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Runes, Alphabet of Mystery

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery
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Deck Interview with The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan When I got my Amazon voucher the other week (finally, after years of advertising on the blog!), I decided to pre-order The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan. It was a pleasant surprise when the deck and book set arrived earlier than expected yesterday afternoon. Naturally, I had to do an interview with this deck. 2. 3. I appeal to your emotional nature (Moon in Pisces) and help you use your imagination to develop psychically. 4. 5. I can help you provide mental clarity and a wider variety of choice for your clients. 6. I love doing relationship readings! Me: That's great! The second set of cards are two of the cards in this deck that made me spontaneously giggle when I first saw them - for two completely different reasons. My two least favourite cards in this deck are the The Sun (too cheesy!) I really like the cosmic card backs. This is a deck I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to Tarot readers of any level - especially if you are looking for a deck with a bunch of lively Courtiers.

Welcome to the Akashic Library Illustrated Playing Cards On The Basis Of Texture. Royalty Free Stock Photo, Pictures, Images And Stock Photography. Image 11792836. Green room with a poker table. The plane, puppy and two trees Illustration or greeting card.. Imaginary toy town and train... Set of fifteen vintage cards for.. Snow meadow, decorated with green.. Dummy with scissors. Beautiful girl with cards Green tree with red apples, caterpillar.. Christmas background with decorated.. Mailbox in winter forest Fabulous.. Mailbox with Christmas gifts in.. Greeting card on Valentine's.. Vase with grapes and vines frame Three Gerberas in white vases... The road home.Surreal poster.Apple,.. The little toy house on the hill Dark room with cellar, kitten.. Girl playing with dolls Girl and her pet. Postcards, illustration or poster... Illustration to the fairy tale.. colorful box with rope and key... Girl in small house on the lawn... Girl in dark room with small.. Tree on snowy hill, poster or..

Blavatsky Study Center:  Website on H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy including Blavatsky Archives. Shakespeare Playing Cards These fantastic Shakespeare Playing Cards have a different Bardic quote on each card, and every play by Shakespeare is quoted. Quotes on all of the number cards contain a reference to that number. Cleverness worthy of the Great Bard! Each of the four suits of the deck represents a different dramatic temperament: Hearts: Love and pleasure. Diamonds: Gain, position, money or treasure. Kings are kings, queens are queens, and aces display figures who seem to control the action of the play. Shakespeare Playing Cards feature an art historical pastiche on the Aces, face cards, and Jokers, with images from the old masters such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

The Rotation of the Elements (c) 1995, John Opsopaus When thou hast made the quadrangle round, Then is all the secret found. -- George Ripley (d. 1490) The rotation of the elements is a key alchemical procedure, the principal means by which the purified essence of a substance is extracted and raised to its most sublime state. Indeed, the rotation symbolizes an important transformative process, which manifests throughout the spiritual and material worlds, but to understand it we must review the symbolic structure of the four elements. The elements have been rich symbols for at least 2500 years, for they resonate with our deepest experience of the world. Now hear the fourfold roots of everything: Enlivening Hera, Hades, shining Zeus And Nestis, moistening mortal springs with tears. Hera rules the fruitful earth, Hades the central fire, Zeus the luminescent air, and Nestis the mollifying water The rotation of the elements depends on two interrelated structures, one linear and the other cyclic. Square of Opposition Phanes

Beautifully Illustrated Lord of the Rings Tarot Card Deck | Virals Lord of the Rings Characters Depict Various Tarot Cards Entities Portraying the aesthetics of the movie “Lord of the Rings,” deviantArt user Sceith Ailm has illustrated a collection of tarot cards with popular characters from the movie. Each of them is assigned to a role which naturally captures who they are. the deck is currently a work in progress, and the illustrator slowly adds new cards and characters. Via Designtaxi Comments comments

Explanation of the Esoteric Pentagram Explanation of the Esoteric Pentagram Details Written by Gnostic Instructor "The pentagram expresses the dominion of the Spirit over the elements of Nature. We can command the elemental creatures that inhabit the regions of fire, air, water, and earth with this magical sign." Get posters and stickers of the pentagram. The five Impressions of the Great Light are found represented within the esoteric pentagram. The Gnostic pentagram is the human figure with four limbs, and one unique apex which is the head. The sign of the pentagram is also called the sign of the Microcosm. When the superior point of the pentagram is pointing up, it represents the Savior of the world. When the two inferior points of the pentagram are pointing up, it represents the male goat of the Witches’ Sabbath. A human figure with the head pointing down obviously represents a demon, that is to say, an intellectual subversion, disorder, or madness. The comprehension of the magic pentagram is the key of the two Spaces. Conclusion

What's your sign? Discover the world of signs and symbolic meanings. The Sephiroth and the Four Worlds in Three Dimensional Perspective The concept of the Sephiroth and the Four Worlds is a difficult to understand, but essential, part of Freemasonry. In his exposition upon the degrees within Morals and Dogma[i] Albert Pike provides exhaustive and specific discussion of both the Sephiroth and the Four Worlds in four separate instances including “Knight of the East and West[ii]”, “Knight Rose Croix[iii]”, “Knight of the Brazen Serpent[iv]”, and “Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept[v]”. Bro. Manly P. Hall considered the concept of the Sephiroth and Four Worlds sufficiently relevant as to publish an English translation[vi] (the diagram was originally rendered in Latin) of Athanasius Kircher’s “Tree of the Sephiroth” contained in Oedipus Aegyptiacus[vii] (1652). Hall further notes in his Secret Teachings of All Ages[viii] that “the ten globes and twenty-two channels of the Sephiroth are analogous to the Thirty-Two Degrees of Freemasonry”. Mackey and Haywood note[ix] in the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry that: The Four Worlds

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu - translated and explained by Stefan Stenudd Preface My first meeting with the Tao Te Ching was in my late teens. It was Toshikazu Ichimura, my Japanese teacher of the peaceful martial art aikido, who gave me a copy of it – the Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English version with beautiful calligraphy, which is still in print. He thought that my impatiently inquisitive mind would benefit from studying it. Already by reading the first chapter, which compares desire and the freedom from desire without seeming judgmental, I was hooked. That appeals to a teenager. The book remained with me, far beyond my teen years. Tao Te Ching, which is the major source of Taoism, has a clouded origin. He is said to have departed riding on a water buffalo. His text is around five thousand words long, divided into two parts. Although clear about presenting a worldview and arguing for it, the book is written with the elegance and artistry that makes it most appropriate to call it a poem. That's necessary. That's true for any classic. Stefan Senudd February, 2011

The Acropolis of Athens The Book Of THoTH Introduction Anna Franklin and graphic designer Paul Mason had spent over 15 years designing the Sacred Circle Deck. Franklin is a Priestess in the British Pagan Tradition and her aim was to create a deck based on the Pagan heritage of Britain and Ireland. Paul Mason combined photographs and traditional drawing techniques using computer imaging to produce this amazing deck. This is Paul Mason’s aim: "... produce a tarot that had some of the naturalism of photography, but also... magical realism." The Sacred Circle Deck does not serve only for divination but it also helps personal growth and spiritual development. The tarot cards picture the sacred sites and landscapes of Britain and Ireland, and contain a lot of symbolism. “The Sacred Circle Tarot is a seventy-eight card deck drawing on the Pagan heritage of Britain and Ireland, its sacred sites, and symbolic imagery from the tradition. Click here to go back to the Index Page The Sacred Circle Tarot: A Celtic Pagan Journey