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Interesting conversation about teaching and technology  I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague the other day.

Interesting conversation about teaching and technology 

She is a teacher in adult education with upwards of 35 years in the classroom and she said to me that the model we recently used in her class and others, with me going directly into the classroom and working with students, makes sense to her. I love this drawing of a classroom. It was done by Todd Berman, a substitute teacher in San Francisco. Click it to go to his website. (I visited her Economics classroom and talked about technology and advertising. Designing Teacher-Centered Professional Development. Ask most history teachers about how effective their professional development is and you will usually receive a negative answer.

Designing Teacher-Centered Professional Development

This unenthusiastic response is engendered by the deficit approach that traditional professional development often takes. A subject supervisor looks at end-of-course state assessments and assumes something is wrong with the way history teachers are teaching. Teacher-Centered Professional Development. It's true that students gain more from learning experiences when they're encouraged to plan their activities, share their knowledge with one another, and tailor material to their own needs.

Teacher-Centered Professional Development

So why not create a professional development program that gives teachers the same range of options? This book provides the framework and steps to help teachers: (1) Choose the right professional development strategies for their needs; (2) Collaborate with their peers in mentoring, journal writing, peer coaching, action research, and other activities; (3) Plan and schedule professional development events and experiences; and (4) Evaluate the effect of their efforts. The book includes checklists and assessment forms to make it easier to implement the guide's teacher-centered approach.  Leading From The Heart. Image: aafad 38/365 the name is lom… by lamont_cranston made available by a creative commons license on flickr.

 Leading From The Heart

I just read an article by accident, on addressing the issue of racism in school, because I was looking for a different article in the March 2003 issue of Phi Delta Kappan. That one wasn’t available but this one, Ending the Silence by Donna M. Marriott, is. The title intrigued me, and this bit yelled out to me:  Leading From The Heart. So today is my day to pull everything together in preparation for a workshop I am facilitating at QPAT’s teacher convention on Friday, November 23.

 Leading From The Heart

My session is called: OurPads: Using iPads to increase student engagement and enhance learning in the FG classroom. **Adult education in Quebec is rife with accronyms. Chris Casal - The Teacher-Centered iPad Deployment. Mobile Home Bloggers Messages Resources Tw | Fb | In | Rss Chris Casal The Teacher-Centered iPad Deployment , Technology Instructor & Coordinator , 11/15/2012.

Chris Casal - The Teacher-Centered iPad Deployment