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Adam Savage: How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries

Adam Savage: How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries

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100 Teaching Tools You Should Know About 5 Ways To Be A Better Public Speaker 7.15K Views 0 Likes If you've been asked to speak at a conference or host a seminar, you may be shaking in your boots. Not only is the thought of speaking in public nerve-wracking, but being in charge of a seminar that no one wants to at... Edudemic Is Giving Away 30 Free Citelighter Pro Accounts! 576 Views 0 Likes Effect of panel shape of soccer ball on its flight characteristics : Scientific Reports Drag force in the wind tunnel The wind tunnel tests were conducted using different new soccer balls, namely, Brazuca (Adidas, six-panel), Cafusa (Adidas, 32-panel), Jabulani (Adidas, eight-panel), Teamgeist 2 (Adidas, 14-panel), and conventional (Vantaggio, Molten, 32-panel). The balls were mounted as shown in Figure 1. Two panel orientations of the soccer balls identified as orientations A and B (see Figure 2) were used for the study, and the corresponding aerodynamic properties were measured. (a, b) Adidas Brazuca: small dimple and six panels, (c, d) Adidas Cafusa: small grip texture and 32 modified panels, (e, f) Adidas Jabulani: small ridges or protrusions and eight panels, (g, h) Adidas Teamgeist 2: small protuberances and 14 panels; (i, j) Molten Vantaggio (conventional soccer ball): smooth surface and 32 pentagonal and hexagonal panels.

(Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Creativity 1Share Synopsis To be creative can be as simple as seeing something everyone else sees, but thinking what no one else thinks about it. The future is brighter than you think Peter Diamandis says too much focus is placed on negative newsHe says the truth is that the world is poised for abundance through innovationDiamandis: Social changes have vastly increased wealth, reduced disease and violenceHe says smart phones put knowledge, tools in the hands of billions around the world Editor's note: Peter Diamandis is an expert on innovation, the author of "Abundance," and founder and chief executive of the X PRIZE Foundation, a nonprofit focused on creating large incentive prizes to drive breakthroughs. He spoke at the TED2012 conference in February. TED is a nonprofit dedicated to "Ideas worth spreading" which it makes available through talks posted on its website (CNN) -- I've been talking to corporate groups a lot lately about the idea that the future is going to be better than many of us think -- that we will live in a world of abundance made possible by new technology.

20 Must-Have Educational Resources For All Teachers Edudemic often features posts providing a list of top resources for a particular category. Recently, the site posted the names of the LAUNCHedu finalists chosen by the SXSWedu® Conference, offering even more resources for the Edudemic staff to consider! On March 7, 2012, they will choose winners after a full day of presentations by the finalists. There are so many sites and programs on the Internet already, but this competition just goes to show that the need for educational resources is still great. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. The cliche works because it is true. Scientists Work Out How To Make Matter From Light Theoretical physicists have proposed a way they think will allow us to create matter from light. The experiment has yet to be done, but has passed peer review as practical and the inventors are in discussions with experimentalists with the equipment to carry it out. The proposal has created excitement because, while it has been accepted for 80 years that two photons of light could theoretically create matter, for that time the demonstrational proof was regarded as beyond the reach of lab equipment. As Einstein's much quoted, but seldom understood, equation e=mc2 tells us, matter and energy are connected. One can turn into another.

Is Your Leadership Innovative? Are your leadership actions impeding innovation? Are your change initiatives successfully implemented and delivering the benefits you expected? How is YOUR behavior impacting their ability to delivery results? Innovative Leadership – Critical to Create a Culture of Successful Innovation Many traditional leaders spend more time perfecting their golf swings than they do updating their ability to lead in this interconnected and dynamic business environment. DAVID FOSTER WALLACE, IN HIS OWN WORDS A cache of over 40 letters reveals the artist’s humour and imagination ... From THE ECONOMIST online When René Magritte was 13 years old, his mother drowned herself in a local river. When the body was recovered her face was found to be covered with her nightdress. No one knew whether she had deliberately shielded her eyes from death or if the river current had simply veiled her face. Magritte had begun painting a year earlier.

- 100 Web Tools to Enhance Collaboration (Part 1) by Ozge Karaoglu 0 Comments January 5, 2010 By: Tech Learning Blog Staff Jan 5 Written by: 1/5/2010 8:48 AM ShareThis "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." 'Best computer model yet of our universe' revealed today A large galaxy cluster — together with a dense halo of dark matter — formed at the centre of the simulated Universe. Courtesy Illustris. A new virtual depiction of the cosmos developed by scientists in the US, Germany and England shows detail never before achieved in a computer-generated simulation.

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