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Christian Schloe

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Christian Schloe Paintings... - Dailymotion-Video. Surrealism and Visionary art: Christian Schloe. MATIN LUMINEUX: Christian Schloe. Christian Schloe and his dreamlike artistic universe. Le illustrazioni digitali di Christian Schloe - Osservatori Esterni. Surrealism: By Christian Schloe list. Mother Shaker - Le Tumblr - Portrait of a Heart by Christian Schloe Burning... Le beau monde de Christian ... - Joie Des Mots. Creative Boys Club » Christian Schloe. Surreal Digital Illustrations – Christian Schloe. Explore loretoidas' photos on F… Discovering the Digital Art of Christian Schloe — Tanagra Studios. As an artist myself, I can't help but notice the amazing works of art by this digital artist, Christian Schloe who is from Slazburg, Austria.

Discovering the Digital Art of Christian Schloe — Tanagra Studios

I first discovered his works when I joined RedBubble over a year ago. His works completely stopped me in my tracks. I loved his use of ghosted and manipulated backgrounds with different imagery of women placed in the foreground. He has so much work out there, but today I wanted to highlight his Mermaid pieces, which I'm a bit partial to. I'd love to know his process. Moonlight Drive: ART: CHRISTIAN SCHLOE. Les incroyables créations de l'artiste autrichien Christian Schloe, qui mélange avec beaucoup de talent et de subtilité peinture, illustration et photographie, m'ont littéralement tapé dans l'oeil !


220) Christian SCHLOE, - De L'ART et C'EST TOUT...sans paroles excessives, chacun y mettra ce qu'il veut... Un suréaliste qui aime la lune !!!

220) Christian SCHLOE, - De L'ART et C'EST TOUT...sans paroles excessives, chacun y mettra ce qu'il veut...

Christian Schloe, magia y simbolismo - Galerias de Arte Barcelona. Christian Schloe - Pourquoi pas ? Le blog de Niurka R. Une singulière puissance poétique préside à cette oeuvre délicate qui recèle une symbolique que chacun interprètera à sa guise.

Christian Schloe - Pourquoi pas ? Le blog de Niurka R.

Tout est d'une pure beauté dans ces tableaux qui jouent un mouvement entre rêve et réel d'une sensualité troublante par l'exposition paisible des personnages féminins. Une magnifique découverte. Niurka. CHRISTIAN SCHLOE - WONDERLAND. Slightly Startling Digital Illustrations by Christian Schloe. Arte (nem tanto) surreal: as mulheres de Christian Schloe. Pencils and Fireflies: Kiss the Midnight Sky - Digital Art by Christian Schloe. Spread your wings and soar into the stars studded sky Surrender your soul to the mystifying tune and bask under the glorious moonlight...

Pencils and Fireflies: Kiss the Midnight Sky - Digital Art by Christian Schloe

Christian Schloe : helenablue. " Tout peut arriver dans un monde qui détient une telle beauté.

Christian Schloe : helenablue

" Christian Schloe Digital Artwork - AGONISTICA. Christian Schloe Digital Artwork Beautiful Digital photo-illustrations by Christian Schloe.

Christian Schloe Digital Artwork - AGONISTICA

You can buy on Society6. You Might Also Like Why Banksy is (probably) a woman November 30, 2014 Light Calligraphy by Julien Breton December 4, 2012 Kris Knight. Le rêve reste maître dans cette œuvre de Christian Schloe, intitulée The Beloved Deer. Christian Schloe. One afternoon whilst trolling Pinterest for inspiration, I happened upon some hauntingly beautiful images by artist Christian Schloe.

Christian Schloe

I quickly created a new board and then spent way too long sifting through images and pinning my favorites. I sort of forgot about it until I was online looking for a tote bag the other day and found this. I recognized the style and was delighted to find that the Society 6 page for Christian Schloe has quite a number of beautiful home items as well as prints and canvases. These are a few of my favorites. Really serene and just downright pretty, AND there are 5 or 6 pieces that include or feature cats. The Sailor's Wife by Christian Schloe. As the title says, this artwork portrays a lady, a sailor's wife, clad in red, supposedly trapped in loneliness, on land, with little sign of happiness.

The Sailor's Wife by Christian Schloe

The surroundings are covered in a map-like 'net' spanning over the sky, a sign of the sailor's vast and dangerous travels she perhaps fears for his safety and wonders of the possibility of meeting again. The lady is trapped on land, where the trees have shed all their leaves and the vegetation have all dried up, signifying despair and hopelessness. Little sign of life, apart from the lady herself, can be perceived within the proximity. The supposed 'net' that covers the sky perhaps serves the purpose of capturing the entrapped feelings of the lady away from her love, leaving her with little route for escape to happiness. The ship that can be still seen afar perhaps stands for the little hope that is left for her rescue, but it also is sailing away. She is dressed in red, which is perhaps an indicator of her love for the sailor. Christian Schloe... - WWW.SIMZSER.COM.

Sandra Apperloo on Instagram: “Christian Schloe. #artisticmoods #art #blog #Illustration #digital # night #moon #tea #creatives #creative #instaart #instaartist #christianschloe” Chaque jour nous réserve une aventure — The heartache, Christian Schloe. Christian Schloe. Christian Schloe. 10-Art surrealiste de Christian Schloe. Christian Schloe - peintre autrichien - Mosaïques de lectures et d'images. D'autres oeuvres splendides sur le site ""

Christian Schloe - peintre autrichien - Mosaïques de lectures et d'images

The Surreal Dreams of Christian Schloe. The surreal, dreamy digital art of Christian Schloe… Ellison Design student based in CA who was one of the co-founder of AIA and (Eva and the Garden, Christian Schloe), Peteski. ABOUT ARCHIVE FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Ads Via The Deck. La chica de bolsillo » Portrait of a heart, Christian Schloe. Christian Schloe — worx - ShockBlast. Christian Schloe. Hello everybody, Très original ! Merci bcq pour le partage ! Cdlt Mac_________________Vivre, c'est agir. La vie, on sait bien ce que c'est : un amalgame saugrenu de moments merveilleux et d'emmerdements.

Christian Schloe... Christian Schloe - Voxspiriti. St un artiste autrichien connu pour ses créations digitales, depuis le début des années 2000. Son travail explore un univers personnel, à la fois poétique et symbolique, à l’aspect fascinant de peinture classique. Ses créations sont disponibles en impressions numériques et photographies [naissance 1988].

The Daily Muse: Christian Schloe, Digital Artist - The Daily Muse: Christian Schloe, Digital Artist Christian Schloe is a talented Austrian artist whose work includes digital art, painting, illustration, and photography. As he says: “Anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty.” Le Baz' Art: Christian Schloe. Hiii ! :) Dream On Art Print by Christian Schloe. Artodyssey: Christian Schloe. Christian Schloe ... in the world of improbable dreams Facebook Pagehere and here. All About Art and Design. Anything can happen in the world of Christian Schloe. Surreal art is the best way to define the work of his digital paintings, which transport us to a world of romance and extravagant beauties. The breathtaking use of color, light, shades and forms creates a unique and charismatic world which can be close only to our dreams.

The art of Christian Schloe represents a happy marriage between the reality and imagination. If we talk about a few examples like the “The Beginning”, “Dreamer”, “Awakening”, “The Mermaid’s Pearl”, and a few others, perhaps the features of his art will be discussed in the best way. All these are perfect examples of the combination between the conventional forms of life with fantasy, pregnant with impeccably used outlines, colors and the surrealism at its best. The Mysterious Digital Dreamscapes Of Christian Schloe. Christian Schloe's artwork seems like the stuff of dreams.

Mysterious human and animal figures stand against glowing skies full of stars and butterflies. Not-quite-human characters populate nebulous spaces that might be oceans or skies (or both). The images are at once familiar-seeming and refreshingly strange, like dreams and fairy tales half-remembered. Nightmakers King of the Night Afloat Moonlight The Wandering Forest. Christian Schloe ~ Digital artist. Christian Schloe. These romantic creations are the work of Austrian Photoshop-artist Christian Schloe.

Love them! They have this wonderful, painterly style, and the fact that they’re actually digital creations leaves me speechless. Luckily, Christian prefers to speak through his images. So I’ll limit myself by giving you some simple instructions: scroll down the page and let Christian’s art do the talking. Christian Schloe ~ Pop Surrealism Visions. Expressive Digital Illustrations that Tell Surreal Stories. These surreal scenes by Christian Schloe feature bizarre moments that draw viewers out of a concrete reality and into a dreamy, fictional world.

In his work, the digital artist creates expressive visual stories filled with soft color palettes, elegant birds and butterflies, soft flower petals, and otherworldly, majestic landscapes. The illusion of a scratched canvas and worn, aged edges allude to a different time and place where a howling wolf is half human, half animal; a couple dances among the clouds; and a young girl collects drops of moonlight in a bowl. Each beautifully designed composition is a whimsical fantasy concocted by the talented artist. Schloe playfully blends realistic elements with perplexing, conceptual ideas.

In doing so, he creates the illusion of serenity within a strange and confusing composition. The magical illustrations by Christian Schloe. ChristianSchloe. Christian schloe on Tumblr. Pays Des Merveilles, Œuvres D'art et Nuits Étoilées. Christian Schloe Digital Artwork. Christian Schloe. Christian Schloe - photos and artworks by Christian Schloe. Another World – 22 créations de Christian Schloe.