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Scientist talking about what they do.

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60+ Māori & Pasifika in STEM ideas. Women in STEM - Home. Downloadable STEM Role Models Posters Celebrate Women Innovators As Illustrated By Women Artists. Now at the end of its second season, Nevertheless, a truly WYSKy podcast that tells the stories of women who are transforming teaching and learning through technology, “commissioned another four female illustrators from South America, Africa, the Middle East and China” to create a new set of STEM Role Models posters for its growing collection.

Downloadable STEM Role Models Posters Celebrate Women Innovators As Illustrated By Women Artists

Nevertheless now offers a total of eight inspiring posters, each celebrating a different woman innovator everyone should know, and they’re all available to download now (scroll for larger poster images and download links). ***Editor’s Update 3.08.19: Posters are now available to download in eight languages as part of a special release for International Women’s Day – English, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian, and Simplified Chinese. *** “We’d love you to download the posters and print them out for your school or workplace. “We’ll be getting these posted translated into more languages soon. Dr. Girls in tech - Curious Minds, He Hihiri i te Mahara. Technology in the New Zealand curriculum is defined as intervention by design – the use of practical and intellectual resources to develop products and systems that expand human possibilities by addressing needs and realising opportunities.

Girls in tech - Curious Minds, He Hihiri i te Mahara

Technology in action provides students with the opportunity to apply critical thinking and creative problem solving strategies to authentic, real world problems. It is never static but influenced by - and in turn impacts on - the cultural, ethical, environmental, political and economic conditions of the day. Technology education provides opportunities for students to be confident, connected, lifelong learners who are well equipped to contribute to a thriving and prosperous economy. It plays a critical role in equipping youth with the necessary skills to succeed in a digital era. Check out how some of the recent graduates of Carmel College are applying the skills and knowledge they developed in technology to their study and careers:

Providing girls with role models for computer science careers / Transitions and vocational pathways / Videos. Tim Harford: In the digital technologies programme, we were looking to make connections with industry on areas that were relevant to what we were teaching.

Providing girls with role models for computer science careers / Transitions and vocational pathways / Videos

We approached a range of companies and we told them what we were looking for. We told them which subjects we studied and what the girls were looking for. We asked if they could help us. All of the companies we approached were very helpful. Suffrage 125 - Women in Science. Skype a Scientist Lesson Plan, Gr 6-8.docx. Skype A Scientist (@skypeascientist) (13) Inspiring the next generation of female engineers. Profiles - Curious Minds, He Hihiri i te Mahara. #FindingRosieNZ: Rosalind Archer, University of Auckland. #FindingRosieNZ :Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh. #FindingRosieNZ: Jane Campbell, Air New Zealand. Untitled. First Hispanic woman astronaut discusses complicated journey. Brittany Teei - Curious Minds, He Hihiri i te Mahara. Brittany Teei (Rarotonga, Avatiu, Atiu, Ngāi Tahu) is Co-founder of KidsCoin, an educational software program that teaches children good money habits.

Brittany Teei - Curious Minds, He Hihiri i te Mahara

What do you do on an average work day? There’s no such thing as an average workday for me! I do many varied tasks and jobs ranging from working with developers on website development, to planning out UX [user experience] and UI [user interface] designs, to social media marketing and working in the communities. It really depends on the needs of the business and what the priorities are at the time. I also make a point everyday to do some physical exercise; whether that be yoga, netball, tennis or simply walking to work and enjoying the view along the way. What did you study at school? My favourite subjects at high school were media, art and sport. However mum is a teacher (and has been for a long time) so I was always moving across different subjects because I knew that maths and English were important.

Science Faces - Accueil. Girls Rocking ShadowTech at Ara. Women in science who changed the world. Callaghan Innovation. Smart. Tātai arorangi. Never Stop Searching. Adam Savage: How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries. #ScienceWoman: Jackie Faherty. ‘Where are all the women? We’re here! There’s lots of us!’ : An engineer talks gender diversity in tech. The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers. The mystery of the talking fish. Mae Jemison: The Cosmic Dance. Video Profiles - Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers — Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers. Nanogirl Dr Michelle Dickinson onboard NASA SOFIA flight. Jack Andraka: A promising test for pancreatic cancer ... from a teenager. 199 labs turned him down. This teen made a groundbreaking discovery at the 200th. Nature of Science - Bill. #ScienceWoman: Jackie Faherty. Famous Scientist Facts & Quotes - Inventors, Chemists, Biologists, Physicists.

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10 Questions for Nate. Eva Vertes: Monkeys with Ebola. Meet the Paleontologists. Nature Of Science - Sandy. Nature of Science - Bill. Nature of Science - Alex. Nature of Science - Shaun. Nature of Science - Maan. Nature of Science - Scientist Profiles - MacDiarmid Institute. Nature of Science Scientist Profiles Chemist – Alan MacDiarmid The best mistake ever: Alan MacDiarmid is a big part of the reason your cell phone screen works.

Nature of Science - Scientist Profiles - MacDiarmid Institute

He is also the second New Zealander to win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry – the first, of course, was Ernest Rutherford who is on the $100 note. “The real creative scientist is as much an artist as the painter, as the poet, as the creator of a symphony. Melissa Marshall: Talk nerdy to me.