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Alpha App for iPhone or iPod touch

Alpha App for iPhone or iPod touch

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Using Google Apps in a Math Classroom This week I am hosting some guest bloggers. This is a guest post from Bethany Mager. I have been teaching high school math for 12 years and I currently work to help teachers integrate technology in our 1:1 high school using Google Apps. I often find that math teachers are reluctant to use Google Docs in a math classroom, but Google Apps has completely transformed the way I teach. I will share some of my best practices and tips to get you started. Collaborative Challenge Problems The best part of using Google in the classroom is having students collaborate with each other on a document.

Florida Virtual School What is FLVS? We're glad you asked! Florida Virtual School is a public school but, as you can probably tell, we're not just any public school. We're online. Setting up Google Sync with your iOS device - Google Mobile Help Follow the steps below to set up Google Sync on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Requirements and Backing Up Data Perform a sync with iTunes to ensure that Contacts and Calendars from your iOS device are backed up to your computer. Learn more. Check your Safari cookies settings to see if it is set to "From Visited" or "Always". If it's set to "Never", you're more likely to be prompted to solve a CAPTCHA.

10 useful iPhone tips & tricks The iPhone, like the Mac, is extremely simple and intuitive to use. Odds are that you’ve never even cracked open the user manual since the way just about everything works is pretty obvious. But its simplicity can be a double-edged sword… there are many small “convenience features” that are often hidden away. If Apple exposed them in a more obvious way, it’d take away from the elegance of the device. And its elegance is one of its strongest points. 20+ Photos Of Geometrical Plants For Symmetry Lovers Who said math can’t be interesting? Fractals like these can seem too perfect to be true, but they occur in nature and plants all the time and are examples of math, physics, and natural selection at work! When we see order in the world, we think it must be some human hand that made it so.

The Mother of All Maritime Links: Page 24 of 47 The Mother of All Maritime Links John's Nautical Links List Page 24 of 47 Prev. Minecraft and Mathematics – STEM Life for the average eight year old has changed, a new world has opened up…MINECRAFT. Every evening around teatime, I have the joy of my son playing this game on the xbox with three of his friends from school. Now they don’t come round to play but meet up in a game world from the comfort of their own homes. srcglobal Dr. Andrea Conroy works in Jinja, Uganda where she is involved in a randomized double blind placebo controlled trial testing a new adjunctive therapy for severe malaria in children: inhaled nitric oxide. Dr. Conroy is responsible for safely administering study gas (nitric oxide or placebo) to children with severe malaria without the clinical team (doctors, nurses) or parents being aware of the treatment group. Beyond the trial, Dr. Conroy is interested in examining host biomarkers in different disease states.