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Scratch and robots

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Mime Industries - Technology kits for kids. Programming with Scratch. This page, and the integration between Thymio - Scratch, are work in progress.

Programming with Scratch

Asebascratch is a software link between Scratch 2 and the Thymio-II robot, with which Scratch 2 programs and sprites can interact with a Thymio-II or Wireless Thymio robot. Scratch 2 is a visual programming system designed for children. A Scratch 2 program is comprised of sprites and a stage, each of which has a behaviour, a set of appearances, a set of sounds, and state variables. Sprites communicate using messages and shared variables, as well as their interaction on the stage. The behaviour of a sprite is defined by an independent program organised around event handlers for global events, such as key presses, mouse movements, and messages. Mime Industries - Technology kits for kids. Hummingbird Robotics Kit.

Robot Store. Store. A highly customizable, simple and interactive robot construction kit Sensors Robot can see in black/white, track the distance, identify objects’ proximity, produce sounds and react on touch.


You decide how these factors affect its behaviour. Scratch Programming Language Scratch does not require any prior programming knowledge. Ready to Play Right out of the box robots are ready to collect data and process it according to a piece of code designed in Scratch. OS Support We support all recent versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux – no need to worry about compatibility. Presentation. Thymio is a small robot which will allow you to discover the universe of robotics and learn a robot's language.


You will be able to program it and carry out numerous experiments. With Thymio, the basics of robotics and programming become notions everyone can discover, whatever their age. Alone, with your friends or parents, program your robot so it becomes the hero of your adventures. You can learn programming with Thymio through a selection of several languages and environments. With the Wireless version, you keep a constant connection with your robot. The basic behaviours of the robot and the different programming environments allow children aged 6 and more to discover the fantastic world of robotics.

These programming capabilities have been carefully designed by scientists, and innovative features, such as showing in real time which part of the program is being executed, have been demonstrated to improve learning. Visual Programming Language (VPL) LEGO WeDo and Scratch. "Motor" redirects here.

LEGO WeDo and Scratch

For the block category with that name, see Motor Blocks. A LEGO WeDo robot being used with Scratch. The LEGO® WeDo™ Construction Kit is a simple robotics tool designed for ages 7–11. It allows users to design their own interactive machines, and then program them using drag-and-drop software like Scratch. Les enseignant(e)s sont formidables n°221 : Scratch et laboratoire de technologie. Lancement le 18 avril 2013 de la catégorie Les enseignant(e)s sont formidables Si vous aussi vous trouvez l'idée et le projet intéressant et souhaitez participer.

Les enseignant(e)s sont formidables n°221 : Scratch et laboratoire de technologie

Scratch et laboratoire de technologie Ce petit guide excellent, vraiment un joli travail à découvrir sur l'utilisation de scratch qui a été réalisé par Jean-Paul Bricard de l’académie de Reims. Il vous permettra de prendre en main le logiciel et de tester le pilotage de la plupart des interfaces du laboratoire de technologie. Le site Web Brossolette Technologies : Téléchargez ici le diaporama en version pdf. Mblock. Using Scratch to Control Mindstorms Robots.

ScratchDuino. Scratch 2.0 Programming. Scratch is a tile-based visual programming language, which is an excellent first language for children to learn.

Scratch 2.0 Programming

We are providing a helper app that allows you to use Scratch 2.0 with Finch and Hummingbird. This is beta software, there are known bugs you should read about before using Scratch. Please test it and let us know if there are others bugs or if you'd like us to make changes to anything. Table of Contents Video Tutorials This playlist of videos takes you through launching Scratch, describes the Hummingbird Scratch blocks, and demonstrates how to create several Hummingbird Scratch programs: Installation. Learning Scratch. mBlock is based on the Scratch2.0 editor, customized to work on robotic projects and electronic projects with Makeblock platform.By adding all kinds of electronic script blocks, teachers can write scripts to control robots or interact with sensors and actuators, inspiring students’ interests to learn by playing.

Learning Scratch

And kids also would love to build their own robots or explore various sensors and actuators, doing it by themselves or with their parents.mBlock downloadWindows: DownloadMac OSX: DownloadArduino drivers downloadWindows: Windows installer, Windows ZIP fileMac OSX: Me Baseboard / Makeblock Orion / Arduino Uno Click install file, it will prompt you to install Adobe AIR for the first time. (Scratch 2.0 offline editor base on Adobe AIR) When the installation is completed, click the “mBlock” icon to continue. You should update the firmware ( view source ) of the Arduino board firstly through usb cable. Drag the module block you need from Robots Area, select the correct port/pin. Piloter un Thymio-II avec Scratch - Kits pédagogiques / IniRobot - FORUM DESSINE-MOI UN ROBOT. SqueakiMST:WedoScratch.

Le logiciel Scratch peut être utilisé (à la place du logiciel officiel Wedo) avec le matériel de robotique Lego Wedo.


Voici nos traces de travaux avec cette TIC. (idées de projets) Projet SAÉ Village olympiqueTraces (étapes) du projet «Village olympique robotisé», 1ère année du primaire : TracesVillageOlympique Une synthèse sous forme de schéma. Davidjsherman/inirobot-scratch-thymioII.