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Animation Tutorials, Animation Jobs, News, CG Store, CG Portfolio for Digital Artists

Animation Tutorials, Animation Jobs, News, CG Store, CG Portfolio for Digital Artists

MELANIE DELON » ILLUSTRATOR Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society 3DM3 Jim Jagger - Animator Useful Animation Tools Reference Galleries If you ever struggle to find video reference, try these online databases. They are free (after a quick registration) and their archives are huge. Artbeats Gettyimages BBC Motion Gallery Corbis Motion Screen Capture Fraps and SnagIt are two of the best screen capture utilities around. They are great for capturing in-game footage or creating software tutorials. 3d Total Official 3D-Coat channel Upload Subscription preferences Loading... Working... 3DVF Populate:Terrain Populate:Terrain is a scripted plugin for Autodesk 3ds max. It assists in creating and optimizing terrain surfaces from contour lines or from existing meshes. The quad based output allows for easier later remodeling, for example using push/pull painting. The regular face size reduces rendering issues (GI, displacement) and you can use Turbosmooth on it. It’s also a lot nicer to look at! The result is always standard 3ds max geometry, so there are no issues with future 3ds max versions, exchanging scene files or using 3rd party renderers.

Hollywood Camera Work - Visual Effects For Directors - Sample Clips: Free Green Screen training, Matchmoving, Compositing, Motion Capture and more These 5 sample chapters are a tiny sampling of the almost a thousand techniques covered by Visual Effects For Directors. There's a lot of free training here, so enjoy! These clips require the latest Flash Plug-In to be installed and Javascript must be enabled. A Propos - Digital Painting Tutorial On trouve les origines du Digital Painting dans les grottes préhistoriques… Bon, on ne va peut-être pas remonter jusque-là Certains d’entre vous connaissent peut-être cet art depuis quelques années déjà ; pour d’autres le terme est nouveau et mérite quelques explications. Tout d’abord ce terme anglais est également très utilisé par la communauté francophone, un peu comme le web design par exemple ou les selfies ;-).

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