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September 11 Hijackers Fast Facts. -- 8:46 a.m.

September 11 Hijackers Fast Facts

ET (approx.) - American Airlines Flight 11 (traveling from Boston to Los Angeles) strikes the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The plane is piloted by plot leader Mohamed Atta. -- 9:03 a.m. ET (approx.) - United Airlines Flight 175 (traveling from Boston to Los Angeles) strikes the South Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The plane is piloted by hijacker Marwan al Shehhi. -- 9:37 a.m. -- 10:03 a.m.

Hijackers by Airplane American Airlines Flight 11 Mohamed Atta - Egypt, tactical leader of 9/11 plot and pilotAbdul Aziz al Omari - Saudi Arabia Wail al Shehri - Saudi ArabiaWaleed al Shehri - Saudi Arabia Satam al Suqami - Saudi Arabia United Airlines Flight 175 Fayez Banihammad - United Arab EmiratesAhmed al Ghamdi - Saudi Arabia Hamza al Ghamdi - Saudi ArabiaMarwan al Shehhi - United Arab Emirates, pilot Mohand al Shehri - Saudi Arabia Hijackers by Nationality United Arab EmiratesFayez Banihammad Marwan al Shehhi. Terror: The Remains of 9/11 Hijackers. In the grim, sleepless months of excavation after the September 11 attacks, forensic pathologists in New York City worked day and night to identify the dead.

Terror: The Remains of 9/11 Hijackers

They didn't have much to go on. The collapsed World Trade Center towers had burned at temperatures reaching 2,000 degrees, incinerating those trapped inside. Many of the bodies of the passengers aboard the two airplanes that struck the buildings were consumed by burning jet fuel, leaving only traces of DNA, much of it so damaged that it was impossible to read. Few bodies were found intact. Dave Lindorff: Missing Black Boxes in WTC Attacks Found.

Today's Stories December 20, 2005 Dave Lindorff Missing Black Boxes in WTC Attacks Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI December 19, 2005.

Dave Lindorff: Missing Black Boxes in WTC Attacks Found

September 11, 2001: Flight AA77 could not have been hijacked! According to the Kean-Hamilton Commission report, on September 11, 2001 flight AA77 was allegedly highjacked and deliberately crashed into the Pentagon.

September 11, 2001: Flight AA77 could not have been hijacked!

The report states that the hijacking took place between 08:51 (time of last radio contact) and 08:45 (time of deviation from normal flight path); the flight disappeared from radar screens at 08:56 when the transponders were disabled. It wasn’t until 09:32 that the Civil Aviation Authority detected a plane approaching Washington, which it inferred to be flight AA77. The report also states that two passengers, flight attendant Renée May and television commentator Barbara Olson, made phone calls to close relatives indicating that the flight was being hijacked by six individuals (rather than five) wielding boxcutters. According to United States Solicitor General Ted Olson, his wife told him that the passengers and the crew had been herded together to the back of the plane, and asked him "what do I tell the pilot to do?

". Former U.S. How Did Spy Software Get Onto FAA Computers? How Did Spy Software Get Onto FAA Computers?

How Did Spy Software Get Onto FAA Computers?

The deathly precision of the attacks and the magnitude of planning would have required years of planning. Such a sophisticated operation would require the fixed frame of a state intelligence organization, something not found in a loose group, like the one led by the student Mohammed Atta in Hamburg. - Eckehardt Werthebach, former president of Germany's Verfassungsschutz intelligence service, to Christopher Bollyn, December 2001 The Deputy Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at the time of 9-11 and the former Managing Director of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the man who oversaw the federal investigation of TWA 800, Egypt Air 990, and the downing of John F. Kennedy's plane, are linked with a captain of Israeli army intelligence and his system to remotely control aircraft.

Alive 9/11 hijackers and BBC News. FBI: We Know Who Hijackers Were WASHINGTON, Nov. 2, 2001AP) The FBI has resolved questions about the identities of the 19 hijackers involved in the Sept. 11 attacks and has discovered places outside the United States where the conspiracy was planned, FBI Director Robert Mueller said Friday.

Alive 9/11 hijackers and BBC News

Saudi Arabian officials and others have questioned whether some of the hijackers identified by the FBI in the weeks after the attacks used stolen identifications. Mueller said those questions have been answered. "We at this point definitely know the 19 hijackers who were responsible," he said. "We have been successful in working with our foreign counterparts in identifying places where the conspiracy we believe was hatched as well as others who may have been involved in the conspiracy. " Mueller provided no new information on the hijackers' identities beyond his statement at a briefing Friday for reporters. Hijack 'suspects' alive and well. Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well.

Hijack 'suspects' alive and well

The identities of four of the 19 suspects accused of having carried out the attacks are now in doubt. Saudi Arabian pilot Waleed Al Shehri was one of five men that the FBI said had deliberately crashed American Airlines flight 11 into the World Trade Centre on 11 September. His photograph was released, and has since appeared in newspapers and on television around the world. Now he is protesting his innocence from Casablanca, Morocco. Revisiting 9/11, Betty Ong, and the Mystery of “Black Betty”, by Jonathan Revusky.

“As one of the conditions of considering publication of this article, Ron Unz has required me to personally apologize to commenter Rurik for having previously threatened to “dox” him based on our private correspondence.

Revisiting 9/11, Betty Ong, and the Mystery of “Black Betty”, by Jonathan Revusky

I am therefore providing that apology, and also sincerely promising to make no such threats nor take such actions against him or any other commenters here in the future.” ♫ Je vous parle d’un temps ♫ ♫ Que les moins de vingt ans ♫ ♫ Ne peuvent pas connaître ♫ Charles Aznavour I recall how, as a child, in my teens, and as a much younger man than now, people of the older generation would reminisce nostalgically about where they were when they heard that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. When such conversations arose, naturally, people of my generation would feel kind of left out. On the day in question, 11/22/1963, I myself was not yet born. It occurred to me recently that now, with 9/11, things have come full circle.

Suddenly, life was imitating art. O’Leary? Clueless Super-Pilot. None of the hijackers were good pilots.

Clueless Super-Pilot

None had ever flown jets, let alone large commercial jetliners. Hani Hanjour, the person accused of flying Flight 77 into the Pentagon, was failing his courses at the Arizona flight school. According to an employee, "He didn't care about the fact that he couldn't get through the course. " 1 Rick Garza, a flight instructor at Sorbi's Flying Club, had this to say about the two alleged hijackers originally thought to have piloted Flight 77, Khalid al-Mihdar and Nawaq al-Hamzi: "It was like Dumb and Dumber, I mean, they were clueless.

It was clear they were never going to make it as pilots. " In the second week of August 2001, Hanjour had attempted to rent a small plane from an airport in Bowie, MD. Resurrected Hijackers. Of the 19 identities assigned by the FBI to the alleged suicide hijackers of the four commandeered jetliners, at least six have been disputed.

Resurrected Hijackers

The FBI's September 14, 2001 press release identifying the suspects included names and, in some cases, other personal details. 1 The FBI's September 27, 2001 press release included color photographs for each of the 19 suspects. 2 Reports A handful of reports, most from one to two weeks after the attack, identified at least six men living in the middle east whose names -- and in some cases other identifying details -- matched those on the FBI's list. Abdulaziz Alomari. 9/11 Hijackers Not on Flight Manifests? Many aspects of the official account of 9/11 are false, but so is the claim that no Arab names appeared on the flight manifests of the hijacked planes.

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Pics and Videos - There WERE Airplanes

ABEL DANGER: MH-370 Hijacked – Landed With 239 Corpses Aboard. 6/26/2017 – Interview with retired pilot and founder of ABEL DANGER , Field McConnell who confirms media reports of “lost” MH-370 is FAKE NEWS. Highlights: The Boeing 777’s 2 Rolls Royce Trent engines were communicating service data with satellites as they normally do as it was being hijacked to Diego Garcia where it landed and rolled into a portable hangar. The airliner’s location was cloaked by a portable hangar designed to block radio/RF transmissions from leaving or entering – much like a “faraday cage”. Illegal modifications to the Boeing/Honeywell Uninterruptible Auto-pilot (manufactured by GE) allowed the MH370 to be remotely hijacked.

Another modification was made to the little known ATI (Air Tranquilizing Injector).

Pentagon Aircraft

10+ Rare Photos Of 9/11 You Probably Haven’t Seen Before. Ex-CIA Pilot Has Sworn An Affidavit: Planes Did Not Bring The Twin Towers Down on 9/11 [Video] The Mystery of the Helicopter Flying Around the Pentagon Before the Attack There on 9/11. A mysterious helicopter was seen flying near the Pentagon in the minutes before the attack there on September 11, 2001. Several witnesses have described seeing the helicopter, which circled the Pentagon and then apparently landed for a brief period on the helipad, near where the building was subsequently hit. It then flew off very shortly before the attack took place. And yet there has never been any public acknowledgement of this incident, or any official explanation of what the helicopter was doing at the Pentagon at that time. While interviewing one of the witnesses to the incident, however, a Navy historian revealed that the helicopter belonged to the United States Park Police, and, the historian said, had been instructed to intercept the aircraft that was on a crash-course for the Pentagon.

Official accounts have claimed that Park Police helicopters only took to the air after the Pentagon was hit, to provide assistance in response to the attack.

Phone Calls

Flight Paths. Drone Evidence. 9 11 Object Next to South Tower Appears to be a drone and a 100 Circled Witnesses. Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers. A former pilot for the CIA has given a sworn testimony that there were no planes hitting the Twin Towers on 11th September 2001 because it was physically impossible and he has set a new debate in the world of conspiracy theories. The pilot, John Lear has given proof as an expert in aircraft, that Boeing 747 (flights AA11 and UA175) are certainly not likely to hit The Towers especially flown by pilots without any experience.

No Boeing 767 airliners hit the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors’, he claimed in his prove. 9/11 Secrets Revealed at Stewart Air National Guard Base. 9/11 - Flight 175 Was Not A Commercial Aircraft. 9/11 - What Happened to the Passengers? Not a shred of evidence that any 9/11 ‘hijackers’ boarded any planes. Atta and al-Omari in Portland: note two different time stamps. By Craig McKee To believe the official story of 9/11 you have to swallow an awful lot. You have to believe the laws of physics can be suspended for a day, that planes can disappear after crashing, and that Muslims accused of being suicide hijackers can still be alive after the deed is done.

About that last one. 2005.05.07 - "I know what happened to flight 77" I started researching FLight 77 and its passengers. Surprising number of passengers on Flight AA77 that allegedly hit the Pentagon had military connections, by Pino Cabras. 9-11 Smoking Gun? Two 911 Jetliners EXCEEDED Their Software Barriers. The Cleveland Airport Mystery - 200 Passengers Got Lost on 9/11. By Woody Box Exclusive for INN Report -May 30 from GeorgeWBush-TerroristInTheWhiteHouse Website. What happened to the passengers. Family Members Of Doomed 911 Flights 'Strangely Silent' About Irregularities and Inconsistencies Of Official Government Story. Killtown's:  Did Flight 77 really crash into the Pentagon? - Unusual passengers... 1. Charles F. Burlingame III, 51, of Herndon, Virginia, was the Captain of Flight 77, an aeronautical engineer, and a former Navy fighter pilot.

The Incredible 9-11 Evidence We've All been Overlooking. In trying to piece together what really happened on September 11, a lot of work has been done — much of it useful and interesting — into those 'hijacked' flights for which the publicly-available evidence is sketchy and contradictory. There are web sites for instance wholly dedicated to investigating the true fate of Flight 93 and others that attempt to get a clearer idea of what really happened at the Pentagon. Both these incidents however are characterised by a pronounced absence of substantive material evidence and it is this, I suppose, that raises our suspicions and curiosity. Secret barometric bomb technologies, nuclear technologies, used to bring WTC towers down: Proof » Intellihub. (INTELLIHUB) — Although it’s now public knowledge that former Florida Sen. Report: 15 of the 19 "hijackers" on 9/11 were CIA agents, never on the plane » Intellihub.

(INTELLIHUB) — According to a newly released report, 15 of the 19 Saudi Arabian “hijackers” were actually CIA agents who were, at the time, covertly working with rogue factions of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex to carry out a sinister multifaceted, multi-vectored, plot to loot billions if not trillions of taxpayer dollars from the Corporation of the United States, later funneling the loot into private corporations through defense appropriated funding and numerous no-bid contracts related to the roll-out of the PATRIOT Act.

Flight 77 Passengers - 9/11 Review. We. Loose Change Forum -> Sam Danner's Story Isn't True.....

Ball, Missile in Lieu of Airplane

9/11 Eyewitness Claims Plane That Hit Pentagon Was A Global Hawk UAV. CIA Pilot Swears Oath: Planes Did Not Bring Towers Down On 9/11. Two identical videos, airplane missing from one. 9/11 Crash Test. Tired of War Without End. 9/11 Plane-witness accounts. 9/11 Plane-witness accounts. 07 - The Key. 07 - The Key. 2013 WTC Drone/Military Plane Attack Proof (MUST SEE) New Witnesses. Not a shred of evidence that any 9/11 ‘hijackers’ boarded any planes. Alleged Hijackers Still Alive. FBI: Knew About Saudi 9/11 Hijacker Ties—But Lied to Protect “National Security”

Pilot Cleared of 9/11 Ties Files Claims Against U.S. - latimes. Flight 93 Hijackers: Crashed in Rural Pennsylvania. Flight 77 Hijackers: Crashed into the Pentagon. Flight 175 Hijackers: Crashed into WTC 2. Flight 11 Hijackers: Crashed into WTC 1. At Least 7 of the 9/11 Hijackers are Still Alive. At Least 7 of the 9/11 Hijackers are Still Alive.

Context of 'After 8:46 a.m. September 11, 2001: Hijacker’s Passport Allegedly Found near the World Trade Center' 911 Passenger List Oddity - Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum. A novel idea: Rebekah Roth’s Methodical Illusion and what happened to the planes on 9-11. Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum > Methodical Illusion. Flight 11 and Flight 175 Landed Safely at Westover Air Force Base on 9/11. Westover Air Reserve Base. Where Did the Planes Go? (Rebekah Roth exposes another piece of the 9/11 puzzle) At Least 7 of the 9/11 Hijackers are Still Alive. Flight 11 Hijackers: Crashed into WTC 1. AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 11 PASSENGERS. The FBI Is Lying - The 911 Passenger List Mystery. People killed in plane attacks.

What happened to the passengers. Flight 93 Did Not Crash In Shanksville it continued flying over Indian Lake. Witnesses Expose that 9/11 Flight 93 in Shanksville was a lie. Not a shred of evidence that any 9/11 ‘hijackers’ boarded any planes. Going full debunker: Chandler devotes most of Pentagon talk to boosting 9/11 official story. 9/11 Truth: Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit the Twin Towers. Nodisinfo2. Mystery of the Passengers & Planes of 911 Solved? American Airlines Flight 77 Crash Evidence - 911myths. Pilots For 9/11 Truth. September 11, 2001: Interesting and Less Talked About 911 Info!, page 1. 9/11 CONSPIRACY: THE BALL NEXT TO TOWER 2. New video shows that it wasn't Flight 175 that hit WTC 2. Pilot Who Flew The Airplanes That Crashed On 9/11 Blows The Whistle. Abidemir. Point Video-2: Was the Airport Video of the Alleged AA 77 Hijackers Authentic? Official 9/11 Videotaped Evidence.

Startling Psychic 9/11 Interview. What Happened to the Planes and Passengers on 9-11. What Happened to the Planes and Passengers on 9-11.