names and it is not surprising that students are carried away by their claims.

Students need to be careful about the advertisements they may see as not all these institutes may offer genuine degrees. Mainly India (with image, tweets) · nsaikia. Viewcontent. Police did not respond to helpline calls on 5-year-old's rape: Delhi CM. New Delhi, April 26: It was a desperate call for help on the women's helpline 181 from the family of the raped five-year-old girl when the child went missing, but the Delhi Police failed to take action, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said Friday. The Delhi government is to take up the matter with the union home ministry, sources in the government said. Speaking to reporters, Dikshit said: "There was a report which came from our 181 women's helpline on the five-year-old child who was raped. Sedition: Defaming the State.

This post is from a series of posts dealing with basic Indian content laws. Nsaikia : I'd picked up this book the... Ban The Two-Finger Test In Rape Trials By Pratiksha Baxi. Sleazy court dramas keep rape victims on tenterhooks. Criminal%20Law%20(A)%20bill,%202012. Draft nonsense. Parody is not a laughing matter @PM0india @PMOindia #GOIblocks part 2. Most web services contain a standard form contract which has to be compulsorily agreed to by a User before the User can utilise the services which are offered. This bilateral contract may be contained in distinct documents commonly split between a terms of service and a privacy policy. Moreover they may references to additional documents such as best practice guides which due to such a reference become incorporated and binding on the user. Now even though such contracts are bilateral they do contain specific clauses that create third party rights against the Users and allow third parties to approach the web service.

This is commonly due to statutory provisions which create specific obligations which have to be complied by the web service. Parody is not a laughing matter @PM0india @PMOindia #GOIblocks part 1. Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46 (1988) The Safe Harbour for OSPs and ISPs in the 2012 Act. The Impact of the 2012 Amendments on the 1957 Copyright Act. The Intermediary Rules and Free Speech. The Scope of the 31D Statutory Licence wrt Television Broadcasters. Kapil Sibal moving the Copyright (Amendment) Bill, 2010 in Rajya sabha : 17 May, 2012. Copyright on consensus. New Delhi, May 17: Bollywood veterans and political pragmatists closed ranks today to pass a bill that is aimed at ensuring royalty for creative contributors such as lyricists, scriptwriters and singers.

Ashok kumar is a habitual offender. ‘Starving in India’ series opens eyes.