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How to Create a Post Apocalyptic Environment by Andrew Price. Basic Principles of Digital Matte Painting. Digital Matte Painting is a huge creative field that can add wonder and excitement to static film shots.

Basic Principles of Digital Matte Painting

Learn about digital matte painting principles, like set extension, camera mapping, as well as professional tips that matte painters employ. Introduction Ever wonder how those incredible scenes of panoramic vistas, impossible futuristic cities, or fantastic alien worlds come to life? It's all through the magic of matte painting. If only I had a dollar (hey, inflation!) Ages ago, extremely talented artists painted these realistic scenes on large sheets of glass. The Digital Revolution With the invention of Adobe Photoshop, things began to change. The Right Size The first thing to decide is what size to make your painting. Brave rabbit. Tips & Tutorials. Looking for disc files?

Tips & Tutorials

How to Draw the Head From Any Angle. The Basic Forms To draw the head from any angle you must first understand its basic structure.

How to Draw the Head From Any Angle

Look past all the distracting details and visualize the underlying forms. This ability to simplify can be applied to the features of the face, but when starting the drawing you could look even further. Ignore even the features and simplify to the most basic form of the head. I use a method taught by Andrew Loomis in his book, “Drawing the Head & Hands”. The head deconstructed into its basic forms, is a sphere as the cranium and a block as the jaw and cheek bones. Genuine Reviews of Softwares , Training DVD's.

Untitled. Baking Ambient Occlusion, Color And Light Maps In Maya Using Mentalray. In this tutorial you'll learn how to bake an Ambient Occlusion map, as well as a Color & Light map inside Maya using Mentalray.

Baking Ambient Occlusion, Color And Light Maps In Maya Using Mentalray

Ranjit will first guide you through the process of setting up and rendering the AO map using a character model for demonstration. In the second half of the tutorial, we'll switch over to an interior scene to generate our Light & Color map, also using Mentalray. Step 1 This is the model which I'm going to be using for baking the "Ambient Occlusion" map. Step 2 Now before we start anything make sure you have a proper UV Layout for your model, and the file you are working with is saved and has a project set properly for it. Step 3 Now go to Window>Rendering Editors>Hypershade and assign a new lambert material to the surface, and then rename it.

Step 4 Since texture baking is done through Mentalray, make sure the Mentalray plugin is loaded in your version of Maya. Step 5 Now select your Polygon mesh, right click and go to Baking>Assign New Bake Set>Texture Bake Set. Maya’s Luminance Depth Preset. Maya’s luminance depth preset can do a lot of things for the finished look of your animation, with a minimal expense of render time.

Maya’s Luminance Depth Preset

You can use it to generate post controlled fog or darkness, depth based compositing of elements, or for a good, post controlled focal blur. Maya’s Z Depth channel rendering has a few problems. It’s not easily read or used by your favorite compositing program, it is not anti-aliased so you may get jaggy side effects by using it, and it’s not necessarily the fastest thing to render. TRIED IT! Setting up depth of field on your camera in Maya is a bit tricky, it usually involves writing some expressions and setting up a rig with locators or something. Photohop Tutorials - CG Resource - 3D Modeling. 3D artists portal, 3d animation and 3d modeling tutorials, free textures and photos, 3d jobs. Cinema 4D. - The Pillar of Computer Graphics. March’s Free Tutorial: Maya Projects. Work Like a Pro If you want to be taken seriously as a 3D artist then you need to approach your workflow professionally.

March’s Free Tutorial: Maya Projects

This means being super organised when managing your assets and in this month’s free tutorial we are going to show you how this is done. For lots of people, the importance of knowing how to use Maya Projects is low on the agenda and because of this, even seasoned 3D artists face issues that could have been avoided. This tutorial has been generated to give you the bottom line on projects – so that you can speed up your workflow and remain calm when managing several projects at once. From beginner to experienced user, spending 13 minutes watching this video could save hours of time in the future. Breakdown: Maya projects Working in a project folder structure Multiple drives and networks Absolute and relative paths Windows shortcuts. LuGher3d Maya Resources. - The Pillar of Computer Graphics. Creative COW - Creative Communities of the World. Maya 3D Animation Tutorials at Tutorial Hero. Guias o Manuales gratis, Tutoriales gratis, aprender gratis, trucos en español o castellano.

El blog de Wick. Home. 3D Tutorials, 3D modeling tutorials and CG Tutorials. Tutoriales - Buscador de Tutoriales Gratis - Los mejores Tutoriales en Espa�ol e Ingles. Light Probe Image Gallery. Updated 10/9/04 SIGGRAPH Course Paul Debevec, Dan Lemmon, and colleagues taught a half-day course on Image-Based Lighting at SIGGRAPH 2001 and 2003.

Light Probe Image Gallery

The web page (with the final notes) for the course is here. The course covered both the theory and practice of using light probe images to illuminate computer-generated objects. At this course we announced the release of HDR Shop, a tool for processing and manipulating high-dynamic range images including light probes. Introduction A light probe image is an omnidirectional, high dynamic range image that records the incident illumination conditions at a particular point in space. RADIANCE Image Format and Viewing on Unix Light Probe images are measurements of light in the real world, and thus are high dyanmic range, with pixel values ranging from thousandths to hundreds of thousands. Viewing and Editing HDR Images The images may also be viewed using USC ICT's program HDR Shop.

Raw Floating-Point Image Data. Creative Crash : High Quality 3D Models, Scripts, Plugins and More! : Cinema 4D Tutorials Index. Alias Maya Tutorials. 3D - Training - Tutorials, workshops, helps, tips & tricks for your 3D skills in Design, Animation, Compositing, Production, Effects, Lighting, Modeling, Rendering, Texturing & Mapping ...