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DIY Musical Instruments

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DIY Tubular-Bell Chimes "Say It With Chimes" DIY Plans, Videos, Files & How to Handbook DIY Tubular Bell Chime Handbook 5.2 Meg, PDF The Handbook duplicates the web site.

DIY Tubular-Bell Chimes "Say It With Chimes"

Take it with you as a reference when you build the chime set, also included in the combo pack below. Chime Build Combo Pack Zip, 12 Meg, Includes the Handbook, 13-calculators, support disk patterns, sail patterns and chime emulation software. How to Build Wind Chimes – DIY Wind Chime Plans 1.5 Meg, PDF, A great sounding set of wind chimes can be built for about $15 to $40 depending on the chime set size you select.

Choose from four height selections ranging from 36 to 75 inches (900-1900 mm). Add your creative touch by altering the material and style used for the top support disk, striker and wind sail. DIY Happy Birthday or A Tune You Select - Chime Set 1.5 Meg, PDF, Surprise that special person or occasion with a song played on a set of chimes you've built. The calculators require one of the following programs to view and execute: For PC's, MS Excel TM. Uilleann Pipes Home Building Page. Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 David C.

Uilleann Pipes Home Building Page

Daye all materials on this page. Linked material is copyright by its respective authors. Feel free to copy this work for desktop use and/or your individual study of piping. You may not republish all or any portions of this work in any form, or distribute it in any form, without permission. You may establish electronic pointers or links to this page. How To Build A Drum. Greetings from PDGood!

How To Build A Drum

This site is a compilation of searches on topics important to drum builders. It has been supplemented by correspondence with various manufacturers and individual drum builders and excerpts from related forums, such as wood worker's and ecology forums. Some editing has been done to correct basic grammar and spelling since English is not the primary language for some of the contributors and because we all tend to take shortcuts when typing on the internet.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed. If you're building your first drum, the best place to begin is the Building Method section. Building A Stave Drum. In the pictures, a complete shell, with circle for roundness, a close up from the only seam I sanded a bit to see if it is tight.

Building A Stave Drum

(The ones next to this one are still rough and not exactly same height, and therefore look like they are not tight, but they are). last one shows two staves with the routerbits I used. I think there are better choices on bits, but I have these and this looks promising I think. My thoughts on this one are that a round edge doesn't need the 100% accuracy that you need with anglecutting.

How To Build Djembe Drums. How To Build A Cajon. Making Scottish small pipes. By Eric Reiswig Over the winter of 1995-1996, i built a set of Scottish small pipes using CPVC plumbing pipe and brass tubing.

Making Scottish small pipes

They work and sound just fine, and many people have been asking for the plans and measurements. Here are some step-by-step "how i did it" guides to my Scottish small pipe plans. These are only a guide to what i did with my one (so far) pipemaking project, so take 'em with a grain of salt (although they have been shown to work, at least to my satisfaction...) Many tips of the proverbial hat are in order to all the folks, hobbyists and pros alike, who helped get these pipes off the ground: Dennis Havlena, John Wash, Nick Whitmer, David Daye, B.C. Home Page. Latin rhythms - Conga. Wind Chime Design by Lee Hite. What's the difference between a pipe and a tube?

Wind Chime Design by Lee Hite

The way it’s measured and the applications it’s being used for. Pipes are passageways. Tubes are structural. For the purpose of tubular chimes we consider them the same. The important parameter is the outside diameter, the inside diameter and the type of metal. On the other hand, a rod is a solid metal cylinder that can produce a very different sound compared to a tube. If you are trying to decide between using a tube or a rod as the chime element one important difference is the sustain time of the musical note. Door Harps by Foxtail Woodcrafts. Chuck's Chimes. Reg:exp: Building an Aeolian Harp Pt. 1. Building an Aeolian Harp Pt. 1 As a last-minute Burning Man project, I decided to build an Aeolian Harp - a string instrument played by the wind.

reg:exp: Building an Aeolian Harp Pt. 1

I'm following the short design description from "Amy Queen of Toyes" found here on Dennis Havlena's site, which has a plans for a many DIY instruments. The Little Æolian Harp Page. The above drawing of an Æolian harp was drawn by Bruce Taylor (using Windows Paintbrush) and posted on many years ago.

The Little Æolian Harp Page

The tuning pins are harpsichord tuning pins and the hitch pins are any type of attractive headless nail. Pre-drill holes for both (first in an off-cut!) MAKE A BOWED PSALTERY. Musicmakers: Plucked Psaltery Blueprints and Plans. A Psimple Psaltery - Building a Bowed Psaltery From Start to Finish.