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Terminator Bass Systems – Mad Hatter Guitar Products. Videos – SUBFRETBOARD. Bass of the Week: Chillbass Pantera – No Treble. Isobaric Subwoofer Design — VUE Audiotechnik. Mike Adams early VUE ACM and Isobaric Design Meeting Isobaric loudspeaker enclosure configuration refers to systems with two identical transducers operating simultaneously with a common enclosed air adjoining one side of each transducers diaphragm.

Isobaric Subwoofer Design — VUE Audiotechnik

In the theoretical ideal the air chamber between the drivers should be small enough to virtually be incompressible – the diaphragms would act closely coupled, almost as if coupled together by a lightweight rod. The modeling for a true isobaric design is essentiality identical to that of standard vented box only you would divide in half the Vas of the driver – the isobaric pair is in effect acting as a single motor with twice the magnetic circuit and moving mass.

This will in effect make all your speaker enclosures half as big as they would normally be for any particular driver. There are three basic types of isobaric designs: From Esoteric to Mainstream. Andy Aledort Guitar World Magazine Senior Editor. FRIDAY AUG 18 @930 PM: ANDY ALEDORT W/Jimmy Fleming, Dave Diamond, Mike Katzman, Craig Privett, Kevin Griffin AT: BEAU’S BAR!

Andy Aledort Guitar World Magazine Senior Editor

54 BWAY GREENLAWN NY 631-269-4302 SATURDAY AUG 19 @8 PM: ANDY ALEDORT W/Chris Kinnear, Dan Roth AND Danny Miranda AT: CRASH THE BEACH! BLDesign Bass Guitars. Bass GTR. Golden Age Pre-wired Harness for Stratocaster. Assembled and soldered in the USA using top components, including CRL switches and CTS pots for the best sound.

Golden Age Pre-wired Harness for Stratocaster

Ready to drop into your guitar! Worth every penny! Premium hand-wired for drop-in retrofit Upgrade your old wiring Save work and save time on new builds Soldered in our Athens, Ohio shop We professionally hand-soldered these harnesses using the best brand-name components for long life and great sound: 5-way CRL lever switch, CTS pots, Orange Drop® caps, Switchcraft™ output jack and cloth push-back wire. Bonus: Black and white switch knobs included! Tested and 100% Guaranteed Each Golden Age harness comes to you mounted on a reusable plywood template, which is a tool in itself: save it for future wiring jobs. Got questions? Stewart-MacDonald: Everything for building and repairing stringed instruments! Pickups. Google Translate. Acoustiques. Voici la basse acoustique 5 cordes créée pour Frédéric Monino.


Inspire! instruments. Utopia Bass version 3.0. La U-basse "version III" est sortie le 1° janvier 2012, exactement 20 ans après la toute première U-Basse.

Utopia Bass version 3.0

La version III renoue avec la simplicité et la pureté des premiers modèles La version III est synonyme de maturité, de fiabilité et de beauté. Les principales améliorations par rapport aux versions antérieures sont : + Le manche collé apporte une meilleure transparence des aigues ainsi qu'une augmentation du sustain. + Le barrage en "V" de la table d'harmonie est remplacé par le barrage en "#" qui apporte plus de stabilité climatique et une sonorité encore plus impressionnante. + La conception nouvelle du corps fait totalement oublier quelques fragilités des toutes premières années. + Le point d'appui du chevalet peut être réglable pour doser l'influence de la table d'harmonie. + Le design général de l'instrument a été entièrement modélisé en 3D pour permettre plus d'options (principalement pour l'électronique).

Bass of the Week: CG Lutherie Sequel 5-String Hollow Body Fretless. Delano Xtender D/HE-M2 Split Coil Soapbar - Best Bass Gear. Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Sweepstakes. You only need to answer the first question to be entered.

Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Sweepstakes

The remaining tasks are all optional, but will earn you bonus entries if you complete them. YOU MUST RE-ENTER EVERY MONTH to be eligible for that month's contest. If you win a body, you have the chance to earn even more! Post a video of yourself peeling your prize and you will receive the bridge or pickup of your choice, worth up to an additional $100! Your video must be posted and publicly viewable on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, and a link to the video provided to Warmoth, within 30 days of receipt of prize.

No credit balance will remain if the value of the pickup or bridge you select is less than $100. Peel n Play bodies do not have configurable options. 1. DiPiazza Fretless Bridge. "I have transformed myself a bridge by adding some elements in order to obtain a Fretless Bass sound on a Fretted bass in1989.I used this sound in the main recordings of my career, and for the first time in the album : PADRE Jean-Pierre Como Trio Editeur : Bleu Citron Sortie : 1989 then: QUE ALEGRIAJohn McLaughlin Trio: Verve Music Group (1992) Cut#2 BaBa WAIT AND SEE Michael Blass (1993) plage n° 1: B.SHARP CDS 089 FRONT PAGEavec Birelli Lagrene et Denis Chambers◦ en 2000: Front page Universal/Emarcy.

DiPiazza Fretless Bridge

The Krivo Magnetic Pickup for Upright Bass. Krivo Humbucking Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup (new smaller model, includes free Jack Mount) at Gollihur Music - Double Bass, Upright Bass, String Bass Specialists. Krivo Pick-Ups is a small, homegrown company building handmade pickups in the USA (Portland, Oregon).

Krivo Humbucking Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup (new smaller model, includes free Jack Mount) at Gollihur Music - Double Bass, Upright Bass, String Bass Specialists

NEW FOR 2017Always looking to improve these pickups, as of January 2017, Jason has engineered a new "tweak" to the internals of the pickups to make them even more resistant to noise - with no change to the amazing tone that they've become known for. All of the pickups we have in stock are of this newly updated model, which is still in the (new in 2016) compact housing; so, the same great sound and improved performance is in a new, smaller and lighter unit (compared to the original model)! Of course, it still includes our bonus items (like our jack mounting kit.) In real numbers, the new model is 15% smaller and lighter, with a new "balanced coil" design for more robust noise elimination.

The new design also has a sleeker and more polished design. Togaman GuitarViols - The Electric Series. Electric Solid Body GuitarViols come in three basic body styles: All other essentials are pretty much the same except for for finish, wood or detail carve options.

Togaman GuitarViols - The Electric Series

Once a body style is specified, the finish packages are as follows: Spartan - $4,995.00 US The Spartan model is the Electric GuitarViol in its most raw, basic form--but no comprises are made in terms of its sound. To see a video demo of the Spartan Electric GuitarViol, click here! WISHBASS.COM. O. W. Appleton Home Page. Upright Bass For Sale. This Upright Bass Café is a place that offers a very special blend of instruments: Grown and aged, some as long as 200 years!

Upright Bass For Sale

Because of our ever changing menu, we will try to update this page as often as possible. Here you will find up to date pictures, measurements and brief descriptions of what is known about each bass that is for sale which includes upright double basses from Czech, German, French, English, Italian, Romanian and Chinese origin. For more in depth details in any particular upright bass, it is best to call or email. Please keep in mind that we ship anywhere in the USA. Looking for something full carved, but under $5,000? We've gone through a lot of double basses this year. Trying out an instrument from this page is easy. WishBass. Built in North Carolina by Steve Wishnevsky. Steve’s motto is “Paintbrushes for Musicians” and I quote “ (the) basses are designed to maximize the acoustic coupling between the strings and the neck/body wood.

This produces a fine woody tone and lots of sustain. Exotic Wood, Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple & Tiger Maple. Top 10 hardest woods in the world - Hitchcock & King. Wood, as a material, can have its hardness quantified using the Janka rating; the industry standard rating. With this rating, the resistance of wood samples to denting and wear is measured. Varying on account of wood grain direction, different woods are tested based on the cut surface of a stump cut from the material.

The measure of hardness and strength is pounds-force (lbf). Here, we list the top 10 hardest woods in the world, and provide a bit of information about each type: Top 10 hardest woods in the world - Hitchcock & King. Swamp Ash Exotic Wood & Swamp Ash Lumber. Rex and the Bass. Laser cutter carves music files onto wooden records. Like before, the first step was to rip the audio data from a WAV file using Python and then apply it to a customized Processing script.

This time though, instead of converting the data to an STL file, it produced a PDF of a vector graphic. According to Ghassaei, the script can be tweaked to account for various materials, cutting machines, record sizes, and turntable speeds. After obtaining a round piece of wood, a laser cutter slices the tiny bumps and grooves of the record using the vector file as a guide.

Ghassaei cut her wooden records onto a sheet of maple with an Epilog 120 Watt Legend EXT laser cutter at an approximate precision of 1,200 dpi, but says these could easily be swapped for other tools and materials. Pinterest. Bass of the Week: Toby Chennell Arco Acoustic Bass Guitar. In July, we posted a cool video of Bart Soeters displaying a wide variety of basses, and one of his instruments really stood out to me: the Toby Chennell Arco Acoustic Bass Guitar. The electric bass and upright bass share several qualities, but overall they’re really different instruments. UK-based luthier Toby Chennell set out to bring more of their elements together in the bass, which he describes as an acoustic bass guitar restructured to be played and sound like an upright. It’s got the 34″ scale that’s typical of bass guitars while featuring the body, bridge, and endpin of an upright bass. The result gives the bass a more familiar feel to electric players with a voicing of a double bass.

It can be bowed or plucked. Ralf Gauck – Fretless Questions, player bio, photos, videos, music, and more Fretless Questions: Ralf Gauck FB: How long have you been playing fretless bass? Ralf Gauck: I started late to play the fretless bass. Le Fay Pangton Fan Fret 2015. Snap, crackle , pop. Who recalls these three magic words from days gone by ? In this case, I do refer to the bass you see here. It is my observation that most headless basses I have played have a quick and articulate attack. Why is this ? Guitars - HOME. Bass guitar amplifier knowledge base. Tip_71. Deuce Bass Co. - Online. Atlanta Bass Gallery. 打たれた根STOMPBOX、TAPドラム、フット・ドラム、バス・パーカッションの海外通販 - セカイモン. Custom Bass Guitars. Violins. Gator GK-76-SLIM Semi-Rigid Keyboard Case - 76-Key Slim. Gator designed their GK-76 Slim semi-rigid keyboard case as a professional tool for you as a gigging musician - not just another way to get your favorite 76-key synthesizer or keyboard to the venue.

The durable nylon exterior covers a polyethylene-reinforced interior frame that gives your instruments more protection than the standard padded case, while added convenience features on the GK-76 Slim, including wheels and pockets, make your gigging life easier. Gollihur Music - Upright Bass Specialists: Instruments, Pickups, Preamps, Amplifiers, and Accessories. United States Alabama Birmingham, Bob Tedrow. Quilter Performance Amplification. B&G Guitars. PianoWorks Complete Grand Restoration, piano restoration Atlanta, piano rebuilding Atlanta, piano rebuilder Atlanta, grand piano restoration. PianoWorks’ Restoration is widely known among institutions, concert halls, musicians and technicians. With 30 years of rebuilding experience and a team of technicians with expertise and focus on achieving optimal performance of each piano, PianoWorks has earned the reputation for uncompromising quality. Our restoration clients appreciate our high standards and attention to details.

Atlanta Piano Tuning. Preserving beauty, one piano at a time! For any of your piano needs, Newsong Piano Rebuilders is the place to call. Atlanta Piano Restorations. Will storing piano vertically in garage hurt it? "...Rusty strings, moldy parts, dust, mice, rats, and any other kind of vermin that we have in TN... "Don't forget roaches. Then there are squirrels, which will be overwintering soon. Will storing piano vertically in garage hurt it? Emanual Wilfer Mdl11 1980 All Images.jpg (JPEG Image, 2694 × 2262 pixels) - Scaled (38%) Bass For Sale. MASCHINE pad mappings??? - Emanuel Wilfer master workshop for string instruments. E.Wilfer Double Bass EDELWEISS 3/4 Size Double Bass-Lemur Music - double bass, string bass, upright bass, standup bass, and bass accessories. The Scattervarius - Page 21 - Well let me tell ya, the stud posts that came with this bridge, i dont know what size they were but they wasnt 6-32 i dont know what they were made out of and i didnt trust them, so i went and got some 6-32 x 1-1/2" stainless steel machine screws, but then i had no thumb screws that would work, so i went to the hardware store and went thru there stuff and found these things, i forget what they were called but they were brass and 6-32 threads i cut part of them off and sanded them a little and i had some nice thumb screws so i'm waiting on some pickups from Budz to put in this but wanted to play with the pickups i made last week so i put them in, then remembered i never grounded the bridge, so i took them back out and drilled for a ground wire to the bridge post, all is good.

Untitled. Traben Kore NT. I spent an entire year looking and settled on an Array T but found this for half the price on eBay and couldn't resist! The bass could be better if it were lighter, but the weight is caused by the all maple build which is the source of its incredible sound augmented with its bridge and EQ! If you find a Kore buy it! Bass - Luis and Clark. The bass sounds just magical in the middle register and totally sings when soloing. Plus it’s a ton of fun to play – the sloped shoulders are really comfortable and make accessing the upper register very easy. I’ve been giving the instrument a good shakedown over the last month or so and have been very pleased with the results from an individual perspective.

The instrument has a big sound to it – very clear throughout – and is especially sweet in the middle-to-upper register where it really shines. Atlanta's Number One Music Store. Leo Quan Badass Bridge II. Bass Central - Bass Guitars - Pedulla Basses. Home of the Finest Handmade Custom Bass Guitars and Guitars. USA Custom Guitars - The finest custom replacement guitar parts available. GoodNews. Avalon ST-4. Instrument Setop. David's Corner. David Gage String Instruments. Emanuel Wilfer Double Bass - Buy and Sell Instruments. Installing Bass Bridge Adjuster Wheels. Double Bass - Upright Bass - String Bass - Bass Viol - Bass Fiddle - Electric Upright Bass - Links Page, Courtesy of Gollihur Music - Upright Bass Specialists. Old Dry German Pampi Double Bass Bridge for Violin Maker 3 4 Size Bridge KX. Bass-Upright - Pinterest-like Visual Search Engine for eBay - 5th village.

Bass Violin Shop. PRO GUITAR REPAIR SHOP. Used COZART 12 STRING ELECTRI. The First African-American Piano Manufacturer. Vintage Guitar and Bass. Zimmerly Bass Guitars. WISHBASS.COM. Theremin - A Playable Touch Synthesizer Using Web Audio API. Bass Drum Lift. Support/2013U-BASScatalog.pdf.