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Flutes, instruments à vent

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TubeLengths. Make 4 easy Bamboo Flutes for free! Bamboo.

Make 4 easy Bamboo Flutes for free!

Despite being a plant of prehistoric ancestry, this simple plant has "grown" to be a huge part of many cultures. Due to it's unparalleled growth speed, It's hollow construct, and widespread growing range, Bamboo has been used to make for a broad selection of items, ranging from watermills to limbo sticks and Tiki bars . In fact, at least one species of bamboo is native to each continent except for Antarctica and Europe. No other plant has influenced the growth and development of human society and culture more than the humble bamboo has, making it possibly the most important plant in human history. As I stated earlier, bamboo is perfect for making a great variety of items, including musical instruments.

We'll make a bamboo... Traditional Transverse flute Japanese end-blown Shakuhachi Andean end-blown Quena and a Panflute You'll need to have in general: A drill. ~Skyfinity. How To Make A Wooden Ocarina. For this project, you will need a few tools.

How To Make A Wooden Ocarina

You will need a: - power drill - drill bit set - jigsaw - disk and belt sander - wood carving gouge - mitre saw - dremel - wood glue - chromatic tuner When it comes to making an ocarina, or any instrument, the range will always be important. The size is a major part of determining the range of your ocarina. Generally, the smaller, the higher in pitch, and the larger, the lower in pitch so when it comes to making your own ocarina, personal preference can mean different measurements. I will use the measurements to my ocarina which I believe is classified as a tenor(G3-C5). To get the 2 x 4 and 1/2 x 4 x 4 pieces oak, I cut them out of a stock of oak my teacher gave me. PVC Pipe organ. In this instructable I will be taking you through the steps of making a simple PVC pipe organ.

PVC Pipe organ

We'll learn how to make the flutes, tune them, make a body for the instrument, and connect the pipes to keys. Please remember that you are only limited by your creative mind and time constraints in my case, this is only to provide a basic idea on how to make these and expanding upon these ideas is encouraged to make an instrument of your very own. (Builder's note) If you don't want to spend too much money, but want to try this out I suggest keeping the size of the instrument to a minimum, don't build a full pipe organ if you aren't willing to spend the money on some of the materials. Important: Some of the instructions are put into the pictures, you will need to expand them to see. You will need 1. Dossier flûtes. Make 4 easy Bamboo Flutes for free! Custom Flutes from Turtle Mound Flutes. This beautiful black palm flute is tuned to the "middle" A minor pentatonic scale.

Custom Flutes from Turtle Mound Flutes

The festival theme manatee is captured in the sassafras fetish depicting a young calf raising its head from a lily-pad filled pond, carved from a piece of sassafras. Just below the nest area is the image of a mature manatee with its head above water, and it's body visible in the water. The black palm used in this flute comes from the Myanmar Republic (formerly known as Burma) in southeast Asia. The beautiful grain in this wood belongs to a very dense piece of wood.

This little "A" flute is relatively heavy for its size. This flute was created as my entry in the Flute Makers' Competition at the 2010 Musical Echoes (at Ft. This beautiful brown ebony and sassafras flute is tuned to the "middle" F# minor pentatonic scale. This flute was created as my entry in the Flute Makers' Competition at the 2009 Musical Echoes (at Ft.

A kazoo from a glass bottle. Junkdojo. Fujara - bass overtone flute, Kalyuka - russian overtone flute. The Plumber's Pipe (Making PVC Flutes, Make a Flute) Plastic plumbing pipe is nearly ideal for simple flutes.

The Plumber's Pipe (Making PVC Flutes, Make a Flute)

There’s no easier material to work with. Sanded clean and smooth, it’s attractive, requiring no finish. It’s waterproof, crack-proof, and nearly unbreakable. It’s fine acoustically, if you use the right dimensions. And once you develop a pattern, the pipe’s regularity allows a perfect flute every time. The plastic we’re talking about is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), used for cold water supply, and its close cousin CPVC (chloro-polyvinyl chloride), for hot water. Plastic pipe can be cut just like wood, though it dulls your tools more quickly. After drilling, stick a long wood dowel into the tube to break loose the plastic “shavings” hanging inside. Sand the tube at a sink, keeping the tube wet and using wet-and-dry sandpaper. A good trick is to use a plumbing pipe end cap—a standard part—as a combination stopper and lip plate. A slip coupling can be used also as a tuning slide.

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