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A Level Coursework

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Final Draft Checklist for Coursework. Room with a panoramic view: How Emma Donoghue's latest novel aims to tell a universal story. Good novels have a habit of reading their critics' minds.

Room with a panoramic view: How Emma Donoghue's latest novel aims to tell a universal story

Last week Room, the seventh novel by the Irish-born writer (and now Canadian citizen) Emma Donoghue, reached the long-list of the Man Booker Prize. Even before the selection it came trailing clouds of expectation: the bidding war, the rights deals, the talking-up and talking-past that can smother a book with its own renown even before it lands. I had heard of its alleged connection with the Josef Fritzl case of kidnap and incarceration; of its scenario of a terrified mother and her five-year-old son imprisoned from his birth in a tiny secret space. And, falling headlong into the rumour-mill, I thought of the literary antecedents that might give ballast and background to the flesh-creeping horror of the headlines: the feral children, the enquires into language and perception, the solemn discourses on nature and nurture that have partnered such outlier cases ever since the age of Rousseau. Coursework - Guidance on Question Setting. Coursework Example 2016.

Coursework Example with AOs Highlighted and Marks. Eduqas GCE English Literature Coursework Checklist. A level English Literature Coursework Coversheet. Enduring Love and Kite Runner unannotated extract. Approved Coursework Text List. Texts to Compare to ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’

Wide Sargasso Sea - Jean Rhys

Jane Eyre - Bronte. Unseen Analysis PwP. ‘The Miniaturist’ – Jessie Burton Chapter 1. The Miniaturist PwP.