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Continuous-pitch electronic instruments/controllers

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Instruments. Doepfer R2M. Spiros KOTTIS - Kinali kar - Doepfer R2M Ribbon Controller. Eigenlabs. Mi.Mu Glove for Music by Mi.Mu. Rachel Freire (@RachelFreire) is a designer and artist with an eponymous conceptual fashion label specialising in leather and stretch materials.

Mi.Mu Glove for Music by Mi.Mu

Her work focuses on intricate details and using tactile objects to create narratives. She works across disciplines in all aspects of design which concern clothing and the body. She has a BA in Design for Performance from Central St. Martins and has most recently been creating specialist leather and gloves for Marvel Studios, lending the futuristic aspects of her design work to the heroines and villianesses of the big screen. She now feeds all this into the world of musical gloves. Adrian Lausch (@AdrianRender) has been a project manager for as long as he can remember. Seb Madgwick (@xioTechnologies) is the director of x-io Technologies, making wireless IMUs and custom electronics. Thomas Mitchell (@teamaxe) is a computer scientist, researcher and electronic musician lecturing computer music at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Geo Synthesizer - Wizdom Music. Snyderphonics Manta - polyphonic keyboard example.

Madronalabs Soundplane. Hardware and software for electronic music Soundplane A The Soundplane A is a computer music controller with the sensitivity and feel of an acoustic instrument. It detects a wide range of touches on its walnut playing surface, from a light tickle to a very firm press. Unlike a MIDI keyboard, which typically sends out just one velocity value at the start of a note, the Soundplane communicates three dimensions of information, x, y and pressure, over the entire duration of every touch. As a synthesist, this lets you replace a triggered envelope with an intimate connection and breathe life into each note.

True force sensing The Soundplane is a true force sensor. Very high speed The Soundplane is incredibly fast. Custom design The playing surface, the high speed pressure sensor underneath it, and the high bandwidth DSP computer that analyzes the data are the end results of a three-year design process. Easy to use Our own experiences performing live have given us an obsession for simplicity. Preview: LinnStrument. Designers of Innovative Electronic Musical Instruments A Revolutionary Pressure-Sensitive Multi-Touch Musical Instrument with 3D Note Expression Shown with user-swappable note layout overlays.

Preview: LinnStrument

Click pictures. Therevox : custom musical instruments. The Artemis - A Wind/String Instrument Inspired by the Ondes Martenot - Mark Steiner. TouchKeys Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard by Andrew McPherson. Keep up-to-date after the campaign: Video gallery | Facebook group | The TouchKeys are touch sensors that attach to your keyboard to measure where your fingers contact the keys.Use the TouchKeys with any synth to naturally control vibrato, pitch bends, control changes and many other new sounds while playing.Put the TouchKeys on your own keyboard with a self-install DIY kit, or go for one of our limited-edition prebuilt instruments.

TouchKeys Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard by Andrew McPherson

Transforming the Keyboard Every keyboard player knows the problem: playing and releasing notes is easy, but shaping what happens in the middle is hard. The acoustic piano wasn't designed to play vibrato, pitch bends or timbre changes, and if you want these techniques on an electronic keyboard, you’re usually stuck with clumsy wheels and pedals or limited aftertouch.

The TouchKeys instead put these techniques literally at your fingertips, giving you continuous expressive control with a shake of the wrist or a slide of the finger. A. Exploring The Seaboard. Haken Continuum - Raga. Haken Continuum - Beatles, "Because"