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Automatic car park Budapest - Wöhr Multiparker M730. Understanding gambling addiction. Odds are that you imagine gamblers as people simply trying to get lucky and win a big payoff.

Understanding gambling addiction

But when Natasha Schull, an associate professor in MIT’s Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS), began researching the lives of gamblers in Las Vegas, she found a very different motivation at work. Take, for instance, Mollie, a mother and hotel worker who compulsively played video poker, running through her paychecks in two-day binges, and cashing in her life insurance to get more money to play. “The thing people never understand is that I’m not playing to win,” Mollie told Schull. Instead, Mollie’s goal was to enter a state of total gambling immersion: “to keep playing — to stay in that machine zone where nothing else matters.”

Now, in her new book, Addiction by Design, published this month by Princeton University Press, Schull delves into the lives of such gamblers. $2.5M in commitments from donors to help revive science center in Detroit. Detroit Science center likely to reopen with more than $2.5 million in committed donations. GM Foundation chipped in a million. : Detroit. The Science of Orgasms. Watch What Happens When a Portrait Artist Takes LSD. Mom's Reaction to her Sleepwalking Video. I was raised by deaf parents, AMA : IAmA. Atomskie comments on Not now Ambien walrus! Clinton vs. Bush in 1992 Debate. To the dudes who have experienced such a thing, what does a prostate orgasm feel like, exactly? : AskReddit. What's the most 90's sentence you can think of? : AskReddit. TVs made in Canton finally available at Walmart. : Detroit. Canada closes embassy in Iran, expels Iranian diplomats - Politics. Canada has suspended diplomatic relations with Iran and is expelling Iranian diplomats from Canada, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced in a statement today.

Canada closes embassy in Iran, expels Iranian diplomats - Politics

Speaking to reporters in Russia, where he's attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-Operation summit, Baird said the government is formally listing Iran today as a state sponsor of terrorism under the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act. That will theoretically allow Canadians affected by terrorism supported by the Iranian regime to sue. Later in the day, Baird added Syria to the list of terror-sponsoring states. "Canada is committed to fighting global terrorism and to holding perpetrators of terrorism — and those who provide them support — accountable for their actions," Baird said following a news release that officially added Syria to the list.

"Building resilience against terrorism is a priority for our government, and respect for the rule of law prevails in a resilient society," added Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. Francis Plays Magic the Gathering. ELI5: Why do clothes shrink in the wash? : explainlikeimfive. Behold, the Toothbrush That Just Saved the International Space Station - Megan Garber.

Astronauts aboard the ISS find a low-tech way to solve a high-tech problem.

Behold, the Toothbrush That Just Saved the International Space Station - Megan Garber

Here is the high-tech implement that helped repair a damaged ISS. (NASA) Drew Peterson trial updates: Day 2 of jury deliberations. Continual coverage of Drew Peterson's conviction for murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio. 7:50 p.m.

Drew Peterson trial updates: Day 2 of jury deliberations

Final holdout swayed by hearsay testimony. A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems. 31 Shocks Later. Good riddance, PayPal. Posted on 04 September 2012 • 146 comments (UPDATE, 24 hours after posting: it seems this blog post found its way to the powers-that-be at PayPal HQ and I received a phone call telling me that I could now access all the funds in my account.

Good riddance, PayPal

I’m grateful for that, but I still won’t be using PayPal again.) Over the years, I’ve heard countless tales of PayPal screwing over my friends who choose to sell products, services, or tickets through their system (UPDATE, 2 hours after posting: how timely — now it looks like Andy has got his account frozen, too). I’ve read numerous horror stories about what happens when PayPal’s staff blindly follow their draconian rules without applying common sense; I’ve seen whole conferences cancelled thanks to PayPal’s unforgivable treatment of event organisers; I’ve watched from the sidelines as my friend Johno battled to keep Codex magazine afloat after PayPal applied ruthless account freezes. Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology. Want your watch to tell you when your next bus is leaving?

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology

Maybe you're jonesing to see your compile status or recent github commits.. Think push notifications, directly to your watch using the data connection on your phone. Foundation 19 // Om Malik. Because Fuck Paying Attention. Henry Rollins: Education Will Restore A Vigorous Democracy. Zack Matere: Growing Knowledge. Ford and Taylor in the 1920s - Part One. James Burke : Connections, Episode 5, "Wheel Of Fortune", 5 of 5 (CC) Lentine Group Invests In Detroit, Brings 200 Jobs To Wayne State Area.

WARREN — The Warren-based Lentine Group, comprised of the communications services provider LeCom Inc., the dental insurance provider Golden Dental Plans, and the union member affinity Web site, will cut the ribbon marking the official opening of its newly renovated Detroit Center of Operations at 1 p.m., Friday, Sept. 14.

Lentine Group Invests In Detroit, Brings 200 Jobs To Wayne State Area

The 32,000-square-foot building located at 5671 Trumbull (at Elijah McCoy) near Wayne State University will house LeCom Communications, LeCom Utility Contractors, Golden Dental Plans Marketing and It will be the new home for 100 current employees as well as approximately 100 new hires with skills ranging from software engineering to voice, video and data service technicians. NkNsX.jpg (1655×1102) Private SECURITY guards SHOOT Somali PIRATES. Hawthorne effect. Aerial view of the Hawthorne Works, circa 1920.

Hawthorne effect

History[edit] The term was coined in 1950 by Henry A. Landsberger[3] when analysing earlier experiments from 1924–1932 at the Hawthorne Works (a Western Electric factory outside Chicago). The Hawthorne Works had commissioned a study to see if their workers would become more productive in higher or lower levels of light.

Life Lessons from Video Games. PSY - GANGNAM STYLE @ Summer Stand Live Concert. Barbara Buatois 121.437 kph, 75.458 mph World Speed Bicycle Record Womans. Return of the Flying Scotsman: inside the mind of Graeme Obree. Meet the Man Who's Rewiring Google From the Inside Out. Eric Brewer, the computer science prof hired to help rebuild the Googlenet.

Meet the Man Who's Rewiring Google From the Inside Out

Image: Eric Brewer, University of California, Berkeley It was a tweet that fired the imagination like few others. On May 10, 2011, at 1:35 in the afternoon, Eric Brewer told the world he was redesigning the most important operation on the internet. Brewer, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, was headed for Google, where he would help build a brand-new computing platform that could span dozens of data centers across the globe and instantly process requests from billions of people in a matter of milliseconds. 20 Mistakes You Make at the Bar. In my five years of going to the bar, I’ve had my share of screw-ups.

20 Mistakes You Make at the Bar

Mistakes that are seemingly harmless but dictate how women react to you. Unfortunately, it’s easy to recognize them in someone else but much harder to analyze yourself in the moment. Now that I’m coaching, I have to be constantly observant. I get to see how interactions unfold from the outside and watch the dynamic between people. Patterns become obvious. What exactly is happening (physio-chemically speaking) during a convulsive orgasm? : askscience. Anonymous Dumps 1 Million Apple IDs After Alleged FBI Hack.

Hackers operating under the Anonymous umbrella have leaked more than 1 million Apple iPhone and iPad IDs, which were allegedly swiped from the FBI. On Monday, the Antisec arm of the hacker collective said it had released 1,000,001 unique device identifier numbers (UDIDs) used by Apple, app developers, and ad networks to label iPhone and iPad users. The details were allegedly stolen from the FBI, according to Forbes. The hackers posted a lengthy message on Pastebin with links to data culled from a larger database of more than 12 million users' personal information, Forbes said. Forbes' Andy Greenberg downloaded and decrypted the encrypted files.

Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library. Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest 1-Floor Library Article by Steph, filed under Public & Institutional in the Architecture category. There are thousands of abandoned big box stores sitting empty all over America, including hundreds of former Walmart stores. With each store taking up enough space for 2.5 football fields, Walmart’s use of more than 698 million square feet of land in the U.S. is one of its biggest environmental impacts.

Best of Stupid Game Show Answers (SGSA) The "Premium Rush" Bike. An Inside Look at Joseph Gordan Levitt's Fixed Gear From Premium Rush. Thearon Collier takes a punt to the house vs Virginia. Devin Hester's Best Punt Return He Never Did. OL Dan Connolly Kickoff Return - New England Patriots. UVa-Wise Punt Return to Beat Emory and Henry. Devin Hester punt return vs Duke [2005] Joe Adams amazing punt return. The Thin Blue Lie.

Sawhorse Toy by Imp Kerr I will always remember the first time a cop lied to me. Or rather, the first time that I knew beyond a doubt that a cop was lying to me, sitting right there in the interview room with a tape recorder in front of him. It was early in my tenure as an investigator at the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board, the city agency established in 1993 to investigate allegations of misconduct against NYPD officers. The case was a fairly straightforward stop-and-frisk incident near the massive New York City Housing Authority complexes along Avenue D in Manhattan.

If Kant Were a New York Cyclist. Supino's owner plans to open tapas and drinks place next door. Someone recently told me "The way you talk to your children becomes their inner monologue." What is the best parenting advice you've ever heard? : AskReddit. Teach a Kid to Argue - Figures of Speech. Why would any sane parent teach his kids to talk back? Because, this father found, it actually increased family harmony. (First published in Disney’s Wondertime Magazine.

The article was nominated for a 2007 National Magazine Award.) Those of you who don’t have perfect children will find this familiar: Just as I was withdrawing money in a bank lobby, my 5-year-old daughter chose to throw a temper tantrum, screaming and writhing on the floor while a couple of elderly ladies looked on in disgust. (Their children, apparently, had been perfect.) Diamond Dave 2012 Promo SP. A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day. Expanded Corning Vision. Mimosa pudica - Sensitive Plant. Two Be-200 aircraft collect water from the river Ob. SH - Festningen. Mother sets fire to her daughter's gloating rapist. Bruce Willis Isn’t Suing Apple Over iTunes Music Ownership Rights. Earlier today, there was a rumor that Bruce Willis was considering to sue Apple to clarify who owns content downloaded from iTunes. Savage 2 Trailer.

6 New Google Chrome TV Ads Debut. Good news for us then: Google UK have uploaded 6 new Chrome adverts to their YouTube channel… You're about to be cloned, but before you are, the doctor says the clone will be tattooed to identify which one is the original. But after you wake up, you notice that *you* have the tattoo. What do you do/say/think? : AskReddit. Chromebox Keyboards Quietly Go On Sale. I would rather cry in a BMW. Samsung gathering arms: "Apple [...] we're ready to sue!" Written by: Keyan Riddick on September 1, 2012. It was only a matter of time , losing money, and having to change their products until Samsung actually came back at Apple with some firepower. Samsung has finally had enough, as if a billion was chump change . According to the Korean Times, Sammy has raised its pimp hand and decreed: “ that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology.”

You hear that Apple? Samsung is ready to bitch slap that ass if the next iPhone has LTE technology included. David Wetherill with a fantastic shot at the London 2012 Paralympic Games for GB (with replay) Bruce Willis to fight Apple over music rights after his death. This is DePaul. The Power (and Peril) of Praising Your Kids. Rv2aE.png (1004×998) Stormtroopers' 9/11. Breaking Bad Season 2 Bloopers [Gag reel] My Life With Lance Armstrong. WhitePowerMilk.Com : NATE HILL. Art, Spectacle, and the Media : NATE HILL. White Power Milk behind the scenes interview. Interior Semiotics. Milk Does a White Body Good.

White Power Milk - Welcome. FABRI FIBRA & CROOKERS - L'ITALIANO BALLA VIDEO UFFICIALE. Empire. Q&A - Julia Minesci (Wendy) - Breaking Bad. TIL During the filming of a Breaking Bad episode, the introduction of Wendy the prostitute was briefly interrupted when a non-actor attempted to pick up actress Julia Minesci, mistaking her for a prostitute. : todayilearned. ELI5: Why did the Obama IAmA go from 16k upvotes to barely 4k in just a couple of hours? : explainlikeimfive. ELI5: How does alcohol make you drunk? : explainlikeimfive. Wish You Bought Gold in '06? You'll Wish You Bought Detroit in '12. Jimmy Carr talks about wife beating on QI. LONDON CALLING (fixed gear bycle) Teenage Dream - Katy Perry - Cover by Matt Mulholland - Live Looping. Criminal. Dub FX 10/10/2008 'Love Someone'. Compartment syndrome. What is it like to be overweight/obese? : self.

Gizzomizzo comments on ELI5 African-American Culture in the USA. About.