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ANDERSOUNDS — Someone had made a mess of the power supply... DSI Evolver. MSU Libraries: William G. Lockwood Romani Music Collection. December 2014 - Retroactive Synth. The Last few months have been strewn with synths with Battery acid damage issues, we’re not entirely surprised by this, as the price of any analogue synth climbs, the more dross comes in from attics, sheds and garages with totally unbelievable sob stories attached as to how it got in this condition.

December 2014 - Retroactive Synth

You aren’t fooling anyone guys, you got it for next to nothing and now want it sorted so you can cash in. If it isn’t too bad and the desired result is obtained reasonably quickly, then you may get your wish, but if it is bad and a lot of tedious work has to be done then the costs will rise very sharply and to high levels and your returns may not meet your expectations, especially for a rare but undesirable item that has an unknown inflation path. The list of equipment that we have seen over the last few months with NiCad battery backup has seen several new additions, one unexpected item was the Cheetah Master Series controller keyboard, in this case the 88 key version.

Papareil Synth Labs -MIDI Devices. Herbie Hancock jams with his Fairlight CMI. Bernard Parmegiani: De Natura Sonorum (1975)

Korg ms10

GPinto ON - Design all-in-one turntable. ON (Old / New) is the first plug and play turntable, with a height of only 6.5 centimeters, it is capable of managing all kind of sources, analog and digital.

GPinto ON - Design all-in-one turntable

It can be connected to computers with a USB cable and to portable devices (smartphones, tablets and digital music players) via a Bluetooth® aptX® audio receiver. It houses a valve preamp with dedicated power supply and amplifiers from 100 up to 500 Watts RMS. ON design, from the deck with veneer of first choice woods to CORIAN® plinth and platter, combines the philosophy of components that encompasses the sphere of audio sources from pure analog to high-definition digital.

Wood selection makes ON a unique object, giving back the value of craftsmanship. The attention for materials and design, craftsmanship and technological research makes ON a timeless object, which encapsulates performance to be discovered. Listen with care! CORIAN® plinth and multi-layer beech veneer deck. Audio DevelopmentsAudio Developments. The addition of AD144 to the range of Audio Developments mixers has not only provided wider customer choice with regard to location mixing, but also presents applications in small studios and OB vehicles.

Audio DevelopmentsAudio Developments

Customized extruded metalwork developed for the AD140 series creates a robust chassis appreciated by audio professionals. With four outputs and four auxiliaries: M-S stereo facilities on inputs and outputs; transformer balancing throughout and comprehensive monitoring gives AD 144 flexibility enabling uses in a wide range of applications. The ergonomically friendly design and construction uses professional components – including Penny & Giles 100mm long stroke, conductive-plastic faders.. Features » Input module options are Mic/Line and Stereo Line. » Each input has a three band equalizer; phase switch; separate routing switches for the four main groups; PFL, monitor mix and solo in place; plus an overload indicator. » Four master outputs controlled by individual main output faders. Patchulator 8000 - Desktop & Pedalboard Patchbay.

Racks - Lexicon Model 200. This classic Lexicon reverb was introduced 1984. - Lexicon Model 200

It got the special nice and open reverb sound Lexicon is famous for. Even with the long 99 sec or endless reverb settings, the sound never get dull or to huge. It stays open and clear. No sonic mud.The only not that nice things to say about this reverb is its used market price tag, the bulky size and the annoying fan to cool the housing full of vintage digital electronics. Untitled. Now that we have digital models and dynamic convolution technology, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to classic compressor flavours.


But whether hardware or software, which is right for which job? Whether they truly recreate the real thing or just give you a hint of their flavour, there's now a bewildering number of classic compressor emulations in software. At its most basic level, compression can be seen merely as a labour‑saving solution to mix-balance problems: if you control the levels of an overly dynamic instrument, it becomes easier to find a consistent fader setting for it.

ProHarmonic Racking. PE User Manual v6 0.

Midi to cv

Time, Money and Sweat “Don’t worry, she’ll hold together… You hear me, baby?

Hold together!” View topic - 4ms case prototypes. Sk hunt. "eurorack modular" 3D Models to Print - yeggi. AKAI 3000XL. The Behringer CT100 Cable Tester. Notation remote zero sl controller. Boxed. 303. Sonology. The next Sonology one-year course runs from September 2016 until June 2017.


All lessons are conducted in the English language. Aesthetics & Performance in Electronic Music – Joel Ryan Electronic music is perhaps the only music to emerge without a performance practice. Although this is no longer the case, basic issues remain in dispute such as whether it is in fact possible to make music without reference to the act of performance.

The paradigm of music creation has been under strain since the invention of recording; it is now cracked and, as a result, it is not always possible to make a clear distinction between concepts like author, score, copy, interpretation. We therefore need to ask whether we need totally new concepts, or is the break with the past greatly exaggerated; what is the concrete connection between electronic and modern western art music. Composing with Algorithms – Bjarni Gunnarsson Digital Studio Introduction – Johan van Kreij Field Recording / Phonography – Justin Bennett. Sequencer europa.


Slipperman's Recording Distorted Guitars From Hell. Hosting for this page was provided by: (If you want to skip this introduction and cut to the content, click here.)

Slipperman's Recording Distorted Guitars From Hell

It's the kind of thing you find on the net and think that the person who created it must have snapped. It's too good, too useful, and they're giving all of this away for free. So being the cheap bastard that I am, I saved all of it on a local disc in case Slipperman ever came to his senses and started charging money for it. Museum of Soviet synthesizers. Seeed Recipe - How to Prototype Without Using Printed Circuit Boards. Sumary When I learned how to build ‘one-off’ projects thirty years ago, I used the "wire wrapping" technique.

Seeed Recipe - How to Prototype Without Using Printed Circuit Boards

Back then, I had access to an electronics shop with a $100 wire wrapping gun, kynar wire and a supply of wire wrap IC sockets. DIY Central. Info: Your browser does not accept cookies.

DIY Central

To put products into your cart and purchase them you need to enable cookies. DIY Central. UC-1 SEQUENCER for SEQUENTIAL PRO-ONE. Via this auction"Recording in real-time as well as in step mode. 1760 memory locations can be allocated to 10 (non-volatile) individual sequences, 10 transpose sequences and 10 individual sequence chains. Depending on use, 586 to 880 notes can be stored in memory. Transpose- and chaining functions make it possible to compose complete songs of at least 20 minutes long.

The sequencer records Autoglide in single-step as well in real-time mode. New stereo LA-3A compressor - Threecircles Recording Studio in EssexThreecircles Recording Studio in Essex. Threecircles Recording Studio is now the proud owner of a stereo LA-3A compressor clone – the Serpent Audio SA-3A. Analogue Summing Mixers. Bass Chorus. What is Chorus? In music, a chorus is a group of singers, like a choir. Other times, the term chorus is used to describe the part of a song where everyone sings together in between the verses. Modular Form Factors - Analog Modular Synthesizers for Electronic Music by

Single bottle preamp Kit (Tomato) Tap for Beats Per Minute BPM. Tonium pacemaker. Word Photos & Videos for all you need to know about floex (live) part. Nine Inch Nails - Alessandro Cortini Live Rig. Koma-elektronik. Modular News on ModularGrid. SCSI Centronics 50 pin (Single-ended) pinout and wiring @ At the controller & devices at the cable > HDD connectors > Pinout of SCSI Centronics 50 pin (Single-ended) and layout of 50 pin Amphenol female connector and 50 pin Amphenol male connector. New york for sale "akai mpc" Image 1 of 3. Dan Searle Architects: how to play his top 3 drum rudiments. Tutorials. DiyAudio. Build your own sound. Rat Clone Distortion Kit - Wired.

Galleries — Marmot Audio. EQ Before Compressor or Compressor Before EQ? Two of the most basic signal processors in an engineer's toolbox are Compression and EQ. In one sense these tools are cousins from different dimensions; EQ affects the level balances across the frequency spectrum and Compression affects the level balances across time. We have so many choices available when selecting an individual EQ or compressor, but patch them together and the possibilities grow exponentially. Top 10 Demonstrations with Tuning Forks [W/Video] / Labs, Activities, and Other CoolStuff.

Groovuino. Squarepusher - Solo Electric Bass, full concert. Watford Valves. Predaj audia, komponentov, reproduktorov a príslušenstva. Kamil greben - handmade guitars and basses, manufactured music instruments, guitar, bass. Museum of Soviet synthesizers.