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CDP Contacts. This (free) program will be available for download towards the end of February 2014.

CDP Contacts

Certain aspects are in development and we would like to be a bit further along before releasing it. After that, watch for more updates. Tabula Vigilans (i.e., 'Vigilant Table') is an advanced algorithmic composition language. Primarily, it is a score processor. It can define and replay a huge range of possibilities, from completely conventional melodic and harmonic music to envelope-shaped multi-event textures with random features. It is script-based, meaning that the user writes a text file which is C-like in nature. Tabula Vigilans can operate as a real-time MIDI instrument that can play back pre-programmed or instantly generated music under mouse or keyboard control. The power of the software is illustrated by the Form-Builder/Score-Builder duo, applications developed by its author, Richard Orton, using Tabula Vigilans.

Tabula Vigilans Information PDF(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) Optional Purchases. Soundshaper Pro – CDP GUI Compatible with PC ONLY Soundshaper Pro is a 'front-end', meaning that it accesses and uses the underlying CDP sound transformation and editing programs.

Optional Purchases

Therefore, please note that the CDP sound transformation and editing software must be installed as well as Soundshaper Pro. Soundshaper Lite is now provided free of charge with CDP PC Systems (replacing Soundshaper Standard Edition). It is compatible with Release 5, but supports only a few Release 6-7 processes. Soundshaper Pro is an option available for new or existing CDP PC Systems that do not yet have Soundshaper Pro and need full Release 7 compatibility, particularly for its new multi-channel functions.

If you already have Soundshaper Pro, you can check for updates at. CDP Software & Documentation. LINEAR SWEEP GENERATOR. LINEAR SWEEP GENERATOR. STABLE HIGH-LINEARITY SAW-TOOTH GENERATOR. 555 triangle with independent slopes. DIY Synthesizers.

Roland TB303 clones

Synth Equipment Racks/ Cases. Vaco Loco. Welcome to Vaco Loco, synths.

Vaco Loco

Current Products Micro Modules Legacy Products We no longer manufacture these but they're here along with any relevant files and schematics. Modular Modules Rack Mount. Yusynth FFB. I built this module around Yves Usson's Fixed Filter Bank as discussed on the Electro-Music forum.

Yusynth FFB

I love this filter just for the even and odd outputs. It really creates a nice stereo image that enhances the sound, especially through headphones. It was worth building it just for that (I can envision a simplified controlless module just for that purpose). The filter works very well to polish off the sound at various frequencies. I purchased a PCB from Yves and made just minor changes to the build consisting of Single high impedance input with level control 100K linear potentiometers for individual filter controls Normal / Bypass switch for all three outputs (great for stereo enhancement) 4 pin 0.156 MOTM-style MTA power connector Ferrite bead / 22 uF power supply filters capacitors Expansion connectors for all filter bank outputs. Alison - pics. Home. Oberkorn Concussor Analogue Sequencer. 3x CV channels, 2x Gate channels, 5x MIDI-Trigger 3 separate full 16 step CV channels 48 CV knobs, 16 Gate switches, 17 LEDs CV control of Speed / Tempo.

Oberkorn Concussor Analogue Sequencer

MIDI control of sequence position (step number). Station X synthesiser. Station Xminimodular Synthesizer fully patchable modular synth Pure analogue voice circuitry Fully patchable Compact modular synth Available as a module (without case) Plenty of modulation possibilities Rugged steel construction.

Station X synthesiser

MIDI In for software sequencer / keyboard control. Comprises; MIDI to CV Converter (so you can play it from MIDI). Voltage Controlled Oscillator with pulse width control input. Low Pass 'Moog' style filter, 24dB/oct. Voltage Controlled Amplifier (wired in series to the VCF). MB4 Concussor Modular Synth.

The CONCUSSOR modular synthesizer - compatible with Doefper A100 and RS Integrator modular synth. Vostok suitcase synth with matrix pin patch board, EMS VCS3 Synthi AKS. £99 - case only exc. tax & delivery (no handles hinges, catches, feet or PSU or electronics!)

Vostok suitcase synth with matrix pin patch board, EMS VCS3 Synthi AKS

The ASM-1 homepage. Magnus / synths / friends /stopp by Gene Stopp and additional text by Magnus Danielson Prolog The ASM-1 synthesizer project was created by Gene Stopp < > and not by me Magnus Danielson < >. Gene has been generous enougth to share his work in various ways and the sanctioning of this webpage is just one of those ways. Both me and Gene hope you will enjoy both the webpages and the ASM-1 project itself. Originally Gene produced and sold the PCB. The PCBs is done in a real PCB shop and has a high quality and I strongly recommend them. Please note that I, Magnus, in no way is affiliated with the PCB selling. What you get is a circuit board, plus documentation with a parts list, circuit description, and building hints.

Analogue Solutions UK Ltd - Analog synth, drum machines, step sequencers, modulars synthesizers. Red_Square. Tom Carpenter has offered some Red Square PCBs and panels for sale on his site.


Here is a link to the Analogue Solutions page. You need to scroll down and select older entries then click on the Red Square PCB link. When you buy the PCBs, you get two large PCBs which are scored and can be split into 5 separate PCBs. I suggest making the scores deeper on both sides of the PCBs with a utility knife. Carefully break them apart. Tom also supplies a parts list and a PCB component map although there are some differences in the documents and the PCB, more later. Sourcing parts is not too bad. At Futurlec, I found: Project. Home of the ASM-1/-2/-3 Synthesizer and the Panther range of euro-modules.

Research Credit Card Order Form. Steiner VCF. Diode VCF I had never seen the Steiner-Parker's Synthacon as real one.

Steiner VCF

According to, it is monophonic synth which has 3VCO as same as Mini Moog. CGS - Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer. Synth DIY. Muff's Modules & More.