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String Calculator

Instructions. Notes and Tips: Nylgut lengths: NNG type strings are 120 cm long. D type strings are typically 105 cm long. Report a bug, Share wisdom, comment (This is emailed to me, not shown on this page.) Enter text here Top loading. Le Luth Doré ® Medieval Music - Photos de couverture. Pipe and Tabor Compendium home. The home of The Taborers SocietyPipe and Tabor. Trouvere Music Works. Trouvere Music Works Home Plucked Instruments This is a step away from our usual entry level instruments.

Trouvere Music Works

Based on the 14th C Paris MS drawing, this instrument has a very thick solid curly maple body with a fine grained spruce sound board, maple bridge and tailpiece, walnut fingerboard, boxwood nut and Aquila Nylgut strings and tied on frets. It has an exceptionally mellow quality and good volume. Based on the 13th Mont St Michel illumination, this citole has a surprisingly big voice, both loud and bright. Based on a figure in the 13th C cathedral in Reims, this citole has a solid poplar body with a spruce soundboard, maple bridge and tailpiece, cherry fingerboard, boxwood nut and nylon strings. We try to keep one of these in stock as much as possible. Based on a 14th C Flemish Manuscript, this citole has a solid poplar body with a spruce soundboard, cherry fingerboard, maple tailpiece and bridge, boxwood nut, wood frets and nylon strings.

Early Musical Instruments Online. Unprofitable Instruments. Recorder building - Joachim Rohmer, Celle. Portative. Walter Chinaglia organs. A virginal by Marcus Siculus, 1550, Fenton House, Hampstead, London. Fenton House, Hampstead, London, Acc.

A virginal by Marcus Siculus, 1550, Fenton House, Hampstead, London

Nº FEN/I/5 The process of determining the unit of measurement used by Siculus begins by looking at the geometry of the near left-hand corner. The tangent of the angle at this corner gives the ratio of the sides used to construct the corresponding angled side of the instrument. For this virginal the angle at the near left-hand corner is 67½°. Therefore: tan 67½° = 2.414 Also the lengths of the sides forming this angle (see Table 3) were measured and found to be 130mm and 54mm. . = 2.407, a value which, as expected, is close to the tangent of the angle there. A quick glance at a slide-rule[18] shows that 6/2.5 = 2.400 and suggests that the lengths of these two sides might have been designed to be 6 once and 2½ once.

. = 21.67 mm/oncia and that 54mm = 2.5 once so that there would be = 21.6 mm/oncia. Which, again as expected, is close to the value of the tangent there. Suggesting that the two sides were designed to be 15½ once (= 332½mm) and 10 once (= 210mm). The Early Music Shop England - the largest source of early musical instruments worldwide. Lark In The Morning - Selling musical instruments and instructional material from all over the world. Teaching Videos. Click on "Play" to see video, or RIGHT click on "Download" to save a copy on your local disk.

Teaching Videos

Safe and Accurate String Crossing Joanna Blendulf's step-by-step method. (8:15) Finding Your Optimum Bow Speed & Arm Weight for Each String Josh Lee explains how it's different for each string. (7:15) Doing One Thing at a Time Martha McGaughey on "Separating Your Right and Left Hands". (10:23) Finger Exercises Away from Your Instrument Improving Hand Strength and Flexibility with Catharina Meints. (12:15) Slow on the String, Fast in the Air Rosamund Morley and "Making Friends with Both Ends of Your Bow". (4:45) Fret Tying Made Easy Charlie Ogle demonstrates his quick and easy fret tying technique. (6:33) Strategic Bowings - Part 1 Mary Springfels uses Dowland's "Flow My Tears" to illustrate a variety of bowing strategies. (12:30)

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