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Sugar-Bytes Sugar Bundle All Sugar Bytes products for a small price. Factory. Factory is your safari ticket to the wilderness of sound. Bearded basslines go fishing for diamonds in a lake full of frogs. Obscurium. Latest Downloads - The eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) application is a completely revised version of the License Control Center (LCC) application and fully compatible with all eLicenser-protected software. And although the eLCC may be the most obvious part, the eLC software package also includes the latest eLicenser drivers and license database. Taking customer feedback and user feedback into account, the eLCC application’s design has been improved significantly. Moreover, the eLCC provides new features, has scored a performance boost and is easier to use than its LCC predecessor. The video shows the new features and enhancements found in the eLCC, such as managing licenses or assisting support departments to identify problems. >Javascript has to be enabled in your browser to view the content.

Home 04/2014 Brand new MADI Router starts shipping! The MADI Router is a compact device designed to link MADI devices of any manufacturer with unprecedented flexibility in signal routing. It provides this flexibility by serving as a format converter between optical and electrical signals, as a signal repeater, and as a distributor and merger of several MADI signals, all at the same time... and it's available now !!! More Information 03/2014 The Fireface 802 renews RME's reputation built on the legendary Fireface 800 60 channels of audio, high-end microphone preamps, reference class converters, a complete effects section and operation at up to 192 kHz are the base for many more features:

Spectrasonics Omnisphere - Power Synth This epic ‘Power Synth’ breaks completely new sonic ground by combining a wide variety of hybrid realtime synthesis techniques, an epic library of remarkable ‘Psychoacoustic’ sounds, and many innovative features that have never been seen before in any hardware or software synthesizer.... Stylus RMX - Realtime Groove Module Stylus RMX™ is a best-selling groove-based virtual instrument plug-in for Mac and Windows. Stylus RMX is the first product to offer the combined power of Groove Control® with Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine (S.A.G.E.) technology giving users dramatic new production and performance capabilities…

Soft-eLicenser :   Before you can launch your new Steinberg software, you have to use the Activation Code(s) to activate your Soft-eLicenser online. Proceed as follows Install your product.Make sure that your computer has a working Internet connection. This connection is necessary to activate the license because the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) needs to register with our license server.Make sure that you have the latest version of the eLCC installed. Click here to download.Keep your Activation Code(s) ready.Once your software is installed correctly, launch the eLicenser Control Center software found under Start menu / Programs / eLicenser on a Windows PC or in the Applications folder of Mac OS X. Click the "Enter Activation Code" button to download the license for your Steinberg product to the Soft-eLicenser.

Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Instruments are the ultimate blend of easy-to-use software and an inconceivably vast array of samples. Since the year 2000, we have sampled every instrument of the symphonic orchestra, and many more, to the utmost detail. For a single instrument, like the solo violin of our Solo Strings I Collection, it took more than one year of ongoing recording sessions in our custom-built studio facility, the Silent Stage, to produce over 40,000 flawless samples – an unprecedented amount of nuanced articulations, not available elsewhere. Pianoteq Conception of the physical model by Pr. Philippe Guillaume. Before his current career within applied mathematics, he was a piano tuner and restorer. His interest in piano modeling resulted in what we call the fourth piano generation.

Motu Audio Interfaces Thunderbolt / AVB / USB 32x34 I/O with 4 mic in, 8x12 TRS,48-ch mixing, and AVB networking 24x26 I/O with 8 mic/line/instr, 48-ch mixing, and AVB networking KVR The Wizooverb W2 "High-End True Stereo Room Emulator" includes 15 HDIR (High Definition Impulse Response) models providing acoustic fingerprints of excellent sounding rooms with a precision and clarity apparently only possible with this "ground breaking" technology. Wizoo claims that HDIR is the difference between 'adding an effect' and 'putting your track into a real room'. The W2 also includes the flexible, transparent and natural sounding AIR algorithmic reverb which can be combined seamlessly with the HDIR models. Naturally the W2 will load your existing impulse responses and Wizoo claims that the IR optimization will make your imported impulse responses sound much better than in any other conventional response reverb. Features: HDIR standard: High-end room emulation with unprecedented quality, definition, clarity and spatial accuracy.

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