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3D Shapes . Intro We live in a three-dimensional world. Every object you can see or touch has three dimensions that can be measured: length, width, and height. The room you are sitting in can be described by these three dimensions. The monitor you're looking at has these three dimensions. Even you can be described by these three dimensions. In the world around us, there are many three-dimensional geometric shapes. cgi-bin Matrix Solver Solving a linear equation system of up to 20 unknowns. If you need some help please scroll down to the example. If not, fill the 2 boxes below , then click on the "Go" button. Example As an example, let's say you have the following 3 equations to solve for the unknowns x , y , and z : 2x + 3y + 1/3z = 10 3x + 4y + 1z = 17 2y + 7z = 46 To enter the above system into the matrix solver you enter the number "3" into the small box for the number of unknowns/equations. Into the big box for the coefficients you enter the following numbers : 2 3 1/3 1.0e+1 3 4 1 17 0 2 7 46.0 Notice that each row represents one equation. Note, that for the coefficients you may enter either whole numbers ( like 2 ), fractions of whole numbers ( like 1/3 ), numbers with a decimal point ( like 46.0 ), or numbers in scientific notation ( 1.0e+01 which is the same as 10 ). After entering all numbers click on the "Go" button. You may check the solution : Which checks out.

Δημήτριος Ζαχαριάδης Σας περιμένουμε στη νέα διεύθυνση: Τελευταία δημοσίευση Το blog που βλέπετε δημιουργήθηκε στον Οκτώβρη του 2010 όταν ανέλαβα σχολικός Σύμβουλος του Νομού Λέσβου. Σκοπός του ήταν να αναρτηθούν δειγματικές διδασκαλίες που θα πραγματοποιούνταν στα σχολεία του νομού μέσα σε εκείνη τη σχολική χρονιά. Παρ” όλες τις δυσκολίες που παρουσιάζει η οργάνωση και παρουσίαση μιας διδασκαλίας, υπήρξε ενθουσιασμός από τους συναδέλφους του νομού και εθελοντική προσφορά στο έργο αυτό. Εκτός από τις διδασκαλίες έγινε δημοσίευση με την σύμφωνη γνώμη των συναδέλφων, ενός μεγάλου αριθμού διαγωνισμάτων και θεμάτων εξετάσεων που διενεργήθηκαν σε σχολεία της Λέσβου της Λήμνου και του Αγίου Ευστρατίου. Καρπός της δουλειάς που κάναμε με του συναδέλφους της Λέσβου τη χρονιά εκείνη ήταν και τα βιντεομαθήματα για το πρόγραμμα Geogebra που δημοσιεύτηκαν επίσης στο blog. Δημήτρης Ζαχαριάδης επ.

Relplot: equation plotter Relplot constructs high-resolution PostScript or PDF plots of the solutions to equations on two variables. Unlike most other plotters, it can handle general equations and inequations, not just functions, and it can plot multiple equations at once. What can you plot? Multiple equations/formulas separated by commas: ,Logical operators for combining formulas: && & ||Relational operators: = < <= > >=Binary arithmetic ops: + * - / ^ modUnary arithmetic ops: |x| sqrt floor exp ln sin cos tan asin acos atan atan2 sinh cosh tanhBuilt-in variables: x y r thConstants: pi e 2 -.5 1.4e5 .7e01 πUser-defined function applications: f(e1,..., en)User-defined variables: a-z x^3 + y^3 = 3xy, r^2 = 9/2 Some interesting equations to try: Got feedback? Relplot was written by Andrew Myers at Cornell University.

Linear format equations and Math AutoCorrect in Word 2010 To insert an equation using the keyboard, press ALT+=, and then type the equation. You can insert equation symbols outside a math region by using Math AutoCorrect. For more information, see Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions check box. In this article Type equations in linear format You can type most equations quickly by using Math AutoCorrect codes. \eqarray(x+1&=2@1+2+3+y&=z@3/x&=6)<space> which resolves to this: Here are some other examples: Note When an example is followed by two consecutive spaces, the first space resolves the typed text into the equation, and the second space builds it up. Microsoft Office uses the linear format described in Unicode Technical Note 28 to build up and display mathematical expressions. Math AutoCorrect symbols Type one of the following codes followed by a delimiting term. Important The codes are case-sensitive. Note For information on inserting a symbol that is not in the chart above, see Insert a symbol or special character.