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Streetboard /Snakeboard. Onda Board. Donkboards. Carve3. Rollsrolls. PhatBlox. Tarantula Trucks. Longbow. SNAP Skateboard. Nanoboard. Sole Skate. Surfari Inlineboard. Inlineboard. PedalBoard. Email Pedalboard is not your conventional skateboard anymore, it’s a skate board bicycle hybrid. It is designed with the idea of combining free action of a board and geared advantage of a bike. Descender. LOOP-IN. LOOP-IN is a concept transportation system crafted by combining the surfing and the skate facility.


The rider can enjoy the ultimate speed on the wheels and can do some surfing acrobatics at the same time. While the wheels can rotate on almost any type of surface, the plate will rotate in its interior independently. It is like pushing by a wave continuously. Initially, the rider will have to acquire the abilities to dominate the control of these wheels on any kind of lands and at the same time learning to keep balance inside the wheels is a must. SurfSkate. PumpRockr. Skatesurfer. Freebord. Freebord Core Package bringt dich auf ein neues Level.


Das Bomber Setup wurde entwickelt für Rider die wirklich bereit sind zu shredden. Die speziellen 80mm Freebord Slasher Wheels und die angepassten Center Wheels geben dir die Balance, den Grip, die Stopping Power und die Ausdauer die du für den perfekten Ride brauchst. Dazu kommen Stärke und Response der G3 Trucks und du hast das Brett um jeden Hügel und jeden Berg zu bezwingen. Carveboard. Streetboardz. BMW StreetCarver. Speaking of BIN numbers...

BMW StreetCarver

My first board carried the BIN 292A25601, and the StreetCarver in the photo above obviously carries the BIN 303A25692. Soularc. ARIS Surfboard. On Shore Boards. Flowboard. Simuliert das Surfen ohne Wellen und das Snowboarden ohne Schnee flüssige, gleichmäßige Bewegung durch die Carving Technik 2 metallische Bögen mit je sieben Rollen Boardneigung bis zu 45 Grad zur Straße möglich Abmessungen: 82 x 25 cm Ultrasport Skateboard Landski mit 14 Rollen Surfen ohne Wellen – Carven ohne Schnee Der Ultrasport Landski ist eine Form des Skateboards, welche die Eigenschaften eines Snowboards nachzuahmen versucht.


Dabei geht es insbesondere um das Carven.Der Ultrasport Landski besteht aus einem skateboardähnlichen Deck, an dem vorn und hinten metallene Bögen mit je sieben Rollen befestigt sind. Durch die spezielle Anbringung dieser Bögen kann das Deck den Winkel um bis 45° zu zur Straße verändern und es können Carving-Bewegungen ausgeführt werden.Auch die bekannten Air, Spin und Flip Tricks, wie one-eighty, Front-/Back-Flip und vieles mehr sind mit dem Board möglich. mehr als nur Funsport. Slide Surf Skateboards. TBoard. Waveboard. Skatecycle. Mountainboard. Grasscarver. Dirtsurfer. Flexboardz. PLEASE CONTACT US TO BOOK YOUR BOARD: MAIL : CONTACT@FLEXBOARDZ.COM Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.


Land Surfer. Windboard. Kitewing. Was ist ein Kitewing ?


Der Kitewing ist ein Flügel in Form eines großen Delta Drachens. Sie können mit dem Kitewing Ski, Snowboard, Mountainboard, Schlittschuhe oder Inline-Skates etc. fahren. Viele betrachten es als eine Mischung aus Wind- und Kite- Surfen. Die meisten Fahrer lernen, das Fahren mit dem Flügel nach einer Eingewöhnungsphase recht schnell. Gleichzeitig scheint es bei Spitzensportlern keine Grenzen für die erstaunlichsten Sprünge und Tricks zu geben.

Land Paddling. Kahuna Creations. Skupboard. E-Skateboards. Fiik Skateboards. RoamBoard. E-Glide. BeonX. ZBoard. Board of Imagination. Board of Awesomeness. Whooaaa boy - the rider puts the brakes on the 'Board of Awesomeness' Image Gallery (10 images) When Microsoft asked gamers to get off the couch and get moving with the release of the Kinect motion controller in 2010, it's doubtful that zooming around the streets at speeds of up to 32 mph (51 km/h) was the kind of movement they had in mind.

Board of Awesomeness

But as we've seen ever since unofficial open source drivers hit the Internet in 2010 and Microsoft came to the party with its official Kinect for Windows SDK last year, the Kinect has proven to be a remarkably flexible device. That flexibility now extends to a motion control interface for a motorized electric skateboard modestly dubbed by its creators, the "Board of Awesomeness.

" View all Unveiled at CES 2012, the Board of Awesomeness is the creation of a team from Chaotic Moon, a mobile app-making studio that looks to have taken the "mobile" aspect of its business to the next level. Scarpar. Winglet. Sbyke. Sbyke® is the next step in the evolution of the scooter.


The wide, hardwood maple deck is stable and allows for side-by-side foot placement.This hybrid bike-scooter combines the world of BMX and skateboarding and can be used for transportation, exercise, or solely for fun. It features the ease and maneuverability of rear-steering, the control of a hand brake, and the stability of a wide platform that allows for side-by-side foot placement. Crafted of high-quality materials such as hardwood maple and aircraft-grade aluminum, the sbyke® is rugged and durable with a sleek, eye-catching design.

Recommended for riders 8 years and older, and up to 220 pounds, your sbyke® can be parked just about anywhere in the garage, and fits easily into the trunk of a car. Riding in tight spaces is no problem either--the unique design allows you to make a 360-degree turn in a space equal to the width of a sidewalk. Features: Trikke. Slider. PowerWing. Das Dreirad ist erwachsen geworden.


Einfach die Hüfte schwingen und das fantastische dreirädrige Design des PowerWings bringt und hält dich in Bewegung. Aufspringen für grenzenlosen Spaß. Sweeler. Row2U. Nimble Cargo Scooters. Nimble Cargo Scooter For Personal or Business Use – Virtually anything can be carried in a Nimble Scooter.

Nimble Cargo Scooters

Colorful, convenient, and easy to maneuver, they are great for short trips like carrying groceries home from the supermarket or transporting tools across a factory floor. Micro Luggage. NOW IN, limited stock available, please make an order asap to guarantee yours, all preorders are being sent ! Zurich - New York, there and back. Checking in the evening before is not going to happen. Time is short, just grab new batteries for your mp3 player, and a sandwich and race for the gate. XBike. Stunt-Scooter. Slither. Xcelerator. Wavescooter. K-Board. Rockboard. VX Shark.