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Cornland Christian Math Unit Plan

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508_2015_Budget_Estimates. The Cost of the NASA Budget. The NASA (National Aeronautic Space Administration) budget for FY 2015 is $17.5 billion.

The Cost of the NASA Budget

Congress appropriated slightly more, $17.6 billion, for FY 2014 (which runs from October 1, 2013 - September 30, 2014). Funding for both years are slightly higher than the $16.9 billion spent in FY 2013. What Does the NASA Budget Provide? NASA will focus on the Space Launch System. This heavy-lift rocket will carry astronauts to the moon, Mars and even asteroids. NASA will use its new deep-space system to explore asteroids so it can protect Earth from any impacts. Louie Giglio on the Star Maker. f827196f5f327da4811cf3ae79776971.jpg (JPEG Image, 291 × 516 pixels) Metric Moon. + Play Audio | + Download Audio | + Join mailing list January 8, 2007: If you think in pounds and miles instead of kilograms and kilometers, you're in the minority.

Metric Moon

Only the United States, Liberia, and Burma still primarily use English units -- the rest of the world is metric. And now the Moon will be metric too. Math Journal Sundays - Metric Conversions. I don't know why, but I LOVE teaching concepts when there's a great little mnemonic device to go with it.

Math Journal Sundays - Metric Conversions

This week we've been studying metric conversions, so I turned to my good friend, "King Henry" to lend us a hand. I really liked the staircase idea I did for the math journals last year (you can read more about how I teach metric conversions HERE and see our journal entry for last year HERE), so I really had to think to come up with a different idea for our journals this year. And then inspiration hit ... we LOVED the Pop-Up Bar Graphs we made, so we made a Pop-Up Staircase to help us remember the metric prefixes - it also works as a great manipulative to get students "walking" through the steps. Seattle Solar System. A Public Art+Science Project Concept Read the whole presentation (with maps) here:Seattle Solar System Presentation (PDF) Imagine building a solar system scale model in Seattle with the sun being the stainless steel dome of the International Fountain at Seattle Center.

Seattle Solar System

3 Ways to Convert Within Metric Measurements. Edit Article224,520 views 48 Editors Edited 21 weeks ago Three Methods:Metric Cheat SheetConverting Through Multiplication and DivisionConverting Through Decimal Movement The metric system is a comprehensive system of measurements used all over the world today.

3 Ways to Convert Within Metric Measurements

One of the biggest advantages that the metric system offers is that conversion between its units is simple and logical, as its units scale by powers of 10. Because of this, converting within metric measurements is usually as easy as multiplying or dividing a given measurement by a power of 10 to find the new value, or, as a shortcut, simply moving its decimal point. Read on below the jump for detailed instructions. Ad Steps. Metric to Standard Conversion Chart (US) "Math Salamanders Free Math Sheets" Welcome to the Math Salamanders' Metric to Standard Conversion Charts.

Metric to Standard Conversion Chart (US)

Here you will find a range of different charts to help you to convert from one unit of measurement to another. How to Print or Save these sheets Follow the 3 easy steps below to get your worksheets printed out perfectly! Step 1 Click on the sheet you would like. It will open in a new browser window. Step 2 Click on the magnifier to get your sheet full size. Enable 'Shrink-to-fit' and set your page margins to zero. Step 3 Go to the Print menu and select 'Print' to print a copy. Right-click and select 'Save image as...' to save a copy. Need further help? Mission 2 Mars. TITLE: Mission 2 Mars SUBJECT: This bulletin board is designed for use in the Algebra classroom.

Mission 2 Mars

TOPIC: This board is designed to interactively work with students on the concept of Scientific Notation. INTERACTIVITY: Below is the directions that were provided to students in the handout on how to use the "Calculatron" to help them convert a decimal number to scientific notation Write each digit of the distance into the calculatron. How Many Stars Are There In The Universe? The Situation The Challenge(s) How do astronomers estimate how many stars exist?

How Many Stars Are There In The Universe?

How many stars are there in the universe? Question(s) To Ask These questions may be useful in helping students down the problem solving path: What is a guess that is too low? Consider This This problem has the potential to develop the foundation for conceptually understanding scientific notation, appreciating why anyone would want to use scientific notation, and how to perform operations with numbers written in scientific notation. Middle School Math Rules!: Geometry. Last week we were learning about surface area in my three regular math classes (we did this earlier in my accelerated class).

Middle School Math Rules!: Geometry

I had my accelerated students (in groups of three) make a net of a rectangular prism. They had to measure in inches or centimeters and label each edge of their net, they also labeled each face with the letters A-F). Circumference.pdf. Volume of a Sphere (with videos, worksheets, games & activities)