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A-level maths

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MathsPost » Core 1. A Level Papers - GCSE & A Level maths videos & help. IB Maths Resources from British International School Phuket. *New* I have just added another code challenge – Murder in the Maths Department.

IB Maths Resources from British International School Phuket

You need to solve the clues to find who the murderer is. When you have completed this code challenge try that one out as well! Instructions There are five codes in each level and each code will give a password. When you crack the puzzle follow the link and enter the password to access the next code. There are 3 levels of codes – Level 1 is designed for KS3 and KS4 students (11-16). Level 1 Code Number 1: Level 1 Code Number 1 Information: 1) A Roman emperor may help you discover the method. 2) Frequency analysis may also help you – what is the most common letter in the English alphabet? When you have solved this puzzle click here to enter you password and gain access to the second code. Revision Students. Foundation Tier Exam Papers and Mark Schemes [Grades G to C] Spot the Mistakes These brilliant short videos were designed and written by Steve Blades to test your understanding of the concepts involved in GCSE topics.

Revision Students

Try the challenge and find which answers have been done incorrectly as Steve works through 10 questions in each video. Write your answers down and check them at the end - Taken from @m4thsdotcom Higher Tier Exam Papers and Mark Schemes [Grades C to A*] Explains: Calculus (with pics and gifs) PROLOGUE skip this if you want One of the things I managed to teach myself after dropping out of school is calculus.

explains: Calculus (with pics and gifs)

Before I knew what calculus is, merely hearing its name gave me the impression that it is one of the hardest topics in maths, and that I could not possibly learn it by looking into the freely-available resources online. I was wrong. It turned out that back then I was having a rather naive view of what mathematics is about. Understanding calculus is not hard at all. It is just a matter of whether you have stumbled upon the right resources to learn it. Calculus is just a fanciful name for the study of change in maths. To understand calculus, one needs to be able to visualize the concepts of function, limit, differentiation, and integration. What is a function? A function can be seen as a machine that takes in value and gives you back another value. F(input)=output A function is normally defined by an equation like this: f(x)=x+10 f(2)=12. Maths practice hub : Secondary: Oxford University Press.

Integral Mathematics Resources: Login to the site. Teach Yourself A Level Maths - GCSE & A Level maths videos & help. Colmanweb - End of Chapter Exam Questions. Maths Genie - A Level Maths Revision. MainPage. A - Level Teaching Activities “By the end of the course, I want the students to feel as though they *invented* calculus…” THAT is the feeling we’re looking for, is it not?


So I’d prefer to focus on the story of the learner’s *discovery* of the topic… rather than a story *about* the topic. The resources found by clicking on the links above are intended to present a range of activities and approaches to enrich the experiences of both students and teachers. If I have unknowingly used a resource which is copyright or I haven't credited the author then please email me at and I will correct this oversight. Some interesting questions only requiring AS Maths but more thought provoking can be found here with the Oxford Physics Aptitude Tests Maths section - Click here Students planning on pursuing Maths based courses at University or sitting the STEP papers would benefit from these modules compiled by NRICH - Click here Enrichment Activities and Ideas - Click here. Question Sets - A Level Maths Resource Site. A Level Maths Resource Site Elegance articulated.

Question Sets - A Level Maths Resource Site

A WHITE GROUP MATHEMATICS SUPPLEMENTARY WEBSITE Compilation A 1. Additional Calculus Problems -Integration and Applications.pdf 2. A level mathematics resources for teachers. A-level Maths Papers - Physics & Maths Tutor. Advancing knowledge is in our DNA. MathsBank - A-Level. » Key Stage 5. AS & A-Level Maths - StudyWell. A-level Maths Revision, GCSE Maths, SAT and IB Math Revision Videos from ExamSolutions.