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Christian Symbols

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Beaded Cross Pattern. Welcome to the beaded cross pattern instructions!

Beaded Cross Pattern

This pattern was generously created and donated to all of us by our fellow beader Lucy. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page. Beaded Cross Pattern Before you begin ... Step 1 Step 1:A. B. C. D. Step 2 Step 2:E, F, G. H. Step 3 Step 3:I. J. K. L. Step 4 Step 4:M. N. O. P. Step 5 Step 5:Q. Christian Symbols: Colors. Symbols in Christian Art & Architecture. Symbols in Christian Art & Architecture: Free Symbol Patterns. YES, THEY ARE FREE.

Symbols in Christian Art & Architecture: Free Symbol Patterns

There's no catch. However, if you would like to support our work, use the search box below to purchase something from We receive a small percentage of your purchase total in the form of an gift certificate. If you would like to specifically purchase books or other resources on Christian symbols, click here for recommendations. VISIT OUR MAIN WEBSITE, Symbols in Christian Art & Architecture, before you leave to learn more about the meaning, history and use of Christian symbols. PRIVACY ASSURANCE. TECHNICAL INFORMATION. COPYRIGHT. VISIT FREQUENTLY to see additions to the list of available patterns. Early Christian Symbols of the Ancient Church from the Catacombs. By Dr.

Early Christian Symbols of the Ancient Church from the Catacombs

Ralph F. Wilson What was early Christianity like? We the archaeology of the Roman catacombs in the second and third centuries AD, give us clues, where the graves of hundreds of thousands of Christians give clues, especially with a number of symbols that reflect the earliest period of the Christian era. This site contains some photos and drawings of early Christian symbology, with links to many others. Christian symbols were first mentioned in writing by Clement of Alexandria (153-217 AD) in Paedogogus 3, 11. "And let our seals be either a dove, or a fish, or a ship scudding before the wind, or a musical lyre, which Polycrates used, or a ship's anchor, which Seleucus got engraved as a device; and if there be one fishing, he will remember the apostle, and the children drawn out of the water.

" So-called Pagan Origins of Christian Symbols It is without question that nearly all Christian symbols are adaptations of pre-Christian symbols. Picture Collections Historical Studies. Buddhist Symbols. Christian Symbols. The Christian Cross Symbol. Christian Symbols A to Z. 64.2KGoogle + Below is an illustrated guide to 60 Christian symbols used in Christian art, architecture, church decoration and worship.

Christian Symbols A to Z

Each page includes an explanation of the symbol's history and meaning and, where applicable, relevant Bible verses and an image gallery of the symbol in use. See other pages in this section for crosses, colors, and numbers. The anchor is a very early Christian symbol that has been found in the catacombs.

It brings together the cross and the various nautical Christian symbols (fish, boat, dolphin), and it usually signifies hope in Christ. The apple represents sin, most likely because the Latin word for "apple" and "evil" are the same (malum). Because of its beauty and majesty, the cedar of Lebanon represents Christ. The chalice represents communion and the forgiveness of sins. The chi rho is one of the earliest Christian symbols.

The circle, having no beginning or end, symbolizes eternity or God. The symbolism of the cross is discussed on its own page.