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Linkedin. Released Learn how to self-publish your ebook successfully and give it the best chance of being read.


Taught by Jason Matthews, an ebook publishing consultant who has self-published 10 books, the course first explores the major outlets, including Amazon, and discusses how to best format Microsoft Word files or EPUB files to retailer requirements. Jason also reviews crucial details such as table of contents formatting and cover design, and he shows how to upload the complete ebook package to all the major retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and others.

The final chapter of the course explains how to market your ebook, including setting up a website, finding fans on social media, and engaging with reviewers and bloggers. Skill Level Beginner 2h 44m Duration Views Show More Show Less Continue Assessment You started this assessment previously and didn't complete it. A dlaczego? Czy to naprawdę już koniec?

A dlaczego?

Kacper, nie martw się! Jeszcze mu pokażemy! Crowdfunding udziałowy dla startupów. Działania marketingowe po starcie. Otwarcie oferty inwestycyjnej na platformie equity crowdfundingu to sygnał do wytężonej pracy.

Crowdfunding udziałowy dla startupów. Działania marketingowe po starcie

Dzięki solidnemu przygotowania działania będą skoordynowane i powinny przynieść jak najlepszy efekt. Ale jeżeli myślisz o sukcesie – nie ma mowy o relaksie. Poprzednią część poradnika zaczęliśmy słowami: ćwicz ciężko, walcz lekko. Nie byliśmy do końca szczerzy. Walka będzie ciężka. Dyscyplinę, czyli samokontrolę i dobre zarządzanie czasem własnym i zespołu;regularność w monitorowaniu postępów kampanii, sekcji komentarzy, social mediów, tworzeniu i publikacji treści, kontakcie z partnerami itd. Pamiętaj, że jednym z najczęściej powtarzanych błędów przy prowadzeniu kampanii ECF jest działanie na zasadzie zrywów.

W dalszej części znajdziesz nasze wskazówki, które zawarliśmy w znajomych Ci szablonach – służyły nam do uporządkowania działań poprzedzających publikację pitchu (pre-launch): 1. 2. Wykorzystanie treści oraz kanałów Dobra informacja. Digital marketing industry case study library - adidas case studies. Adidas ran this mobile campaign to promote its latest football boots.

Digital marketing industry case study library - adidas case studies

Mullen’s mediahub worked with Millennial Media to target users across multiple mobile platforms, inviting them to the Adidas’ “Light You Up” promotional light show. To cap off the event, footballer Lionel Messi joined everyone at New York City’s Penn Station. This is a great example of how location based targeting can be used with mobile video to reach local users with relative and time sensitive messages in order to drive foot traffic to an event.

Banner ads engaged nearby users to click through to the landing page to see event information. More on this case study… Brand: Adidas | Sector: Sport, Clothing | Country: US | Objective: Build brand enagagement, drive sales | Agency/ Partner: Millenial Media | Format: Video, Live Event, Display Advertising, Outdoor. How to Get 60 Leads in 24 Hours With a Landing Page and a LinkedIn Group. A few weeks ago a startup asked me to figure out the cheapest and most sustainable way for them to get 25 qualified leads to try their product.

How to Get 60 Leads in 24 Hours With a Landing Page and a LinkedIn Group

Like most startups they did not have a big budget for marketing experiments and needed to bootstrap to get some initial customers in the door. 24 hours later I generated 60 qualified leads for them using nothing but a simple landing page and a LinkedIn group. This process was so successful that they decided to repeat the experiment again. I’ve done this many times and it works like a charm every time. Here is a step by step of how I did it. Step 1: Nail Down Your Target Audience There are billions of articles and books on the importance of defining your target market. In my situation above it was CIOs of enterprise on-demand companies. In your case it’s whoever you think your customer is. In the article I share how I pitched my app idea to tons of different types of people to see who would actually pay for it.

How to Get 60 Leads in 24 Hours With a Landing Page and a LinkedIn Group. Grzegorz Albrecht - independent business catalyst. Sign Up. LinkedIn. Growth Republic - Growth Hacking and Web Development for Startups. Growth Republic - Growth Hacking and Web Development for Startups. Sign Up. GrowthHackers - A Community for Growth-Focused Marketers.

15 Web Summit Startups that have raised over €276million. Startup looking to exhibit at Collision?

15 Web Summit Startups that have raised over €276million

You can by signing up here. Four months on from our European event Web Summit, and no better time to look back on the progress being made by just a sample of the many startups that attended. In the short space of time 15 startups that exhibited have raised over €276million – including names such as HelloFresh, Y Plan & GetAround, who each raised monster rounds. We’re not saying Web Summit played a part, maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but hopefully it’s a good example of the type of companies that attend our events. We’re delighted to be welcoming companies of similar calibre to Collision – so far we have names such as AdoreMe, Sqor and AirDog to name but a few. Congratulations to each and every one – we’re excited to hear lots more great stories over the next few months: Company Amount Raised Y Plan €24million GetAround €24million Glide €20million Serviz €12million Connect €10million Apploi €7million 2lemetry €4million Chat Grape €1.3million Pley €10million.