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Série Visão Panorâmica 07 - A Igreja nas Casas » Chuva Serôdia. “Saudai a Prisca e a Áqüila, meus cooperadores em Cristo Jesus (…).

Série Visão Panorâmica 07 - A Igreja nas Casas » Chuva Serôdia

Saudai também a igreja que está na casa deles. (…) Saudai a Asíncrito, a Flegonte, a Hermes, a Pátrobas, a Hermes, e aos irmãos que estão com eles. Friending - Jews for Jesus - Established 32 A.D., give or take a year. Home. Ministry-To-Children: free children's ministry ideas. Sponsor skilled volunteers at non-profits. Men. Today's News, Christian Views.

Courageous - Available Now on DVD & Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. HEARTLIGHT® Magazine: Daily Devotionals, Articles, Art and More for Christians.

Estudos e Meditação da Palavra

O que temos feito - Marcos Moraes. O APOCALIPSE - Igreja em Porto Alegre. * Estudo ministrado por Moysés Moraes As escrituras nos dizem que o tempo presente terminará com uma guerra sem precedentes, de destruição, de apostasia da fé, até que o Senhor Jesus Cristo retorne para tirar da terra os crentes vivos, como trará em sua companhia os que morreram na fé.

O APOCALIPSE - Igreja em Porto Alegre

Quando desaparecer da terra o testemunho da verdadeira Igreja seguir-se á um período breve, mas intenso, quando toda a ira de Satanás será liberada sobre a terra. C. S. Lewis Foundation - Living the Legacy of C.S. Lewis. The Barna Group - Barna Update. Revival Library. Spurgeon on Revival. Sermon I.

Spurgeon on Revival

Infallible Signs Of Revival A Sermon Delivered on Lord's Day Evening November 12, 1876 At the METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE, NEWINGTON "The Lord alone shall be exalted in that day. Isaiah 2:11 In the eternal past the Lord alone was exalted. It is a part of the work of grace-- nay, it is the main object of the work of grace, and it is an object also of the work of providence to sub-serve this great end-- that the Lord alone shall be exalted. I. The Lord alone has been exalted among men whenever He has been pleased to reveal Himself in the plenitude of His power. And when men had multiplied again upon the face of the earth, and His people had gone down into Egypt; you know well the story, how proud Pharaoh said, "Who is the Lord that I should obey his voice?

" Nor was that all. May we never live to see a pestilence sweep through this land! An Online Magazine for Christian Singles and Young Adults. Audio Bibles by Faith Comes By Hearing - Audio Bible MP3 - Hosanna. - A missão da igreja no mundo - Cristian Romo. Youth Ministry Resources, Youth Conferences, Evangelism - Dare 2 Share Youth Ministry Resources. Christ and the Human Condition. Introduction Early in the book of Job, Eliphaz the Temanite declares that “man is born for trouble, as sparks fly upward” (5:7).

Christ and the Human Condition

Whether it’s the trouble that befalls us as we’re simply minding our own business or the trouble we bring upon others (or even ourselves), difficulties, sin, and suffering seem to plague us wherever we turn. Just think for a moment about some of the natural evils which afflict the human race. This class of evils includes both natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and earthquakes, and diseases like cancer, leukemia, Alzheimer’s and ALS.

While natural evils are bad enough, they are only part of the problem. The Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga has written: As the Christian sees things, God does not stand idly by, cooly observing the suffering of His creatures. Moral Evil When Adam and Eve first sinned in the garden (Gen. 3:6), they could hardly have imagined all the tragic consequences that would follow this single act of disobedience. Notes. Portas Abertas Brasil. Gaza Christians protest 'forcible conversions' Logos. Podcast - Logos Podcast. Bible History Online Images and Resources for Biblical History. Codex Sinaiticus - Home. Online Bible Study Tools - Your Gateway to Bible Resources. Answers in Revelation.

7 Reasons to Memorize Scripture. There are few spiritual disciplines more rewarding than memorizing Bible passages.

7 Reasons to Memorize Scripture

Here are a few: For fellowship with God The way God chiefly communicates with us today is through His written Word. There are many ideas that people might have of God and their relationship with Him, but such thoughts beg the question: Are they true? Are they biblical? To put us in our place Scripture also puts us in our place. For conformity to Christ When we see Jesus on the pages of Scripture and savor Him, we are more changed into His likeness. For the battle against Satan, sin, and flesh The Word of God is the saint’s weapon for slaying sin (Ephesians 6:17). For the fullness of joy The gospel message of Scripture points us to the sufficiency of God’s grace offered in Jesus—our fullness of joy. For effective witnessing Learn how to present the gospel message using Scripture, and be ready in season and out of season to share it. Blue Letter Bible.

Bart Ehrman Answered. Bart Ehrman is perhaps the most influential skeptical New Testament scholar in North America.

Bart Ehrman Answered

Several of Ehrman's books have become standard textbooks in many universities. His skepticism is not well-founded, however. This interview features New Testament scholar Mike Licona who answers a number of Ehrman's major contentions. Stream and download options. Also included is a document with discussion questions for group leaders to be used in tandem with the individual segments.