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Year 9 Kiwiana

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Kiwiana — quintessentially kiwi. Some things are just quintessentially Kiwi — items, objects, images and people that immediately remind us of who we are, of our essential Kiwi-ness.

Kiwiana — quintessentially kiwi

This page links to items at your library and websites that will help you explore what makes New Zealanders unique. What is Kiwiana? Te Ara (the Encyclopaedia of New Zealand) defines kiwiana as The quirky things that contribute to a sense of nationhood and lists such objects as the Buzzy Bee toy, pavlovas, pāua shell ashtrays and black gumboots. The Pāua shell house In early 2007, the news that the late Fred and Myrtle Flutey’s collection of shells at their pāua shell house in Bluff might migrate from its Southern home stirred lots of interest in kiwiana. Kiwi humour The cartoon strip Footrot Flats continued the black singlet and gumboots theme as Wal, Couch, Rangi and the Dog grappled with the meaning of life in the crumbling backblocks. Billy T. CHECK out these titles in your library: New Zealand Travel Guide. Kiwi This bizarre flightless, nocturnal bird is a New Zealand Kiwiana icon – New Zealanders even take their nickname from the little critter!

New Zealand Travel Guide

Seldom seen in the wild – they’re very shy and only come out at night. Silver Fern Worn by many sports teams – including the world-famous All Blacks – the silver fern emblem is proudly flown at sporting events all over the world. Inspired by New Zealand indigenous ferns, the silver fern was first worn by the New Zealand Native Rugby Team on their 1888 tour of Britain. Buzzy Bee A popular children’s toy, the Buzzy Bee has been entertaining New Zealand youngsters since the 1940s. Short for 'Lemon and Paeroa', L&P is New Zealand’s very own iconic soft drink. Fish & Chips You can’t get more Kiwi than Fish ‘n’ Chips – deep fried potato chips with battered fish. Rugby New Zealand’s national sport, to some Kiwis rugby is a kind of religion! Black Attend any sporting function and you will see that New Zealanders have an affinity with the colour black. Jandals. What is “Kiwiana”?

Otorohanga: A small rural King Country town, the official “Kiwiana Town” of New Zealand and hotspot for all things ‘kiwi’.

What is “Kiwiana”?

Here we celebrate our national identity with Kiwiana displays of our NZ icons, heroes and traditions. BBQ: Summer-loving Kiwis uncover their BBQs, scrape off last year’s grime and throw the sausages and meat onto the grill. Men are often found standing around the BBQ (for some this is the only time they cook!) With a beer in hand. Black Singlet and Gumboots: Once upon a time, wearing a black woolen singlet and a pair of gumboots was an institution among more fashion-conscious kiwi farming males.

Butterfly: In the 1950s & 60s cut-out painted butterflies were often seen as decorative elements on the road-facing side of traditional, weatherboard, painted houses. Buzzy Bee: A popular children’s toy and the inspired creation of Auckland brothers, Hector and John Ramsey. Fish ‘n Chips: You can’t get more Kiwi than Fish ‘n’ Chips from the corner Fish ‘n’ Chip shop. Kiwiana Thematic Units, Rich Topics and Themed Learning - Pupils, teachers, inquiry, questions and projects. Deciding what makes Kiwiana depends a lot on who you are, your background culture and other influences that you have grown up with.

Kiwiana Thematic Units, Rich Topics and Themed Learning - Pupils, teachers, inquiry, questions and projects

For something to get the name Kiwiana it may have to meet the following requirements:Be recognised as familiar to many people across New ZealandHave stood the test of time (popular over time also)Hold a special memory or positive appealIt usually reflects a value/s or ideal/s that many people holdThey are quite often unique to that community/countryHere are some items that have been called Kiwiana.. can you spot any common reasons why they might belong together in the same set/classification? What makes them different to each other? Do you notice which set has the most items of Kiwiana in it? Why? Are there any you think should be here? Buzzy Bee Making a lot of noise as it is pulled around on a string, this toy was popular in many homes.

New Zealand. Gumboots, ‘Buzzy Bee’ toys, marching girls, a meringue dessert, shell ashtrays, and a cookbook may not seem terribly important objects.

New Zealand

But to many Kiwis (New Zealanders), such things assume vital importance as major icons of Kiwiana! What is Kiwiana? It could be described as all the weird and wonderful quirky things from years gone by that contribute to our sense of nationhood — our kiwi identity. What is a Kiwi? To understand Kiwiana, it’s important to first know what exactly a kiwi is. Kiwifruit The Kiwifruit, often simply called a ‘kiwi’ is of Chinese origin, but grows throughout New Zealand. The Birds and the Buzzy Bees The ‘Buzzy Bee’ — not the live one, but the toy — is probably the most famous single piece of Kiwiana. Pavlova This dessert was invented as a tribute to the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who toured New Zealand and Australia in 1926. Dessert Storm The pavlova has long been at the centre of a trans-Tasman argument.

Paua Shell Edmonds Cookbook — Sure to Sell No 8 Wire. Goodnight Kiwi Christmas.