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Doctor! Doctor! My Midwife is a Man: Gender Stereotyping in the Workplace. International Women's Day- Can You Solve the Riddle? (Mindspace) Janelle Monáe - Turntables [Emotion Picture] Rebels Who Rocked the World par caroleb19 sur Genially. 'Emma Watson Speech' 'Emma Watson Speech' Diversité et inclusion - Gender Power. Diversité et inclusion - Gender Power. Equal to equal (Women & gender equality) – ❄️️ It's English O'Clock ! ⛄ L’an passé avec ma collègue de français et mon collègue d’histoire-géographie, nous avons décidé de nous lancer dans un défi de classe : un E.P.I sur l’égalité homme-femme.

Equal to equal (Women & gender equality) – ❄️️ It's English O'Clock ! ⛄

Après avoir épluché les manuels, réfléchi de mon côté aux ressources et aux choses que je voulais aborder, voici le fruit de cette réflexion. (Vous n’aurez pas le détaillé des séances en co-animation mais si cela vous intéresse, je pourrais en faire un billet). Projets de fin de séquence possible : frise chronologique, présentation sur feuille A4, magazine spécial égalité homme-femme, podcast avec une webradio, interview sur des femmes qui ont marqué l’histoire, raconter l’histoire d’une femme qui a changé la face du monde… Séance 1 : Celle-ci fera suite à un atelier de deux heures prévu en coanimation avec mes collègues afin de donner du sens à cette séquence et de montrer une vraie cohésion d’équipe ! Séance 2 : Fin du travail sur la description de l’image. Enfin, viendra le projet final avec mes collègues. Kamala Harris, héritière des suffragettes □ 

Celebrating Votes for Women – Speakeasy News. Cindy Sherman Self-Portraits: Hiding in Plain Sight – Speakeasy News. The Fondation Louis Vuitton reopened its doors to the public on September 23 with a special show featuring the work of American photographer Cindy Sherman.

Cindy Sherman Self-Portraits: Hiding in Plain Sight – Speakeasy News

Sherman's thematic self-portraits are a reflection on the portrayal of women in modern society. This is the first solo show dedicated to the artist since her 2006 exhibition at the Jeu de Paume. Initially scheduled to run from April 2 to August 31 but postponed because of the COVID-19 crisis, this retrospective brings together 170 works created by the 66-year-old photographer between 1975 and 2020, including some previously unseen photos. This presentation will end January 3, 2021. Cindy Sherman is well known for exploring female stereotypes through self-portraits. Cindy Sherman was born in 1954 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and lives and works in New York. The final part of the exhibition focuses on a new series entitled Men. A Retrospective of Cindy ShermanFondation Louis Vuitton From 23 September 2020 to 3 January 2021. Teaching about U.S. Women’s Fight for the Vote – Speakeasy News. In commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of women obtaining the right to vote in the U.S.A. in 1920, these videos and mini-site provide thought-provoking teaching tools.

Teaching about U.S. Women’s Fight for the Vote – Speakeasy News

The Belmont-Paul Women's Equality Monument is based in the house in Washington, DC, which has housed the National Women's Party since 1929. It is now run but the National Parks Service, and NPS rangers have made a series of short, simple videos in honour of the suffrage centennial, called Suffrage in Sixty Seconds. This introductory video is a great general introduction usable from B1. For a movement that had its roots in anti-slavery activism, the suffragists were no more immune to racial tensions than the rest of the country. Some early suffrage leaders had in fact opposed the 15th Amendment, which gave black men the vote after the Civil War, arguing that it would be better to fight for an amendment that gave all citizens the vote.

Centennial of Suffrage – Speakeasy News. In 1920, almost 150 years after the United States declared that “all men are created equal,” American women got the right to vote… 27 years after women in New Zealand did.

Centennial of Suffrage – Speakeasy News

American suffragists worked for almost 80 years to obtain that right. And there’s still work to do today. As is often the case in the United States, the movement progressed state by state before arriving at the national level. In 1869, the state of Wyoming became the first in America where women could vote. A dozen other states, most of them in the West, followed over the years. Everywoman in 1910: No vote, poor pay, little help - Why the world had to change. BBC Radio 4 - Radio 4 in Four, What did the suffragettes do for you? Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - The Podcast. Downloadable STEM Role Models Posters Celebrate Women Innovators As Illustrated By Women Artists.

Now at the end of its second season, Nevertheless, a truly WYSKy podcast that tells the stories of women who are transforming teaching and learning through technology, “commissioned another four female illustrators from South America, Africa, the Middle East and China” to create a new set of STEM Role Models posters for its growing collection.

Downloadable STEM Role Models Posters Celebrate Women Innovators As Illustrated By Women Artists

Nevertheless now offers a total of eight inspiring posters, each celebrating a different woman innovator everyone should know, and they’re all available to download now (scroll for larger poster images and download links). ***Editor’s Update 3.08.19: Posters are now available to download in eight languages as part of a special release for International Women’s Day – English, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian, and Simplified Chinese. *** “We’d love you to download the posters and print them out for your school or workplace.

“We’ll be getting these posted translated into more languages soon. Dr. Dr. Mae C. Dr. Global Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality. Anne Hathaway on International Women's Day. Watch Michelle Obama speak on International Women's Day. Emma Watson HeForShe Speech on International Women's Day 2016. Visualizing the data: Women’s representation in society.

Date : 25 February 2020 Women’s full and equal participation in all facets of society is a fundamental human right.

Visualizing the data: Women’s representation in society

Yet, around the world, from politics to entertainment to the workplace, women and girls are largely underrepresented. The visualizations below take a closer look at this gender-imbalanced picture over time, revealing just how slow progress is. Rooted in patriarchal norms and traditions, the consequences are far-reaching with detrimental, negative consequences on the personal, economic and future well-being of women and girls, their families and the community at large. Building a sustainable future for all, means leaving no one behind.

How many more generations are needed for women and girls to realize their rights? Politics Women’s political representation globally has doubled in the last 25 years. Women continue to be significantly underrepresented in the highest political positions. Work In June 2019, the Fortune 500 hit a milestone with the most women CEOs on record. Sport. Votes for Women. Editions Hatier - feuilletage.