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Synthtopia – Synthesizer and electronic music news, synth and music software reviews and more!

Synthtopia – Synthesizer and electronic music news, synth and music software reviews and more!
ADSR Sounds has introduced Dumb Ass Onions AH! – a sound library for Massive that they say is “sure to make you cry”. Continue reading Reader Anton Maskeliade shared this music video with us, for his track Chabrec. The track was performed live in a vintage car, using Leap Motion, MPD32, Ableton Live, Resolume, Projector, ZAZ-968 Zaporozhets (old Soviet Union car), old cartoons and a fencing foil. Continue reading

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Old Part Day: Voltage Controlled Filters For thirty years, the classic synths of the late 70s and early 80s could not be reproduced. Part of the reason for this is market forces — the synth heads of the 80s didn’t want last year’s gear. The other part for the impossibility to build new versions of these synths was the lack of parts. Synths such as the Prophet 5, Fairlight CMI, and Korg Mono/Poly relied on voltage controlled filter ICs — the SSM2044 — that you can’t buy new anymore. If you can source a used one, be prepared to pay $30. New old stock costs about $100. RA - Tech A master of sound shows us how he tinkers. The app reconfigures the functionality of Native Instruments iPad DJ app for smaller touchscreens. Mon, 29 Apr 2013 / HerrJordan 2 Comments The veteran producer and engineer talks to Music Radar about his approach to the dark art of audio mastering.

The 40 greatest synth sounds When our friends at Future Music magazine compiled a list of the 40 greatest synth sounds of all time in 2008, it was nothing if not controversial. Inevitably, some iconic tones failed to make the cut, but few would deny that the majority of the sounds that were included have attained classic status. Now, for the first time, we can present the full list complete with analysis, audio and advice on how to go about replicating many of these sounds yourself. AKAI Sampling Articles undefined By: Pedro (Submitted to the AKAI Mailing List) Hope this aint just old news to you all... I wont go into subjects like equalization, compression, and other techniques to enhance your sound once you have it recorded.

Artist Revenue Streams 1. Publisher Advance Bulk payment to songwriter/composer as part of a publishing deal. Paid to songwriter/composer by publishing company. 2. Mechanical Royalties Modular Synth Comparison Chart A side by side shot of two popular VCOs from Blacet and MOTM, showing the different form factors. The Blacet VCO is 5.25" high x 3" wide x 6.25" deep. The jacks are 3.5mm, panel .062 aluminum. The knob width is .45". Space required is 98.4 cubic inches. The module weighs 6.6 oz.

Home Studio Corner Have you ever tried to get a nine month old dressed? It’s almost impossible. As you may recall, my wife and I have a three year old boy and twin nine month old girls. Interactive Timeline Travel through time: a complete and interactive timeline of all the synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and software featured on this site. Glossary of Synthesizer Terms A useful reference guide to help you better understand much of the synthesizer jargon used when talking about synthesizers. Studio Set-up Guides For quick help setting up a synthesizer studio and connecting vintage and MIDI gear.

Sample Sources Original sample sources alongside their relevant Aphex Track. (O►) = Play original sample(T►) = Play Track Play All (YouTube links on this page only) (►►) Inspirational tracks, not directly sampled.

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