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Professional Development Alliance :: Home. TAOEP. Welcome. Coalition for Educating At-Risk Youth "A voice for educating at-risk youth" Check us out on Facebook! The Illinois Coalition for Educating At-Risk Youth will optimize the positive growth of at-risk youth and those individuals working with at-risk youth through educational program support, training, legislative leadership, information exchange, advocacy, and other support services. Check out our new legislative flyer for download HERE! You will also want to look at the list of QUOTES from our students, staff, families, and supporters! Professional Development Alliance :: Home. Homework Lady. Workshops « McTighe & Associates. The following list provides titles for workshops offered by Jay McTighe. Workshops can be customized to address particular outcomes, specific audiences and varied contexts. Assessment and Common Core Standards Time Frame: 1-2 days Target Audience: Teachers, curriculum leaders and administrators at all levels Workshop Description: The new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have established priorities that are meant to guide the development of local curricula to help teachers center their instruction around a smaller number of conceptually larger ideas and transferable processes.

In this session, we’ll consider the implications of the Common Core Standards for local (classroom and district) assessments. Essential Questions – Doorways to Understanding Time Frame: 3 hours – 1 day Target Audience: Teachers and administrators at all levels Understanding by Design®: The Logic of Backward Design Time Frame: Keynote Address or 2 hour Teachers and administrators at all levels Time Frame: 3-6 hours. Pass It On TV Commercials - Inspirational Stories - Good Character. Spread the LoveLove Change the WorldMaking A Difference DishesListening BalletConfidence ImagineImagine Finish LineBelieve In Yourself Annie's SongTrue Beauty Guitar HeroLive Your Dreams CollegeGratitude TimeoutCivility HockeyLove Oliver With A TwistCourtesy Faith In YouDevotion Peer PressureCharacter Remember WhenAppreciation ConcertEncouragement The GreatestOptimism PurseHonesty You Can Let GoLove PiñataSharing You Raise Me UpInspiration Homecoming QueenTrue Beauty Good StuffCommitment ClassroomHonesty CrosswalkGood Manners CafeteriaReaching Out GenerosityGenerosity Top ShelfHelping Others Let ‘Em InCaring Everyday HeroesMaking A Difference ReachIntegrity Truck StopRight Choices DeliCompliments HopeHope RocketLive Your Dreams NeighborsPatience LockerCharacter The RaceIncluding Others Track CoachBelieve Power of the DreamLive Your Dreams My Life in SportsAppreciation Old FriendsFriendship BusRespect BikerGratitude Holding The LightTeaching By Example PackagesCourtesy The WallHard Work TaxiCompassion UmpireRight Choices AmericaCaring.

What Great Teachers Do Differently: Part One. Write More - Grade Less - by Mike Schmoker. True North. About. Play, Creativity, and Learning: Why Play Matters for Kids and Adults. Play: It boosts your health and creativity Play is often described as a time when we feel most alive, yet we often take it for granted and may completely forget about it. But play isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. Play is as important to our physical and mental health as getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. Play teaches us how to manage and transform our "negative" emotions and experiences.

Despite the power of play, somewhere between childhood and adulthood, many of us stop playing. Some of the reasons we play: to learn to create to feel challenged to pass time to calm and focus ourselves as spectators watching others competitively to win cooperatively for the fun of it for the joy of it How play makes you happy Play connects us to others Sharing joy, laughter, and fun with others promotes bonding and strengthens a sense of community. Play fosters creativity, flexibility, and learning Play is a doorway to learning. Play teaches us perseverance Play makes us happy Playing at work: Purposeful Play. The Power and Point of Low-tech Meeting Games by Andrea Driessen | March 12, 2012 | A quick pop quiz: What one meeting tool delivers increased engagement, teamwork, retention, problem-solving ability, goal attainment, cross-generational connections, risk taking and even a sense of control over one’s work environment—plus a substantial dose of fun?

If you said a well-designed game, you’re a winner! Given its many positive results, there’s no wonder gamification—bringing participatory games, apps and sophisticated play to work and meetings—has garnered a worldwide fan base. With myriad options, where do you begin? Designing a low- or no-tech game for an event, versus a customized game application, is relatively more manageable and affordable. After staging countless educational events for adults, I’ve found that what separates the great events from the mediocre are planners who are genuinely game for punching up how they engage and educate. The Disproportionate Power of Low-tech Games.