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Runes, Alphabet of Mystery

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery
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Deck Interview with The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan When I got my Amazon voucher the other week (finally, after years of advertising on the blog!), I decided to pre-order The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan. It was a pleasant surprise when the deck and book set arrived earlier than expected yesterday afternoon. Naturally, I had to do an interview with this deck. Mysterious code in Viking runes is cracked Two men, Sigurd and Lavrans, carved their names both in code and in standard runes on this stick, dated from the 13th century and found at the Bergen Wharf. This helped researcher Jonas Nordby crack the jötunvillur code. (Photo: Aslak Liestøl/Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo) Why did Vikings sometimes use codes when they wrote in runes? Were the messages secret, or did they have other reasons for encrypting their runic texts? Researchers still don’t know for sure.

Illustrated Playing Cards On The Basis Of Texture. Royalty Free Stock Photo, Pictures, Images And Stock Photography. Image 11792836. Green room with a poker table. The plane, puppy and two trees Illustration or greeting card.. Imaginary toy town and train... Runic alphabet: Encyclopedia - Runic alphabet Note: This article contains special characters. This articles is about the glyphs known as runes, for the Led Zeppelin album that is sometimes known by this name, see Led Zeppelin IV. The Runic alphabets are a set of related alphabets using letters known as runes , formerly used to write Germanic languages, mainly in Scandinavia and the British Isles. In all their varieties they may be considered an ancient writing system of Northern Europe. The Scandinavian version is known as Futhark (derived from its first six letters: 'F', 'U' 'Th', 'A', 'R', and 'K'), and the Anglo-Saxon version as Futhorc (also so named after its first letters). The earliest runic inscriptions date from ca. 150, and the alphabet was generally replaced by the Latin alphabet with Christianisation, by ca. 700 in central Europe and by ca. 1400 in Scandinavia.

Shakespeare Playing Cards These fantastic Shakespeare Playing Cards have a different Bardic quote on each card, and every play by Shakespeare is quoted. Quotes on all of the number cards contain a reference to that number. Cleverness worthy of the Great Bard! Each of the four suits of the deck represents a different dramatic temperament: Hearts: Love and pleasure. Diamonds: Gain, position, money or treasure. Rune et Philosophie - Sagesse des Runes - Apprendre les Runes Pourquoi apprendre la philosophie des runes ? Ceux qui veulent travailler avec les runes doivent absolument connaitre le symbolisme de celles-ci. Apprendre par coeur la signification des runes ne suffira pas pour comprendre leur profond message. Il faut méditer chacune d'entre elle et intégrer leur sagesse et leur savoir pour en faire le sien, ce n'est qu'à ce prix qu'elle prendront leur place dans votre coeur et vous livreront leurs secrets que ce soit pour la divination ou la magie. Les runes : un message de Sagesse extraordinaire.... L’alphabet runique est utilisé autant pour la divination que la magie.

Beautifully Illustrated Lord of the Rings Tarot Card Deck Lord of the Rings Characters Depict Various Tarot Cards Entities Portraying the aesthetics of the movie “Lord of the Rings,” deviantArt user Sceith Ailm has illustrated a collection of tarot cards with popular characters from the movie. Each of them is assigned to a role which naturally captures who they are. the deck is currently a work in progress, and the illustrator slowly adds new cards and characters. Via Designtaxi Comments comments

ECOLE HELVETIQUE DES RUNES L’écrit est l’ombre de l’oral… Plus il y a d’écrits, plus la lumière se fait rare… Tout ce qui est sage a été pensé : il faut seulement essayer de le penser à nouveau GOETHE A l’heure de l’obscurité et du désespoir sans heure, le feu secret du grand solstice cosmique de la fin reprend et allume l’incendie indo-européen dont, en d’autres temps, aux débuts du cycle actuellement presque déjà révolu, la volonté d’être, de civilisation et d’espace avait tracé les runes cosmogoniques de garde et les chemins en avant pour dix millénaires d’histoire et de trans-histoire »J. Parvulesco, le soleil rouge de Raymond Abellio La Triscèle, Archétype Symbolique Absolu Avertissement :

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu - translated and explained by Stefan Stenudd Preface My first meeting with the Tao Te Ching was in my late teens. It was Toshikazu Ichimura, my Japanese teacher of the peaceful martial art aikido, who gave me a copy of it – the Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English version with beautiful calligraphy, which is still in print. He thought that my impatiently inquisitive mind would benefit from studying it. Already by reading the first chapter, which compares desire and the freedom from desire without seeming judgmental, I was hooked. That appeals to a teenager.

Facts and Figures: The Norse Way Runic alphabets provided a brief background about the mystical lettering systems used by the Germanic people in ancient and medieval times. Variations of the Runes The runes were set of Germanic alphabets that were used by the North German tribes, from the 2nd century BC to the 13th century AD. The runic alphabets were often called "Futhark", which is derived from the first six runic letters of the runic alphabets (F-U-TH-A-R-K). There are three different variations of the Runic alphabets. The Etruscan or the Latin alphabets probably influenced the runic scripts in the 2nd or 1st century BC, particularly when that some of runes match the Latin alphabets in form.

The Book Of THoTH Introduction Anna Franklin and graphic designer Paul Mason had spent over 15 years designing the Sacred Circle Deck. Franklin is a Priestess in the British Pagan Tradition and her aim was to create a deck based on the Pagan heritage of Britain and Ireland. Paul Mason combined photographs and traditional drawing techniques using computer imaging to produce this amazing deck. This is Paul Mason’s aim: "... produce a tarot that had some of the naturalism of photography, but also... magical realism." The Sacred Circle Deck does not serve only for divination but it also helps personal growth and spiritual development.

Les Runes liées - Magie runique - Créer un talisman magique Pour augmenter la puissance des runes, nous allons les combiner par deux, ou plus, afin de créer un symbole magique. Cette méthode efficace, appelée les Runes Liées, est conçue principalement pour atteindre un but précis. Les runes liées entre elles combinent leurs vertues magiques.

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