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How sex education is failing Australian children. It’s before lunch in a small meeting room at the Hampton Community Centre, in Melbourne’s suburban south.

How sex education is failing Australian children

A dozen women, sitting around a square table, are chatting, rapid-fire, about sex. There are many “p” words: pornography, pleasure, penis. But this is nothing unusual. These women always talk about sex. They are sex educators: experts in explaining sexuality and relationships to children and adolescents, hired by state schools, fancy private schools and conservative Catholic schools. These women are the keepers of the secret sex queries that lurk in young people’s minds until they’re scribbled on a piece of paper and slipped into their anonymous question boxes. We-re-going-to-see-young-people-die-ecstasy-use-by-school-students-doubles-in-three-years-20190327-p51870. Why buying groceries online can save time, money and calories. If you haven't switched to online shopping yet because it seems too much hassle or you like to see before you buy, it might be time to reconsider.

Why buying groceries online can save time, money and calories

Buying food online could be easier than you think, saving you time and money while improving your eating habits. Food blogger Peggy Solomon from A Real Kitchn never considered online grocery shopping until a friend suggested she try it. "It changed my grocery shopping game," she says. She saves up to half the price of her usual grocery shop plus up to four hours each week of her time. Not only does she no longer have to stand in line at the supermarket, reordering from her personal shopping cart makes it easy to click and buy.

You avoid buying the temptations as they're not physically in front of you. The common factor in rugby league atrocities is plain to see. Heavy drinking was also reported to have been present in the civil case Hayne is facing for an alleged sexual assault in San Francisco.

The common factor in rugby league atrocities is plain to see

Related Article And as a matter of fact when you think about every other league atrocity in the last few years, isn’t it the truth that grog is the common factor? Schlossy’s shoe. The Bulldogs in the spa in Coffs Harbour. Schoolies attendees urged to practice safe sex to avoid STI's. "Chlamydia has no obvious symptoms so people aren’t prompted to go for testing, but testing is important to find the infection without symptoms," he says.

Schoolies attendees urged to practice safe sex to avoid STI's

"So people who don’t use condoms consistently should go see a GP and get tested, especially after having sex with somebody new. " He urged schoolies to always use condoms, which offer the "best protection". "While schoolies should be a fun time after the stresses of exams, look after yourself and your mates," Dr Bourne says. He directed parents and teenagers to NSW Health's "Play Safe" website, which provides STI prevention, testing and management help.

NSW Health is offering free STI testing services at select music festivals this summer, including the Festival Of The Sun in Wollongong in December. A third of Australians' energy intake comes from junk: report. A third of Australians' energy intake comes from junk food, according to a new government report.

A third of Australians' energy intake comes from junk: report

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)'s Nutrition Across the Life Stages report, released on Friday, a third of the average Australian's energy intake comes from so-called "discretionary foods": foods which, according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, are high energy foods "not necessary to provide the nutrients the body needs". Discretionary food consumption is highest among teenagers, who receive 41 per cent of their energy intake from these foods.

The report found the types of discretionary food we consume changes as we age. While the most common energy-dense junk foods consumed by children include cakes, muffins, sweet biscuits, chips and ice cream, in the 51-70 age bracket, alcoholic drinks formed one fifth of discretionary consumption. Consent is a road map to a great sex life. Related Article Consent is a tense topic nowadays.

Consent is a road map to a great sex life

The #metoo movement has caused many men to re-think their sexual interactions, and the Law Reform Commission’s review of NSW's sexual consent law has put some conservatives into a flap. Joe Hildebrand, in particular, responds with outrage to the idea of requiring explicit consent. 6 Common Types of Eating Disorders (and Their Symptoms) Being-kind-to-others-may-improve-your-own-body-image-study-20180501-p4zcl6. Sydney-school-prepares-students-for-world-beyond-the-classroom-20180421-p4zaw8. Teamwear. How-much-booze-can-you-drink-before-it-starts-killing-you-not-much-20180412-p4z9a9. 4-for-eight-drinks-the-rise-of-heavy-cider-among-young-drinkers-20180407-p4z8ba. Gumtree Australia Rockdale Area - Mascot. Gumtree Australia Fairfield Area - Wetherill Park. CONTACT US. Naked women in Sports Illustrated isn't about giving them a voice.

The Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit edition, a magazine serving up an array of sexy young women in bikinis for the viewing pleasure of a male audience, hit newsstands this month.

Naked women in Sports Illustrated isn't about giving them a voice

This year's edition features a nude spread entitled ''In Her Own Words'', a collection of photos of naked women with words scrawled across their bodies that apparently represent who they are. According to the magazine's Instagram, the series of naked women in the men's girlie mag is intended to celebrate "more than just their bodies". Which raises the question, why are they posed naked? Surely if the aim is to humanise the women included rather than to sexualise them, stripping them off, laying them on the ground passively and photographing them naked isn't the best way to achieve this? The project has been pitched by magazine editor M.J. By framing the conversation as one about women's choices, the spotlight is on the women posing, and not the magazine who orchestrated the shoot. The Beep Test audio Full.

How strength training the lungs helps athletes and smokers alike. One of the most powerful inbuilt tools humans have is also one of the most underappreciated and underutilised.

How strength training the lungs helps athletes and smokers alike

Of course, most of us don't have to think twice about the automatic process that occurs between 17000 and 30000 times a day, causing our diaphragm to contract, creating space for oxygen to expand our lungs. All in the space of a single breath, the oxygen is pumped through the blood around our bodies and the excess carbon dioxide is released to maintain a delicate balance. When we don't breathe properly, it messes with this delicate balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, can create anxiety, affect our health and makes it challenging to concentrate and live to our potential. On the flip side, when we train with our breath it can become a preventative tool, improving our health, minimising pain, stress and anxiety and helping us to achieve more physical freedom. Fletcher is also working with Olympic swimming sprinter Cameron McEvoy in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Alcohol Awareness Week: How To Talk To Your Kids About Alcohol.

STIs: The symptoms and dangers of common sexually transmitted infections, and how to treat them - Health - ABC News. The last thing you want to think about when you're getting up close and personal with a new love is a sexually transmitted infection, but the truth is STIs are a reality for many Australians.

STIs: The symptoms and dangers of common sexually transmitted infections, and how to treat them - Health - ABC News

Research by the Kirby Institute shows the rates of gonorrhoea and infectious syphilis are on the rise, highlighting the need to be aware of the diseases you might be at risk of contracting or passing on, and knowing how to prevent, diagnose and treat infections. Seeking advice if you think you might be at risk is important, even if it makes you feel nervous or squeamish, says Associate Professor Martin Holt, who co-authored the UNSW's Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour. "The massive problem with all of this stuff is that people can feel embarrassed or ashamed about talking about sexual health or admitting that they've been having casual sex, and that can delay them going forward for screenings," he said. "If you're worried about going to your GP, then go to a sexual health clinic. How to End Screen Time Without A Struggle. Do you ever struggle with getting your kids off the screen?

How to End Screen Time Without A Struggle

Does it often end in tears (both theirs and yours)? Like so many other parents, I used to give my children warning. “Five more minutes, then it’s dinner!” I’d yell from the kitchen. Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia. Sexually transmissible infections: Why are STIs on the rise in Australia? - Health - ABC News. Sexually transmissible infections are nothing new, but in recent years STI rates in Australia and other developed nations have been rising at an alarming rate. According to health data from the Kirby Institute, a staggering 18,588 cases of gonorrhoea were detected in 2015, up from 8,388 cases in 2006. In just a decade, the number of gonorrhoea cases annually has more than doubled.

It's a similar story for other infections: in the past decade, syphilis cases have more than tripled, while cases of chlamydia have increased by 43 per cent. So, what's behind these changes? Illicit drugs: Who, what, how often. BITE BACK. Mental wellbeing videos - Health tools. Home. NSW Health. Sweden figured out how to stop people from smoking. A chart published last month by the European Union as part of a survey about attitudes towards tobacco in Europe lists the percentage of daily smokers in 28 countries. At the top is Bulgaria, where 36 per cent of the population smokes daily. Greece and France are close behind, with 35 and 33 per cent respectively. Further down the list are Spain (26 per cent), Italy (24 per cent) and Germany (23 per cent). Near the bottom are Britain, the Netherlands and Denmark, all at 16 per cent.

As of 2015, 15 per cent of Americans were smokers, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Finally, represented by a conspicuously short red line at the bottom, is Sweden, where only 5 per cent smoke daily. Eating Disorders Info » National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) Eating Disorders Explained - Downloadable Fact Sheets. Bronte Cullis' Story (Anorexia) 1 (ACA) Eating Disorders Information for Teachers and Schools. Centre for eating & dieting disorders.

Eating Disorders in Australia. Eating disorders and mortality rates All eating disorders come with severe medical complications and increased mortality rates. The risk of premature death is increased for people with all types of eating disorders. Eating Disorders in Australia. Anorexia nervosa fact sheet. Binge Eating Disorder fact sheet. Bulimia Nervosa Fact Sheet. Severe Bleeding. When bleeding is severe, it can be dramatic and distressing. If someone’s bleeding isn’t controlled quickly, they may develop shock and lose consciousness.

Shock does not mean emotional shock, but is a life-threatening condition, often caused by loss of blood. If someone’s bleeding from their mouth or nose, they may find it hard to breathe, so you should keep a close eye on them in case they become unresponsive. If there’s an object in their wound, don't press directly onto it, as it will hurt, but leave it in there and bandage around it. With all open wounds, there’s a risk of infection, so wash your hands and use gloves (if you have any) to help prevent any infection passing between you both. FS bleeding. Support for Australians experiencing eating disorders » The Butterfly Foundation. Bronte Cullis' Story (Anorexia) 2 (ACA) Severe Bleeding. Eating Disorders in Males Fact Sheet. Do You Need More Protein Than You Think You Do? The steps Of DRSABCD. The steps Of DRSABCD. 'A national shame': Spike in Indigenous STI rates prompts call for urgent action.

Alarming rates of syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections in Indigenous communities - in some cases up to 132 times the national average - have prompted a call from within the government for urgent action and emergency funding. The latest data, presented to the Turnbull government as part of the push, shows Indigenous people remain markedly more susceptible to STIs, particularly in remote areas, with growing concern the diseases are acting as a gateway to HIV.

This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Caption Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. The dress that never came Closing the gap: pragmatism and symbolism Practical measures and rhetorical flourishes are both on display as Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten address the annual 'Closing the Gap' report into indigenous disadvantage. Nikki wanted the perfect dress for a friend's wedding last December. Movies, quizzes, and health info for kids: Human Skeleton for Kids. The skeleton › Find out how all your bones fit together to form your skeleton. The skeleton › The skull › Discover how your skull protects your brain and shapes your face. The skull › 10 hacks to help you sleep better - Health - ABC News. The demands of modern life and our penchant for resisting the universal, biological need for shut-eye mean we're squeezing more into our waking lives — but at what cost to our nightly slumber?