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Kickbike (Finnscoot) Blauwerk. Sidewalker. Click the image below for more information on the City, Willy and Micro models.


CITY The fastest and most stable Sidewalker, the CITY is favorite among test drivers because of the superior smoothness of the ride. With 26” wheels, the CITY may look like a bike, but when you’re standing tall on the platform, you will fully appreciate the “majestic” glide of the scooter. One gentle kick and the CITY rolls beautifully. WILLY A mid-range kick scooter with 20” pneumatic wheels that are smaller than a standard bicycle but larger than the standard kick scooter.

The WILLY Sidewalker is agile and maneuverable and is great for handling city streets and sidewalks. Effendi. Speedwalker. KOSTKA. M&D Bike. Toucan. TOUCAN™ scooters are usually called a push scooter or kick scooter.


They are available in many sizes and the 16", 20" and 26/20" make excellent dog scooters. Mibo. Step on it. BCS. Boardwalk. Aarios. Esla Scooter. Scooting is a great new way of moving around A strong, steel framed scooter is well suited for riding about town, as an ordinary fitness trainer, or for making cross training more fun.

Esla Scooter

The scooter will get you around quickly and will also help you to improve your fitness and get rid of extra calories. Scooting strengthens muscles ...especially muscles in the lower back, buttocks and back of the thighs. In fitness tests, scooting is 25-30% more efficient than riding a bicycle. Scooter model 4100 The scooter has been designed for serious use. Despite its strong steel frame, a scooter is relatively light, 10 kg approx. A scooter rolls along smoothly Big, air filled rubber tires make the scooter roll well. Scooting is fun! Scooting is easy to learn and it fits all ages. If necessary, the front and back frame of the scooter may easily be separated from each other which makes it possible to put the scooter in a small space for transportation.

Technical data: Standard equipment: Extra accessory. Yedoo Scooters. Exionscooters. Zockra. Scootstar. Junik. Zehendmaier. Bike2 Go. Strideglider. Paula Ray and Ulrich Trojer along with mechanical engineer, Patrick Egan of Advanced Racing Technologies (ART) redesigned the traditional push scooter frame to create a high-tech vehicle that promotes low-impact, strength-building exercise while also maintaining proper posture. It's U.S. patented ergonomic frame provides: A low center of gravity which increases safetyMore open architecture for greater range of movementAdjustable height and higher load capacity for the adult rider (1000lb. static weight load capacity; 333lb. dynamic weight load)FEA (Finite Element Analysis) rating the frame at a high level of safetyPrevention-of-injury stream line design with recessed quick-release levers and rear brakes mounted under the frame Additionally, studies on quick and neutral steering from the Mountain Bike industry were used to determine the head tube angle to optimize handling and ride.

The commercial model is available for purchase. Specifications Frame Hardware & Options. Swifty Scooters. KickTrike. Bikeboard. Zummer Dieses ultimative Board, mit extremer Kurvenneigung begeistert jeden Freestyler und sorgt für ein unvergessenes Fahrerlebnis. 1000 Watt, bis zu 35 Km/h Höchstgeschwindigkeit, Carvingachse, Alurahmen, 20 - 40 Km Reichweite. € 25.00 Stunde elmoto Urbanes Fahrgefühl, gepaart mit einem aussergewöhnlichem Design, sorgt für Aufmerksamkeit. 2000 Watt max., 45 Km/h Höchstgeschwindigkeit, Hydraulik Bremse, Reichweite bis zu 65 Km. € 65.00 Tag e Scooter - 45 Km/h Der bewährte Klassiker mit bequemen Fahrkomfort und hoher Reichweite bis zu 90 Km. 3000 Watt max, 45 Km/h Höchstgeschwindigkeit, Lithium Batterie, für 2 Personen. € 35.00 Tag.


Trotinette bambou. SoonW. Bounce Bike. Whipedo. Kangaroo Scooter. Ingo Bike. SpinScooter. Kickcycle. ESLA Kickcycle is a Finnish, well functioning, guaranteed product The Kickcycle has been developed in co-operation with users and specialists.


The needs of the users have been taken into account in the design from the beginning. Kickcycle has become a safe and comfortable means of transportation for everyone throughout the year. The kickcycle has been designed for use The kickcycle has a solid steel frame and four big ball bearing wheels. Finished details The kickcycle is equipped with wide foot boards that have a coarse surface. Snowscoot. Roller Buggy. XH Custome made. Gravity Scooters. Pawtrekker. Our range of dog scooters built to Pawtrekker's highest specifications for stability and strength including the Dog Sidewalker System that allows your dog to walk or run at your side while you scoot.


Diggler. Scootmountain. KickMotoX. Bro.Scoot Factory. SWOSHR. Innovatives Sportgerät für Downhillfahrten mit voll gefedertem Hinterrad zur Steigerung der Fahrdynamik.


Verbesserung der Lehre beginnt bereits in der Lehrwerkstatt Vier Lehrlinge unterschiedlichen Alters gemeinsam auszubilden, ist keine leichte Aufgabe – aus Ihnen ein Team zu machen, das selbständig Aufgaben lösen und diese auch in die Tat umsetzen kann, scheint aufgrund des eng gesteckten Zeitplans der fest vorgeschriebenen Lehrpläne fast unmöglich.Alfred Sachs, Maschinenbaumechanikermeister und Ausbilder des Lehrstuhls fml, hat es trotzdem versucht.

Durch sein Hobby Mountainbiking hatte er die Gelegenheit, einen Downhillrunner zu fahren und stellte dabei fest, dass marktübliche Systeme hinsichtlich ihrer Fahreigenschaften und der Betriebssicherheit nicht dem aktuellen Stand der Technik entsprechen. Dies war für ihn Grund genug, gemeinsam mit seinem Ausbildungsteam eine Neuentwicklung anzustreben – den SWOSHR, zusammengesetzt aus den Anfangsbuchstaben der sechs Entwickler! Mountain Scootboard. Walk'nRoll. GAMS.