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Kabbalah Study Tool. Tajna ucenja : Proricanje. Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning. For anyone interested in using Tarot cards the hardest part initially is interpreting them.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning

Most web sites giving "definitions" or "meanings" tend to have just a few lines and quite frankly that's not very helpful; particularly to a beginner. It's all very well saying the "x" of hearts means this, but how do you use that definition for a love reading, or a work reading? Our definitions are split into introduction, general, work, love, finances, health and spirituality, which we hope you will find a lot more useful and a lot more meaningful in the Tarot spreads you use. These interpretations are meant as a guideline. Mapa putovanja kroz tarot. Tarot cards explanations - Major Arcana & Minor Arcana - Raven's Tarot Site. Tarot Teachings: The Art of Learning and Using Tarot.


Key to Evocation: Zodiacal Decans. I have previously published this article on the e-zine, Rending the Veil, and I thought that it would be useful to post it here for my readers to examine, just in case they didn’t catch it.

Key to Evocation: Zodiacal Decans

This article represents the core principle that I use in establishing the hierarchical structure and methodology of performing theurgy and goetic evocation. Matrix of Possibilities There are many ways to perform the operation of theurgy and the evocation of spirits. Most of those who practice this kind of magickal operation work through one or more of the many available grimoires. However, there are other ways to perform this operation that have little to do with the old grimoires; yet these other methods require the invention of a completely alternative magickal technology to make use of them. Demon Lovers - Succubi and Incubi. Sweet dreams are made of theseWho am I to disagree?

Demon Lovers - Succubi and Incubi

Travel the world and the seven seasEverybody's looking for somethingSome of them want to use youSome of them want to get used by youSome of them want to abuse youSome of them want to be abused Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics. Tarot Health Problems. Devil Tarot Card Meanings. Introduction to the Devil Tarot Card Meanings: The image of the Baphoment is a shock to many.

Devil Tarot Card Meanings

In a primarily suppressed society, topics relating to the devil are not openly discussed and illicit intense discomfort. However, if we approach this card in an open-minded, mature manner, we can glean a mass of insight. Before exploring this card further, take a moment to consider the laws of nature. When we observe the trees, the sky, the grass, the birds, and other phenomenon of nature, do we see the presence of a devil?